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   Chapter 1 The Car Roared At Midnight

Escape From The Devil CEO By Ning Zhi Characters: 6894

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"Sister, our parents prepared a birthday party for you at the hotel. Our aunts and uncles are all here. Come quickly!"

As she listened to the pampering voice over the phone, Elva Bai replied with a smile, "I see, brother."

After she hung up, the traffic light in front of her turned green. It was already late at night and the rain was pouring heavily outside. Because of this, there weren't a lot of pedestrians or cars out on the street.

Elva Bai held the umbrella on one hand while she clasped the hemline of her yellow dress with her other hand. She ran across the road as the rain splashed on the ground around. A strong white light from the left penetrated her vision and was accompanied by a sharp and harsh sound of a brake.

As Elva Bai ran, she suddenly stopped in shock and hurried to see what was going on. In front of her, a silver gray BMW rushed over with a dazzling white light. Before she could react, her body was flung up in the air. She violently landed on the ground with blood profusely gushing out of her body.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and the dripping sounds lingered on.

The feeling of being soaked in the rain was cold and piercing. The surging pain made Elva Bai realize that she was hit by the car. She felt her head spinning and wanted to open her eyes. However, she couldn't do so. Caught in a daze, she could vaguely hear someone talking from a distance.

"Is she dead?"

"Not yet, but she looks like she's about to."

"Just leave her here. Let's leave now. If we don't get to the airport, then we won't be able leave any more."

"What a pity! This woman is really beautiful!"

"Charles! You are crossing the line!" Anger was obvious in the female voice. The man tried to comfort her immediately.

"Honey, don't be angry. I'm just kidding. How can this woman rival your beauty? You know I only love you. Well, don't be angry. Let's hurry up, or else they will catch up."

"That's what I want to hear!

Charles, I'm a little worried. As far as I know, he won't let me go that easily. Running away will not resolve the root of the problem."

"Then tell me, how can we solve this once and for all?"

"HMM I've come up with a solution. I'm sure I can solve it!"

"Oh, really? So what do we do?"


Elva Bai heard nothing about what they were planning as she lost her consciousness. In the boundless darkness, she floated back and forth like a ghost in the dark world. She didn't know how long she had floated, and she kept floating in confusion. It was not until a dazzling white light came in that all the darkness in the world started to fade away.

"Doctor Wang, what's wrong with her? Didn't you say that she was fine? Why hasn't she woken up yet?" The man's voice was magnetic and pleasant to hear, but at this moment it sounded a little impatient.

"Mr. William, I don't understand either. She is supposed to wake up, but..."

"She should have woken up! She should have woken up! But she has been in a coma for a whole week. Is this what you call 'should have'?" She didn't know what he was angry about, and his voice started to get louder and louder. His booming rage made the sleeping girl frown in response.

Suddenly, the doctor's voice was laced with a tone of surprise. "Mr. William, she was reacting to what you're saying."

'What are they talking about?

She? Who is she?

Why is there sudden elation in the doctor's voice? Why

doesn't the pleasant voice speak?'

The girl on the bed, delicate and beautiful, fluttered her eyelashes and tried to blink, but failed to open her eyes.

"Uh..." The doctor was confused.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her collar and lifted her up.

She heard the fascinating voice again as it thundered across the room. "Amanda! You are actually fine. I bet that you are just pretending to be asleep, so that you can avoid your mistakes! I don't care whether or not you are in a coma. You'd better open your eyes immediately, or else I will kill your parents!"

Elva Bai frowned and didn't understand

Why was the owner of this charming voice so angry?

Why did he say that he would kill her parents if she didn't open her eyes?

By the way, who were her parents?

Why couldn't she remember anything?

She struggled to open her eyes and saw an incredibly handsome face. The man had short black hair, which made him look very refreshing and energetic.

There were also two perfect eyebrows and a pair of narrow and long eyes. Even so, he didn't look feminine. On the contrary, he looked cool and vigorous.

His nose was tall and straight, as if he had some Western blood, and his lips were even more pink and thinner than women's, adding extra charm to him. It seemed that every corner on his face had been carefully carved and blessed by the god.

However, when she stared at his eyes, she found that he was very angry. His eyebrows were raised up high and he glared at her in a terrifying manner.

But, Elva Bai didn't care about his expression at all. She just stared at the man in a daze, slowly reached out her hand and touched his face. With a dull expression, she said, "I seem to know you!"

The handsome face darkened and looked terrible. He shook off her hand and shouted angrily, "Amanda, what the hell are you doing?"

"Amanda? Me?" She blinked her limpid eyes and looked confused.

"Who else could you be?" William Long looked at her with hatred. His eyes were full of anger, as if he wanted to burn her to death.

"You mean my name is Amanda?" She looked at him blankly and pointed at herself.

"Don't play dumb with me!" He was even angrier. He could forgive what had happened before, but this time, he couldn't.

Amanda Su knew that the company was the fruition of his grandfather's lifelong efforts. He worked hard to make his business so powerful that it couldn't be surpassed in City A. However, she destroyed his lifelong legacy.

She ruined it!

He glared at the woman, which made her shiver with fear. She licked her dry lips and said innocently, "I'm not playing dumb. I really don't remember my name."

"Stop pretending! Amanda, am I an idiot in your eyes? Can't I tell your lies from truth? Huh?" He was so upset that he violently shook her body, immediately making her dizzy.

"Let me go! Let me go!" She was forced to shake her head. Feeling extremely uncomfortable, she slapped his hands aggressively.

Damn it! Did he want to kill her?

As if he didn't hear her, he shook her so hard that he felt the veins in his hands throbbing. He looked at her painful gaze and felt the pleasure of revenge.

The doctor, who stood quietly beside, walked over and interjected, "Mr. William, she just woke up and is still very weak. If you keep shaking her, she may pass out again and won't be able to wake up. Please let her rest so that your work won't be delayed any further."

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