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   Chapter 53 The Law Of The Jungle

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Among all the works, the most troublesome thing for Rachel was to help Brian get rid of the fans again and again. For several times, Rachel was scratched by the fingernails of Brian's excited fans. She was so angry that she gritted her teeth and wanted to get back at Brian.

When the agent came to the apartment to pick up Brian this morning, Rachel had just finished washing. The agent had never expected that Brian and Rachel were living together now. Rachel had no choice but to tell the agent that she had come to the apartment of Brian earlier to wake him up and go to the company.

Hearing this, the agent also praised Rachel for her high efficiency and said that Asa didn't misjudge anyone, which made Rachel feel very guilty.

When the agent drove the two of them to the company for the morning meeting, he found that there were a lot of fans blocking the gate of the company today. Many of them wanted to ask Brian personally if the kissing scene he filmed with Karen yesterday was false.

Brian knew what these fans were thinking about. In their world, their idol was like a boyfriend or a husband. If he had a kiss scene with a female star, these fans would have to cry all night with the poster and album, and maybe they would dislike him.

As Brian squeezed into the company, he told his fans with a smile, "Don't worry. It's just false."

Hearing this, the fans were finally relieved. They cheered and someone immediately went to the website to post an news saying that the information had been confirmed by Asa in person.

In fact, Rachel was also very surprised. It could only be said that the director of yesterday's commercial was really good at shooting. From the surveillance, it was impossible to see that their kiss was false. It seemed that they were really kissing with each other.

When they entered the company, Brian saw that Rachel kept her head down and didn't say anything. He knew what she was thinking. When the two of them were in the elevator, Brian teased, "What's wrong? You seem unhappy just because of the false kiss."

"It is you who is unhappy because of a false kiss?" retorted Rachel. She wouldn't miss any chance to ridicule Brian.

"I really want to thank God for that I don't need to kiss that actress." The thought of that woman's face sent a chill down Brian's spine. Not to mention kissing, he felt very uncomfortable just because he read her those words affectionately. He hoped that he didn't do it a second time.

The two of them took the elevator to the fifteen floor. But the ele

mire him. Maybe that was also the reason why the agent wanted Brian to be a artist at a glance. He was so perfect, as if there was light all over his body. People couldn't help but look at him.

Later on, Brian almost forgot about this matter. But he didn't expect that Sierra ran out of nowhere and confessed her love to him shyly. She was so nervous that she almost cried out. She said that she was willing to make a debut because of Asa. She hoped that Asa could accept her love.

At that time, Brian said to Sierra in the same tone as he had taught Kinley in the elevator, "Since you have made your debut, we two are both stars. I was in the peak of my career, and your career has just begun. Don't you think it is stupid for you to confess your love to me now? Do you want to ruin your future or mine?"

Sure enough, Sierra cried at that time, but it did not arouse any sympathy from Brian.

"I just want to tell you that you chose the road by yourself, no matter what the original reason was. Don't find any excuse for your irresponsibility. If you want to be as high as me one day, you must work harder."

At that time, Sierra cried bitterly and said to Brian, "I will work hard and succeed. I will stand on the same stage with you." 'I will make you regret your decision today.'

Sierra didn't say the last sentence, but Brian had seen a little hatred in her eyes.

But Brian didn't care about that. There were so many people who hated him in the world, and he never cared about them. At that time, Brian thought with a smile.

Maybe he didn't expect that a little girl could make so many troubles. If he had known it at that time, he would have strangled her in the balcony.

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