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   Chapter 5 Clean Hands Need No Washing

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The doctor sighed in secret, lamenting over how cruel the guy who had attacked Amanda was. Her brain was seriously damaged, and the power of the high voltage could’ve instantly killed her. But he didn’t think it was necessary for her to know. Since she’d lost her memories, it’d be better for her to remain oblivious rather than knowing these horrible things and living in fear.

He might tell William about these though.

"I see. Thank you." Amanda didn't hear the answer she wanted, but she didn’t continue questioning him.

She understood what he meant. Since she didn't even know what had happened to herself, how could she expect others to know? Keeping on questioning others just made no sense.

She preferred to be reasonable.

Although Dr. Wang had proved that Amanda really lost her memories, the way the people around her glared at her didn't change. Their eyes were still filled with hate and malice. She had actually expected this. After all, pure hatred couldn't easily be erased by a simple memory loss.

These people genuinely hated her to the bones.

So how could they forgive and forget so easily?

Right now, they might even be cursing Amanda in their heads for having the guts to forget all the bad deeds she’d done.

The more she thought about it, the more logical it seemed to her.

Amanda swept her gaze over everyone in the room before eventually fixating it on Josiah. At this moment, Josiah had her hair up in a bun adorned with a diamond-encrusted hairpin. Although the diamond accessory was eye-catching, it wasn’t at all vulgar and made her look like an elegant noblewoman.

Her current noble appearance and how she looked when she was slapping Amanda were simply poles apart.

Upon seeing the doubt and the unconcealed anger in Josiah’s eyes, Amanda smiled and said, "So what are you going to do? Do you still want to have me tied up and beat me up?"

Josiah glared fiercely at Amanda. When she thought of what Amanda had done, she really didn't want to spare her at all. But when she thought of Amanda’s amnesia, she really didn’t have the heart to continue beating her.

The person in front of her was just a girl who lost her memories and didn't even remember her own identity. Instead of feeling guilty and admitting her fault, Amanda would only think of her as a lunatic if she kept on beating her. This was naturally not her goal at all.

Josiah had an extremely tangled expression on her face, but Amanda wasn’t in the mood to guess what she was thinking. Seeing as Josiah said nothing, she asked indifferently, "So? Are you going to beat me up again or not? If you’re not, can I leave now?"

Amanda naturally didn't want to get beaten again, but she understood her current situation clearly. Without Josiah’s permission, she couldn’t leave even if she wanted to.

Everyone else in the room looked back and forth between Amanda and Josiah. Josiah still looked tangled and remained mum, but Amanda didn't care. She just took her silence as acquiescence and went upstairs without hesitation, regardless of the hatred burning in the servants’ eyes.

As Amanda made her way upstairs, she couldn’t help but lament over her idiocy. Why on earth did she go downstairs just to look for an answer?

Why did she insist on knowing the past? She brought about so much resentment on herself and got slapped without any reason at all. The burning pain on her face was still throbbing even now.

In fact, she understood that these resentments and slaps were unavoidable, so whether she went downstairs or not didn’t really matter. What came around went around. Troubles would come to her sooner or later.

She was just like a person with debt. She would have to pay it in the end.

Amanda found a mirror in the drawer, sat leaning against the headboard, lifted the mirror, and started examining her face. The face reflected in the mirror was red, swollen, and completely unrecognizable. Even her parents might not recognize her now.

That woman was so cruel!

Those who helped the woman were also ruthless!

Amanda was aching all over. Not only did her body get beaten, but it also got pinched.

Nevertheless, she couldn't help but wonder why they were so merciless. Had she treated them as cruelly before?

But she really couldn't remember anything.

Never mind. Since she couldn't remember anything, she should let nature take its course. Once should continue moving forward in life anyway.

She was optimistic.

With that thought, she fell asleep with peace in mind. By the time she woke up, the sky was already completely dark. Her stomach was growling as if she hadn't eaten anything for several years. It sounded particularly loud in the silent night.

They didn't give her any food, so she had to find it on her own.

A living person shouldn’t be starved to death!

It was dark in the hallways, but she didn’t dare to turn the lights on, so she had to fumble her way downstairs to the kitchen. She quietly took a few pieces of bread and a cup of yogurt from the fridge. When she was about to close the fridge, however, a thunderous shout suddenly rang from behind, frightening her so much that she almost threw the food in her hands.

"Amanda Su!" The voice was so familiar that it was impossible for Amanda to not know who the caller was!

It was William, who had been busy all day in the company. As soon as

he entered the house, he spotted Amanda sneaking around the dark kitchen. He couldn’t help but recall the phone call he received before when he saw her. Anger seemed to burn even fiercer inside him. Amanda was speechless. She just wanted to eat some food. Why did he have to shout at her like that? It was almost as if she had made a big mistake.

She assumed he didn’t allow her to eat, so she was going to return the food to him. She braced herself and turned around, only to find herself standing face to face with him. Under the faint light from the fridge, there seemed to be an unusual viciousness on his face. Frightened, she quickly handed the food to him. "I haven't eaten them yet. I’ll give them back, okay? What are you being so frightening for?"

She really didn’t understand why he was glaring at her so savagely when all she did was just taking a cup of yogurt and a few pieces of bread!

William didn’t pay attention to what she said. He continued to glare at her and said through gritted teeth, "Amanda, you're getting bolder now! You actually dared to hit my mother! How could you be so cruel to do that?! Have you really lost your conscience?! You’re really ungrateful!"

The man's furious rebukes were deafening.

Amanda looked into his bloodshot eyes. Even a fool would understand that he was livid not because she took a few pieces of bread and a cup of yogurt, but because he wanted to seek justice for his mother.

Once this fact dawned on her, she couldn’t help but feel even more aggrieved. What about her injuries? Her face was red and swollen, and her body was aching all over. Who would apologize to her?

Gradually, her aggrieved feeling turned into anger. She clutched the bread in her hand hard and asked furiously, "She wanted to hit me. Why couldn’t I fight back?"

"How dare you!" William went ballistic. He grabbed her by her neck, and the force pushed her towards the fridge behind heavily. Her body pushed the fridge door closed, and the kitchen turned dark in an instant.

She was originally aching all over. Now, the collision made her ache even more! He did it again. He was manhandling her again. The frustration and the pain ignited her anger almost in a flash.

She struggled to remove his hand from her neck, but he was so strong that she could only curse out. "Are you fucking crazy?! She hit me! She suddenly rushed over and slapped me! Isn't it reasonable that I fought back? Why should I silently accept her abuse? Do you think I’m a masochist?!"

"You still dare to quibble?" His mother had been nice to Amanda over the years, but Amanda broke her heart.

Now, Amanda didn’t even feel any regret or guilt after slapping her. William simply went off the deep end. He exerted more force on his hand. For a brief moment, he really wanted to strangle her to death.

In the darkness, there seemed to be a complicated mix of emotions in his sharp gaze. Unfortunately, Amanda didn’t notice it.

She was in an indescribable agony at the moment. The pain and the lack of oxygen were excruciating, and the unfair treatment she got also enraged her.

"Why don't I dare? She hit me first! Why shouldn’t I fight back? Why couldn’t I fight back?"

Everyone thought that she shouldn't have fought back, but why? Why should she bear all their abuses and accusations?

She wasn’t a doll that didn't know what pain was. It was impossible for her to resign herself to such a fate.

Amanda seemed to try to vent her anger by shouting at him.

While the darkness covered the paleness and the anguish on her face, it seemed to intensify the fury in William's eyes. Every word Amanda said undoubtedly added fuel to the fire.

‘She actually dared to say that!

And she said it without any guilt in the slightest!’

In the darkness, his dark eyes seemed to be burning with mad fury. In the end, William finally snapped and swung his hand towards her cheek.

Pak! The loud noise and the sudden pain brought an end to her roar.

The sudden, heavy slap stunned Amanda for a long time. However, when she came to, the burning pain on her face only made her torn between tears and laughter. Her situation was really ridiculous. How many slaps had she received after she woke up?

They hit and scolded her as they wanted,

and there was also a rule that she couldn't fight back.


Why? The grievance she had suffered in the day and the slap made Amanda almost lose it. She roared menacingly,

"Why do you hit me? What have I done wrong in the end? Just tell me! Tell me!

All of you hate me. You beat and blame me as you like, but have you ever considered my feelings?

Even a murderer still has a chance to get a suspended sentence. You sentenced me to death, but you didn't even tell me what crime I've committed. It's unfair. It's unfair!"

She felt that she was almost driven crazy by this man!

But William also felt the same.

Hearing her roaring and repeatedly asking what she had done wrong was really driving him mad.

It felt like she was telling the truth.

That she was really innocent!

But was she? After committing so many wrongs and causing so many irreparable situations, she could still claim she was innocent so confidently.

This was the girl he had taken care of for nearly twenty years. Until now, she was still stubborn.

Until now, she still refused to acknowledge her mistakes.

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