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   Chapter 54 Abnormal Love

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"Cherry, give this to Asa." The agent took out disinfecting alcohol and band aids from the medical kit and handed them to Rachel.

Seeing this, Rachel thought, 'Brian was injured?' In fact, Rachel also got hurt. There were too many fans at the door just now. They all wanted to ask their idol about the drink advertisement in person. Back and forth, a female fan reached out her hand to grab Brian.

"By the way, be careful when you take Asa out for dinner. Don't let his fans recognize him. It's not peaceful recently. I have been busy with the agent of the women's team these two days, so I don't have time to care about Asa. Remember to stay close to him. Call me if anything happens," The agent said.

With the disinfection tools and band aids in her hands, Rachel went to the training room to look for Brian. When she pushed the door open, she saw Brian standing face to face with Sierra. The two seemed to be talking about something. Brian frowned with his arms crossed over his chest, looking a little impatient.

Seeing Rachel come in, Sierra was surprised and immediately became a little uneasy.

Stunned, Rachel looked down at the things in her hands and didn't know what to say. So she had to look at Brian.

However, Rachel didn't expect that Brian would say to her, "You go out first and come in later."

Rachel frowned but immediately regained her composure. Without saying anything, she turned around and walked out of the training room.

"I know what you mean by that. But you should also understand that I won't say the same words a second time. I have told you before that we are both stars. Do you want to ruin me or yourself with such a relationship?" Brian was very patient today, and he was still in the mood to waste time with this woman.

"Asa, I just want to tell you that I don't want to get you into trouble, but can you treat me as your sister and friend in the future? I don't want to ruin our relationship just because you refused my love to you. In fact, I heard that the company wanted to make a gossipy between you and me, but you refused. You chose the most impossible woman, Kinley. I want to know if it's because of my confession." Sierra looked at Brian nervously, hoping to get a little response from him.

"Yes I just want us not to be embarrassed in the future," said Brian.

"Asa, I won't badger you anymore. Let's be frien

o you want to break your skin?" Before Rachel could react, Brian had already grabbed her arm, grabbed the cotton from her hand and wiped it little by little.

This small injury was nothing to Rachel. Alcohol penetrated the wound coldly and brought a burning feeling.

"Today I finally knew the enthusiasm of your fans." Rachel smiled and rolled up her sleeves.

Brian took the band aid from Rachel's hand and put it on her wound. He said with a smile, "Sometimes I will also feel distressed for my own popularity."

"Are you still hurt? I saw you being pushed around in the morning, but I couldn't pull you back," Brian asked while packing up.

"Is that all?" Rachel checked again and made sure that there was no other wound to deal with. Then she said to Brian, "I guess it's not like this every day. If you don't have to act in the kissing scene with other actresses in the future, I can also suffer less."

Brian smiled and thought that she really cared about this.

At this time, Sierra happened to come over. When she saw Brian and Rachel sitting on the sofa, who were talking and smiling, she was furious.

Sierra gritted her teeth and thought, 'It seems that the lesson last time is not enough. Brian, I don't want to hurt you again and again, but you have never seen me in your eyes. You are the only man in my eyes. You can refuse me, but you can't accept other woman. Otherwise... I will let you die with me.'

Sierra's love had been abnormal for a long time. Maybe since she was required to have a plastic surgery by the company, or she was refused by Brian.

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