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   Chapter 4 It's Not Her Fault (Part Two)

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"I'm ungrateful?" Elva found it funny that she now had another crime. What had she done prior to when she lost her memory? Why did everyone hate her so much? So many people wanted to trample on her.

No one would feel sorry for pinning her down. Elva squinted at Josiah Cheng's delicate face. For a woman who was supposed to be a noble and elegant lady, she was having a difficult time to remain calm under this angering situation.

She really wanted to know what happened and what memories she had lost!

"Tell me, why do you think I am ungrateful?"

"What do you mean?" Josiah Cheng was stunned by her question. After thinking twice, she thought that this woman meant that she wronged her. Her face immediately turned pale.

"Amanda, you have to tell me sincerely. How do you think of the way I treated you before? Even if your parents did such a thing to us later on, I never took my anger out on you. I treated you better than my own son. But what about you? What did you do to us? You did not only stirred up trouble at home, but you also sold confidential information about our company to our enemies. As a result, the company we had operated for centuries nearly went bankrupt! You even hurt William's grandpa! Tell me, are these sins not enough to make you deserve this?"

"Selling confidential information of our company to the enemy? I almost made you go bankrupt. I did all those things?" Elva caught the key point, but looked suspicious because she couldn't remember anything.

"Who else could it be other than you?" Josiah roared, "Amanda, were you really short of money? Wasn't the pocket money William gave you enough? The money you received by selling the information was no more than what William gave you, but you still did it! You have worn away all our love for you! I even find the word 'ungrateful' too polite to describe you!"

As she stared at the angry woman in front of her, Elva didn't know what to say. She couldn't remember any of the events Josiah had described. Deep inside, she was sure that she didn't do those things. However, she knew that Josiah wouldn't believe her. "I can't remember what you just told me!"

"What did you say?" All of a sudden, Josiah raised her voice, making Elva's eardrums hurt. Without blinking, Elva continued, "I slept and when I woke up, I couldn't remember anything. I only found out my name a while ago."

Sarah Shu, who had been standing aloofly suddenly spoke, "She told me the same thing earlier, but I don't believe her lie!"

"Me too!"

"Me too!"

One after another, people started to protest against her.

Josiah looked at her suspiciously, but Elva didn't care about the glares coming her way. She couldn't care less on whether or not they believed her. Deep inside, she knew that she didn't lie at all.

Even though her delicate face appeared red and swollen, her eyes showed more vitality. Josiah frowned and immediately ordered the servants to let go of her.

"Madam, she is definitely lying. Don't believe her!" Sarah echoed.

These people seemed to be eager that she get punished immediately. However, Elva couldn't help but wonder what crime she had done to cause such hatred.

She couldn't even remember anything no matter how hard she tried.

She didn't know whether it was pathetic or ridiculous!

It was truly ironic!

"Call Doctor Wang over! Her lie shall be exposed!" Josiah glared at Elva furiously. It was obvious that she didn't believe her. Like everyone else, she thought that this was just playing games. Since Josiah had a lot of time in her hands, she might as well play with her.

Elva didn't care. She knew that she wasn't lying!

The servants we

re still hesitating to let her go. After Josiah gave them a hard look, they quickly loosened their hands. One of them was so angry that she pushed Elva aggressively and almost made her fall on the ground. Elva staggered to stand still and turned around to glare at the perpetrator. She then touched her injured face.

She felt pain all over her body and face, but she didn't know whether or not she deserved to be beaten up.

After Josiah called for him, Doctor Wang arrived in a short while. Elva had seen him before. He was the one who had helped her stop William's crazy behavior. She smiled at him.

She was not an unreasonable person. She was going to show kindness to whoever was good to her. But if someone mistreated her, then she would definitely seek vengeance!

She didn't know what she had done before she had lost her memory, but now, she wanted to follow her own way!

Doctor Wang returned her kindness by giving her a polite smile. Without saying anything, he looked at her injured face for a while and took her upstairs for an examination.

Because of her alleged "memory loss", it was time that he checked her brain.

After a series of regular examinations, he asked Elva several medical and intellectual questions prior to taking her downstairs.

Josiah was sitting on the sofa in a very elegant posture. When she heard the sound of footsteps coming from the stairs, she turned to look at the doctor. "How are the results?"

Doctor Wang gave her a serious look. "I can say for sure that she has certainly lost her memory! Her brain seems to have undergone multiple electric shocks before, and is now seriously damaged. The fact that she is still alive and that she only lost her memory, is truly a miracle!"

Josiah couldn't help but stand up from the sofa. She looked at Elva with a complicated expression. She expected that her lie would finally be exposed. However, the doctor's conclusion proved what this woman had claimed from the very beginning. Josiah wondered whether she had planned this beforehand. She couldn't help but question the doctor's conclusion. "Did she really lose her memory? Are you sure that there's nothing wrong with your machine?"

"No!" Doctor Wang said affirmatively. Seeing that she still wanted to say something else, he said, "If you don't believe my professional knowledge, then you can take her to the hospital for another examination. I'm sure that the results will be the same as my own deductions."

A professional doctor also had his pride. He couldn't tolerate it when others question his medical capabilities!

Josiah also knew that he was one of the best doctors. If not, then her husband would not have hired him to become the family's exclusive doctor and pay him a very high salary. She questioned him because she didn't believe that that foxy woman lost her memory.

Josiah waved her hand and said, "If you would make such a mistake, then those hospitals will be even more unreliable. Forget it. You can leave now!"

She felt a little uneasy at the moment.

"Yes, Madam. I'll leave now." After saying that, Doctor Wang turned around to leave the house.

"Wait! Hold on, please!" Elva stopped him in a hurry. She heard what he just said, but she didn't understand. She looked at him with a beam of curiosity in her eyes. "Why did you say that my brain had been attacked by electrical shocks?"

Doctor Wang stopped to look at her and said, "Nobody else knows what happened, except for you. All I can say is that this type of electric shocks is very dangerous. It is truly a miracle that you are still able to behave normally and that the only side effect from it is your memory loss."

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