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   Chapter 7 Giving Up Completely

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The noise shocked Amanda and roused her up from her sleep. Despite her half-awake state, she instinctively sat up and squinted at the door.

Sarah was standing at the doorstep, staring coldly at Amanda. A touch of resentment was vaguely visible in her gaze. "Get up. Mr. William’s looking for you!" Without waiting for Amanda to respond, she turned around and walked away as if she didn’t want to spend a second longer than she needed with Amanda. What Sarah said felt like a splash of cold water on Amanda’s face. The sleepiness in her eyes disappeared in an instant. She got up and automatically went towards the wardrobe to get change. When she opened the wardrobe, however, she found it completely empty. In the end, she gritted her teeth and went downstairs without getting changed.

She could already see the straight back of the man in black from a distance. She indeed saw his back only, but she knew it was William. She hesitated for a moment but then decided to walk towards the table. Considering that her stomach had been empty since yesterday evening, it was naturally hard for her not to notice the hearty breakfast spread on the table. Although her stomach was growling with hunger, she forcefully moved her gaze away from the tempting food on the table to the man’s tempting face. "What do you want?"

William leaned back in his chair. As he indifferently examined Amanda’s red, swollen face, a cold smile gradually formed on his thin lips. He then said, "You’re coming with me to the company today."

"Sure! I presume we won't be late if we have breakfast first, right?" Without waiting for his answer, Amanda took a seat and started eating a bowl of porridge in front of her elegantly.

Her eyes widened the moment her tongue came into contact with the seemingly tasty porridge, and she quietly pushed the bowl away. No matter how hungry she was, she couldn’t swallow a bowl of practically liquid salt. Needless to think, she knew this must be done on purpose.

Those servants really went all out to make her life miserable!

William naturally noticed this, but he only thought that the food wasn’t to her taste. He had no intention of catering to her whim, so he just ignored her and stood up. "Let's go!"

When Amanda saw that he was going to leave the table, her eyes brightened in an instant. She stared hotly at his intact porridge, trying to restrain her drool from leaking. "I'll eat your food if you don't want it!"

No matter how bold those servants were, they most likely didn’t dare to put salt in William’s bowl.

William stared at her in bafflement. He then saw Amanda practically grabbing his porridge bowl over as if she was afraid that he would say no. Without using a spoon or paying attention to table manners, she gulped the porridge down and emptied the bowl within seconds. He frowned. A trace of surprise flashed across his eyes. He really had mixed feelings regarding her current behavior.

"Why are you eating my porridge?"

Those servants skulking around were also dumbfounded, but Amanda turned a blind eye to them. She put down the bowl and said in a self-justified tone, "You don't want to eat it anyway. Rather than throwing it away, I believe my belly is a much better destination for it."

If there was other food available, who would like to eat such cold porridge?

She ate it only because she had no other choice.

William didn't understand, nor did he want to understand her logic. He just said coldly, "Since you've finished eating, get up and come with me to the company."

Amanda looked William in the eye and pointed at her pajamas. "Do you want me to go to your company in pajamas? Won't you feel ashamed?" She’d gone through a lot ever since she woke up and had obviously become much smarter. Instead of making the problem about herself, she emphasized that the problem might happen to him.

At this moment, William finally noticed that she was still in her pajamas. He wrinkled his brows and then impatiently told a maid to take Amanda upstairs to get change. The maid was, of course, Sarah. Amanda couldn't help but sigh. Fortunately, looks couldn’t kill, or she would’ve died hundreds of times already.

Under Sarah’s burning eyes, Amanda got into William's luxurious Lamborghini. She found it strange that he drove the car himself. There were so many servants in his house, and he could afford such a luxurious car, so he could obviously hire a chauffeur. The fact that he didn't hire one really bewildered her.

She was quite glad that it was daytime now. The traffic was heavy, so William couldn’t drive fast. If he drove like last night, she would most likely die of fright.

Thus, the two of them spent the ride in silence. She didn't even ask him why he was taking her to the company. It would be useless anyway.

The man had tight lips and a nasty temper.

The car stopped at a gigantic, 28-story building. It practically towered over other buildings around, so it looked particularly tall and imposing.

William got out of the car, and Amanda followed his lead. The moment she stepped into the building, she felt everyone else looking at her. Flustered, she couldn’t help but ask, "William, have I been here before?"

"What do you think?" William stopped and gave her a deep look.

"I don't know. Would I still ask you if I knew?" His obvious distrust was making her really uncomfortable.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot. You said you’ve lost your memories," he said sarcastically.

Amanda wrinkled her brows at his tone, but he didn’t care. He then beckoned at a man and ordered, "Michael, show her around. She said she’s lost her memories, so take her to places she’s familiar with so that she can regain her memories as soon as possible."

He took a breather and then co

ntinued in a much colder tone, "She’s no longer a member of our company. We must prevent what happened before from happening again. You don't have to work today. Your job today is to keep an eye on her at all times!"

Before the so-called Michael could respond, Amanda lost her temper. "I haven’t done anything wrong, but you’re treating me like I’m a thief and asking someone to supervise me?! What's wrong with you?"

Michael Jiang was quite taken aback that Amanda would speak to William like this. However, William just looked at her coldly and said, "There’s no 'like.' You are a thief!"

Amanda looked livid, but William didn’t care. He made his way to the elevator without paying her any further attention. He had no time to waste on her. The whole company had practically ground to a halt because of her. Everyone was very busy, and he, as the president, was even busier. It was a common thing for him to come early to the company and go back home late. On some nights, he didn't even have the time to sleep at all. All of these were because of her.

Although he still cared a little about Amanda before, last night had totally changed his mind.

This girl didn't deserve his affection anymore.

Right after William left, Michael held out his hand to make a "please" gesture. "This is the first floor. The design department is right ahead. Please follow me."

Amanda was angry with William, but she wouldn't vent her anger on others, so she nodded and went with him.

Michael took her on a stroll around the company, from the first floor to the 16th floor. The stroll had thoroughly made her feel uneasy. This was the first time she had such a deep understanding of what being a person universally hated felt like.

When she found that no one was around, she finally pulled Michael to a secluded corner and asked, "Was I really that bad before? Is that why so many people hate me?"

Compared to Amanda who looked completely disheveled, Michael was all prim and proper. It was ironic. She lifted her gaze and looked at the man who, throughout the whole trip, calmly showed the way and seriously introduced those studios to her but moved far away from her when some other staff in the company came to confront her. With pursed lips, she said, "You hate me too, don’t you?"

Even though he didn't scold her or throw anything at her, she could still feel the hostility emanating from him.

"No," Michael said calmly. There was nothing but indifference in his expression. "I don't hate you. Hatred should be ranked. Real hatred is the hatred one feels towards someone they think is important.

You, however, aren’t important at all. I’m doing what my boss told me to do. No one could’ve predicted what you would come across, so please don't misunderstand me!"

Amanda smiled. "You just want to say that I deserve it, right? There’s no need to beat around the bush. I have amnesia. I’m not stupid." She closed her eyes for a while and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes, she looked at him and said, "You can go now. I can take care of myself."

"No, as per the president's command, I must never lose sight of you today. This is my job today," Michael said with a deadpan face.

When she was about to answer, a woman's voice suddenly rang from behind. "Amanda, how about I treat you to some coffee?"

The moment Amanda turned around, a cup of hot coffee was splashed over her body. It was so hot that all kinds of profanities almost came pouring out of her mouth. She secretly scolded herself for being so forgetful. The next time someone called her from behind, she mustn’t look back.

Michael had, at some point, stood several meters away from her. A woman in a set of professional clothes was looking at Amanda with a smile. There was an empty cup in her hand.

"That was my return gift for you," the woman said.

Amanda frowned. What did she mean by "return gift?"

Did that mean she’d done the same thing to the woman before?

But she had no recollection of it at all! The only thing she remembered was that just now, the woman poured a cup of hot coffee on her.

Her skin was still burning now.

Amanda looked around. Upon finding that the place was indeed remote, a smile bloomed on her face. "Are you alone now?"

"So what?" the woman asked back haughtily.

"Has anyone ever told you not to offend others when you have no reinforcements?" Upon saying that, Amanda pounced on the woman without any hesitation in the slightest. The woman screamed, and the two of them were immediately caught in a fierce catfight.

The fight was savage. They scratched, hit, and even pulled each other’s hair.

Michael stood on the sideline and remained a bystander. He still looked indifferent. It was almost as if the two women in front of him were just playing with each other.

Two minutes later, Amanda finally got the upper hand. That woman, realizing that she was losing, shouted for help. "Help! Amanda’s hitting me!"

Amanda left the woman and fled straightaway. She was afraid that she would be cornered again if she took the elevator, so she ran up the emergency stairs. There was a hint of surprise in Michael’s eyes when he saw this, but he quickly calmed down and went after Amanda.

After going up four floors in a row, Amanda finally stopped running. She stood on the stairs, gasping for breath. Her legs were all trembling.

When Michael saw the breathless woman in front of him, he couldn’t help but ask, "Why did you run?"

"Do I look like an idiot? Why on earth would I wait for her backups to come and beat me up?" Amanda said angrily and fanned herself with her hand, all the while wondering if he also hoped she’d be beaten.

"She just shouted. How do you know whether or not people will come?"

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