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   Chapter 6 She Didn’t Want To Endure Any Longer

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William grabbed Amanda's arm and roared, "You want fairness? Okay, let me show you what fairness is!"

Before she could react, he already dragged her out of the house

It was already in the dead of night. Moon couldn’t be seen, and the only sources of lightning were a few stars which shone dimly. It was so dark that even the road under their feet couldn’t be seen clearly. Nevertheless, William persistently dragged Amanda to the parking lot.

The man was holding her arm tightly. His hand was just like an iron clamp, and Amanda was forced to keep up with him, staggering along the way. He roughly pushed her into the front passenger seat, wound around the car, and got into the driver seat.

His action was very rude. Amanda was thrown into the car, but she quickly sat up. It was even darker inside the car. She couldn’t see the man’s expression clearly, but his side profile seemed gloomy. She also sensed a kind of angry, aloof vibe emanating from him. When William started the car, she couldn't help but ask, "Where are we going?"

‘Showing me what fairness is?

What did that mean?’ Amanda really couldn’t understand what he meant.

Did he want to tell her everything that had happened to her so far?


For some reason, Amanda had a bad feeling about this. The cold, fierce aura the man exuded and the lack of knowledge of what was going to happen next gave her an inexplicable sense of fear.

She wanted to know what he meant, but her questions fell into deaf ears. William kept driving without paying her any attention.

The feeling of not knowing the whole story was really terrible.

William stepped hard on the gas pedal, causing the car to suddenly speed up. Such a move naturally gave Amanda a fright. Her heart beat fast, and she quickly grabbed the grab handle to stabilize her body. The fright brought about a wave of anger that made her forget about her fear of him. She scolded, "Are you nuts? Slow down! If you want to die, go and die alone! Don't drag me along!"

They were lucky that it was late at night and the road was practically empty. Otherwise, they might’ve caused accidents already.

William didn't seem to hear her shout. In fact, instead of slowing down, the car moved even faster. It was as if he was speeding up purposefully to torture her. Amanda was too dizzy, and her stomach was churning, so she couldn’t say anything further. However, she was liberally cursing him in her head.

The car drove through the city like a ghost. At some point, William finally slammed on the brake, stopping the car in front of a hospital.

Amanda held the dashboard with both hands and bent forward with her upper body almost in line with her thighs. She was gasping for breaths, and waves of nausea seemed to strike her again and again. She wanted to vomit, but she couldn't, so she could only endure her nausea and try to calm her racing heart. Before she could regain her composure, however, she found that William already got out of the car and was standing next to her. He roughly opened the door and pulled her out of the car.

Her red, swollen face had turned pale because of the fright, but it didn’t evoke his sympathy at all. He dragged her into the hospital and pulled her all the way to a secluded ward without saying anything or giving her the chance to take a breath. He pushed her in harshly and turned on the light.

His push wasn’t at all light. Amanda toppled hard to the floor. Now, in addition to her cheeks, even her hands, knees, and butt also ached. She looked back and glared at him viciously. She wanted to curse at him, but she didn’t have the guts to. In the end, she looked away and got up from the floor with gnashed teeth, all the while holding back the urge to mangle his stinky face with her nails.

In her opinion, William was a lunatic. She would only suffer more if she fought him.

She had learned from all the suffering and abuses she experienced that for her own safety; she'd better not contradict or challenge him outright.

No one could guarantee that this madman wouldn't do something extreme.

This ward was very large and luxurious. It was also complete with all kinds of equipment and furniture. There was a bed in the middle of the ward. On the bed, an old man was lying unconscious with various medical tubes connected to his body.

He looked pale, gaunt, and extremely frail. It seemed that he was suffering from some kind of catastrophic illness, so he looked more gnarled than common elderly. This person was most likely what William wanted Amanda to see.

It seemed painful for the old man to have so many tubes connected to his body. Amanda felt sorry for the old man, but she didn't know him, so she was really bewildered why William would take her to see him.

"After you stole the company’s confidential information and sold it to others, Rocco Company suffered one heavy blow after another and almost went bankrupt. Grandpa was so angry that he had a cerebral hemorrhage, and he’s been lying here ever since. You’re asking me for fairness, right? Alright, then tell me first—can you give the person lying here any fairness?

Can you give fairness to thousands of staff who almost lost their jobs because of you? Can you give fairness to those who’ve been hurt by you? Can you give me fairness?" William said gravely through gritted teeth. He looked like he was repressing countless unknown emotions.

Amanda was shocked. The fright made her heart pound hard.

She stole the confidential information and sold it? She almost made thousands of people lose their jobs? She hurt a lot of people?

Furthermore, she made an old man so angry that he fell into a coma?

Did she do all these?

Amanda turned to look at William, who seemed like he wanted to rip her apart out of loathing, and asked in disbelief, "Did I really do all these?"

Impossible! He was lying, wasn’t he? How could she do such a thing? How could she?

"Otherwise? Do you think it was me?" The bewilderment and the shock on Amanda's expression seemed hypocritical in William's eyes and aroused his anger even more. He was so angry that he burst out laughing instead. "What? Are you going to tell me that everything has nothing to do with you?

Amanda, is your heart made of stone? Are you that heartless that you can stand without any guilt in the slightest in front of the person you’ve hurt? Do you really not feel even a little bit guilty?" His words were accusative and full of anger.

Amanda suddenly felt sad, but it wasn’t because she felt guilty. Rather, she felt sad because she couldn't recall anything. She cast a sidelong glance at the old man lying unconscious on the bed, trying to stimulate herself to remember something, but it was futile.

Her mind actually went blank instead.

Dr. Wang once said that based on the severity of her brain injury, it was normal for her to have amnesia. But if she was now standing in front of the very person she almost killed, would she really have no guilty feeling at all?

Apart from that pity towards the old man, she really didn’t have any other feeling. This whole thing felt extremely strange though.

Was this how a sinner should feel when they faced their victim?

Amanda had no idea. There seemed to be a ball of tangled thread in her mind at the moment. Just like pieces of information she got until now, this ball was being torn apart into a total mess, which annoyed her and made her feel like she was on pins and needles.

Her inability to remember frustrated her. She couldn't help but reach out and hit her head, while William was just watching coldly from the sideline. His expression became more and more vicious as time passed by.

His mind, which seemed to contain a jumble of countless complex emotions, gradually became increasingly firmer. He gave up. When that thought crossed his mind, he suddenly felt that he was a little ridiculous. He actually wanted a heartless person to own her fault and feel sorry for her mistakes.

"Amanda, you’re indeed heartless!" William said in disappointment.

Upon hearing that, Amanda gave up the meaningless attempt to recall her memories and looked up. She saw that William, who had been glaring at her fiercely all along, was pale and now looking at her with obvious disappointment. Although she didn't understand what he was disappointed about, she said truthfully, "Sorry, I really can't remember anything."

She sounded very calm, and there wasn’t much emotion in her voice. It was as if she was just merely stating a fact. However, her calm voice instantly caused thousands of waves in William's heart.

"You said you couldn't remember?!" There was practically no emotion in William's gaze.

The coldness in his eyes seemed to be able to freeze people in an instant and crush them into pieces. That was an extremely dangerous look.

Faced with such a gaze, Amanda naturally felt scared and flustered. However, she still braved herself and met his eyes. She didn't lie, so she couldn't show any fear, or he would only feel that she was guilty.

"I was electrocuted, and my brain was damaged, so I can't remember anything. Dr. Wang can testify for me!" Amanda explained.

William already heard about it, but he really couldn’t believe it.

He looked at her coldly and said, "No matter how many people believe your story, I’ll never believe a word you say. Amanda Su, you want to play a game, right? Okay, I'll play with you! Although this game is started by you, it can only be ended by me."

What William said and how vicious he looked kept replaying in Amanda’s mind even after they returned home and she lay in her bed. She couldn't understand what he meant, but his cold eyes back then made her feel like she was stared at by a viper. Recalling how he looked brought about an unsolvable creepy fear in her heart.

This was just like an unending nightmare.

Everything that had happened since she woke up was like a nightmare full of resentment.

Amanda pulled the quilt up to cover her body and held it tightly with both hands, praying earnestly for the nightmare to end when she woke up tomorrow.

What happened today wore her out both physically and mentally. Amanda was exhausted, but she couldn't sleep peacefully because she was worried that someone would suddenly rush in and beat her up again. In the end, she tossed and turned for the whole night and didn't fall asleep until dawn.

The sunny sky in the morning seemed to foreshadow that today would be a nice day.

William was sitting at the dining table, elegantly holding a cup of freshly-made coffee. The gloomy expression he had yesterday was nowhere to be seen. Right now, he was like a noble man, who was savoring a cup of black coffee.

Once the coffee was finished, he already looked far more energetic than before. He took a look at the watch on his wrist and found that it was already nine o'clock. With a frown, he said coldly, "Sarah, wake her up!"

"Yes, sir!"

At this moment, Amanda was still sound asleep in the bed. The sunlight shone into the room through the thick curtains, creating a faint halo that brought about a warm vibe in the room.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open with a bang.

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