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   Chapter 8 Mess

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"How could no one come?" Thinking of what she had just experienced, Amanda said without hesitation, "If she hadn't yelled out me name, perhaps no one would come, but she had called my name. See how messy I am, and you'll know how much those people hate me. When they heard that I hit one of them, they must have rushed over without hesitation. If I didn't run away, I'll definitely be beaten up. I can fight one of them, but if there are a group of people, I think it would be stupid of me not to run!"

"You mean if you can't defeat them, you must run away? Who taught you that?" Asked Michael, looking at Amanda who was gasping for breath. He felt that Amanda was very different now.

"My brother!" Amanda replied subconsciously.

"If my memory serves me right, you seem to be the only child and have no brother." Michael subconsciously reached out to push the glasses on the bridge of his nose. When he touched nothing, he remembered that he was wearing contact lenses today. The person wearing glasses was used to pushing the glasses on the bridge of his nose when he was thinking, so was he.

"Really?" Amanda frowned and felt strange, "But why would I say it was my brother who taught me?"

"I also want to know that."

However she racked her brain, Amanda couldn't remember if she had a brother. She turned to look at Michael for help and said, "I don't know. I can't remember. I just subconsciously said it. Are you sure I really don't have a brother?"

"I'm sure you're the only child in your family, and you don't have a brother. But... " He said in a low voice, which resumed normal quickly, "I don't know if there is any bastard."

"What do you mean?" Amanda felt his words harsh.

"It's said that you have a complex social fabric!" Michael said calmly.

Amanda's face was frozen, and her hand stopped fanning. She turned her head and looked at Michael blankly, "Are you telling the truth?"

"It's true!"

If it weren't for the pain on her face, Amanda would have slapped herself. What had she done before she lost her memory!

Stealing documents, making the old man ill. And after committing such mistakes, why did she just lose her memory? Why didn't she die like the memory that had faded away?

Amanda thought for a while and said, "I want to make a serious statement that from now on, I'm who I am. The former Amanda is not me at present. We are not the same person."

After staring at Amanda for nearly two minutes, Michael said, "I can only believe that you really have lost your memory!"

"But I think I really have nothing to do with that Amanda!" Amanda looked at Michael seriously and hoped that he could believe what she said at the moment. Although she also knew how unbelievable it was, she felt that she was not like that Amanda, as she knew more about her past.

But he turned a blind eye to her. He looked down at his watch, and then looked at Amanda, who was not so panting, and said, "you've had enough rest. It's almost lunch time. I'll take you to the CEO's office."

Michael took Amanda to his office to wait for William. Probably because he was afraid that it would waste William too much time, he took a shortcut. Along the way, she had suffered a lot, which convinced her that Michael also hated her like others.

She leaned back quietly in the chair, trying not to make any noise, so that Michael wouldn't hate her too much. Otherwise, she would find life her even harder.

As the CEO's secretary, Michael's office was connected with William's.

After William finished his work, he pushed the door open and walked out. He saw Amanda, who was tired and paralyzed in the chair, but he was not surprised to see her in a mess. He strode to Amanda and asked with a smile, "How's it going? Have you recall anything?"

Amanda was startled when he suddenly got so close to her. She hurriedly stepped back and understood the meaning of his bringing her to the company. She shook her clothes, which had been clean this morning, and made no secret of her dissatisfaction. "Thank you! I still can't recall anything! "

William narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "you are as stubborn as before. But it doesn't matter. I can let you recall everything gradually. "

Amanda pouted and said nothing.

Seeing that William appeared, Michael said goodbye and left. William gave Amanda a meaningful look and said with a smile, "Let's go. I'll treat you to dinner."

Amanda looked up at him and seriously doubted his intention.

Noticing that Amanda didn't move, he narrowed his eyes and asked, "Are you coming with me or not?"

Amanda hesitated for a while and said, "Let's go!"

Although she didn't think he would be so kind, she was really hungry. The small bowl of porridge in the morning had been consumed in the fight with white-collar woman. Therefore, she decided to follow William.

Anyway, there was no second choice.

William led Amanda to take his private elevator downstairs and led Amanda into the company's canteen.

The canteen was very large. According to Amanda's visual observation, there were at least a hundred people present. She didn't expect William

to take her to have a luxury dinner, but she had never thought that he would take her to the canteen.

It was much better to eat in a restaurant on the roadside than here. She saw many familiar faces and couldn't help but want to cry.

Seeing her gloomy face, William felt a little happy, but he didn't show it on his face. He just said lightly, "Don't worry. The food in my company is very good. You must be tired after walking around the familiar place all day long. You haven't been here many times, so you can have a rest. "

Looking at the side face of William, Amanda thought that he must be a scheming man!

He knew how much the staff in the company hated her, but he still took her to the canteen, with so many people present. It was obvious that he wanted her to suffer. How hateful he was!

Was it too late for her to leave now? ? ?

"Hurry up!" The worker who was guiding said.

Amanda gritted her teeth and followed him.

They fetched plates and filled them with food. Then they found an empty seat and then they sat face to face. Behind him, there were several women gossiping, and the content of the gossip was still about Amanda, who had fought bravely today.

William also heard it, with a trace of surprise in his eyes. He stared at the girl in front of him. Amanda silently lowered her head to eat. She felt that she was really miserable. Apart from those cursing her secretly, there was a guy staring at her at this table.

Seeing that Amanda wanted to bury his head in the plate, William frowned and asked, "Did you fight with someone today?"

He thought Amanda was beaten because she was in a mess. It turned out that it was partially caused by her beating others.

Amanda had wanted to be ignored, but the situation wouldn't permit so, which meant she had to face it. "Yes, she poured hot coffee on me, and I fought back."

William took a look at her clothes, which were all covered with beverage of different colors. "Many people poured coffee on you, right? Why did you only hit Olivia? "

"Others poured beverage on me in group. But She was alone. There was no reason not to fight!" Amanda took it for granted.

"Isn't it because you just wanted to fight her?" William's eyes darkened with suspicion.

Amanda understood that he meant something, but she didn't know what he exactly was talking about. It was always like this. She put down her chopsticks and looked at him seriously again. "I don't know who Olivia is. I don't know her. No matter who hit me, I will definitely fight back."

"William, I don't know what Amanda did before, but I do nothing wrong, so I won't bear the beating for no reason. I won't!" She said indignantly.

William quietly looked at her angry face. For a moment, he really thought that the person sitting in front of him was not Amanda, but he knew too well about her. As long as she wanted, she could pretend to be anything.

"Forget it. Why should I tell you this? You don't care after all." Seeing his expression, Amanda knew that he didn't believe her. She didn't mean to say more, and she can't be bothered to do so.

The two remained silent later.

Amanda had been very hungry, but she didn't savored the meal at all. Under the gaze of hundreds of pairs of fierce eyes, no matter how delicious the food was, it was probably like chewing wax. She seriously suspected that she would have constipation after the meal, but she didn't expect the result to be the opposite.

Amanda put down her bowl and chopsticks and looked at the person opposite and frowned. William, who was stared at for no reason, looked up at her and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Do your employees have the habit of putting Laxative in the food?" Amanda endured the pain in her stomach and asked, with sweat on her forehead.

"What do you mean?" William asked in confusion

Amanda thought for a while and felt that it was impossible. Even if someone wanted to hurt her, there were so many people in the canteen. How could they know what she would eat? Moreover, she secretly changed her plate with William when she was fetching food.

Perhaps she was so afraid of being tricked that she was a little suspicious now. She could be alarmed by any abnormal thing.

Amanda tried her best to endure the pain in her belly and worked up a smile. "It's nothing. I think I have dyspepsia. Do you know where the washroom is?"

Although William hated her, Amanda thought that he shouldn't be so crazy that he didn't allow her to go to the washroom?

Noticing the sweat on her forehead and the restrained look on her face, William frowned slightly. Amanda tried her best to put on a flattering smile. Finally, William showed mercy and pointed in a direction. Amanda ran away immediately.

William had never come to the canteen of the company before. Today, he came here for the first time because of Amanda. As soon as Amanda left, he put down the bowl and chopsticks, stood up and walked away without hesitation.

He had already told the security guards at the door not to let Amanda leave the company without his permission, so he was not afraid that Amanda would escape.

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