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   Chapter 3 It's Not Her Fault (Part One)

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Elva was shocked.

What was the servant insinuating?

If the knife had been aimed at someone else, how would she have stabbed them without hesitation?

Was she such a cruel person? Did she commit such horrendous acts before? No, how could that be possible?

She was not that type of person!

She couldn't be that bad!

Without saying anything further, the servant sneered at her and turned around to leave.

"What's your name?" Elva couldn't help but ask the servant. It was apparent that she held a deep grudge against her, but Elva was persistent in wanting to know what happened.

The servant stopped in her tracks. She turned around and glared at Elva. "What? Do you want to remember my name so that you can find an opportunity to take revenge against me one day? Alright. My name is Sarah Shu! You better remember it then!"

"I didn't mean it like that!" She tried to explain in a hurry, but it seemed that Sarah Shu didn't care about hearing what she had to say. Instead of listening, the servant just glared at her and turned around to leave.

Elva stood still. She knew what she saw when she looked into Sarah Shu's eyes. It was filled with hatred, as if she wanted to strangle her alive.

What on earth had she done? Why was she hated by so many people?

Was she really the type of person who would mercilessly stab others?

Did she really hurt that many people?

No! That was impossible! She didn't want to believe it. The person Sarah Shu described couldn't be her!

She clenched her fists and continued to ask the other servants. However, they either avoided her or mirrored Sarah Shu's reaction. They were all full of resentment towards her!

Among all kinds of uncertainty, the only thing she was sure of was that her real name was Amanda. The man was consistent in calling her that.

As she sat on the leather sofa, Elva felt very nervous. The countless reproachful and resentful eyes that she met made her very uncomfortable. She tried every means to recall the memories in her past. However, she still couldn't remember anything, and when she tried, her head would hurt from thinking too much.

Suddenly, she heard an angry voice bellow from the gateway. "Amanda!"

Subconsciously, she turned her head towards the direction of the voice. She suddenly felt a slap on her face and started to feel dizzy. When she finally came to her senses, she could feel the burning pain on her cheek.

Elva touched her face with anger in her eyes. She looked up and saw a furious woman standing in front of her.

She seemed to be around 40 years old, well-dressed and having exquisite makeup on. She looked very noble and unparalleled.

As if one slap was not enough to vent her anger, the woman slapped her again. She seemed to be addicted in slapping her. With narrow eyes, Elva stood up and boldly blocked the assault. Without hesitation, she slapped the woman in return.

"Clap!" The sound was crisp and it was much louder than the previous ones!

"Ah!" In an instant, she was surrounded by people screaming around her.

The servants who had been busy in the different areas of the house suddenly ran towards the noble woman who had gotten slapped. While some were nervous and worried, they all gazed at Elva with a gloating look.

"Huh!" Elva finally understood everything and couldn't help but laugh.

It turned out that these people had seen what had happened. They remained onlookers when this woman crazily slap her. But when she defended herself, they came over to help the wretched woman.

'I see!' They were all just waiting and wishing to see her get in trouble and suffer.

She didn't remember what had happened in the past. She didn't even

know if she had hurt a lot of people. From everything that had just happened, she didn't want to know anymore.

With a vengeful thought in her mind, Elva decided that she would try to live better since they were all expecting the worse. She would let whoever was teasing her regret their decisions.

"Madam, are you okay?"

Josiah Cheng pushed the servant away as she was about to help her. She felt the surging pain on her face and she stared at Elva in disbelief. "How dare you hit me?"

She had the hairdo of a typical rich lady that was part of the upper class, but it was now disheveled after Elva slapped her. She looked so embarrassed, and the incredulity on her face made Elva want to laugh. "You hit me, so why can't I hit back?"

She got slapped for no reason. Why did she have to bear this unreasonable assault?


Was she William's wife? No, she looked too old to be his wife. She had to be his mother!

No wonder she acted that way! They all behaved abnormally and thought of the same ideas. Would she also say that I deserved it?'

Although she was no match for William, it didn't mean that she was weak!

Josiah Cheng was trembling with fury, but she still maintained her noble demeanor, which surprised Elva. She glared at Elva, with a hint of disappointment dancing in her eyes.

"Catch her. I have to teach her a lesson today, or else I will feel guilty for the love I showed her a dozen years ago!"

"What are you doing?" Elva frowned as the servants grabbed her hands and pressed their palms on her back. Some of them even secretly pinched her sides. The pain made her face turn pale. They really wanted her dead.

"This is all you can do. You can only play dirty tricks behind my back!" Elva yelled at them.

Josiah Cheng glanced at the servants as if she wanted to say something. It was apparent that she understood what they were doing behind her back, but she didn't oppose it. Elva snorted. They were all the same!

Josiah Cheng didn't deny anything. "It's time for you to finally understand what 'You reap what you sow' means!"

"Stop beating around the bush. I don't understand what you're trying to tell me. If you want to say something, just state it clearly." Elva didn't bother to mince her words. She hated the people who wanted to say something, but expressed it in a vague manner. She couldn't even remember what happened in the past. They didn't tell her the whole story and this made her quite anxious.

"You never understood anything. When you were a child, you would always say you didn't understand, but everyone still spoiled you. Now you are still saying that you don't understand anything. Amanda, you are so heartless! You are just like your parents!" Josiah Cheng couldn't stand it anymore. She looked at her with mixed feelings. Thinking of Amanda's parents and what she had done made her even angrier.

"Clap!" Another slap loudly landed on Elva's red and swollen face!

She couldn't resist or struggle from their grip. She could only helplessly bear the pain they inflicted on her. Her face hurt so much. However, she didn't know what she had done to them.

One slap followed another.

The torture was endless!

Elva spat out a mouthful of blood and retorted by instinct, "Don't mention my parents! They have nothing to do with this!"

Josiah Cheng looked at the woman in surprise, as if she didn't expect to hear such words coming from her mouth. She stared at her with an incredulous grin. "I wasn't aware that you had a close relationship with your parents. You don't seem to mind your own suffering, but here you are defending them! But they are not any better than you! Your entire family is ungrateful!"

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