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   Chapter 52 Nice To Meet You

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Rachel pointed at the piece of paper in Brian's hand and said, "In order to live more harmoniously and play more smoothly with a big star and a little assistant in the future, you must abide by these rules."

Brian smiled and read the contract wrote by Rachel.

First, no physical contact.

Second, unless it was Cherry's own will, Brian couldn't kick her out of the house for any reason.

Third, Brian could bring any other women to live in his house, but he had to inform Cherry in advance.

Fourth, couldn't pry into each other's privacy unless the other party wanted to tell.

Fifth, couldn't tell anyone about the cohabitation.

Sixth, Cherry didn't know how to cook. Brian needed to take care of himself when he needed food. If he needed to buy food, he needed to tell her in advance.

Seventh. Cherry was responsible for the cleaning of the room, except for Brian's bedroom.

The two of them were stars and assistants at work, and they lived together in private. But their relationship was... pure.

Holding the paper in his hand, Brian couldn't stop laughing. Rachel couldn't stand it anymore. She took a bottle of water from the fridge and threw it to Brian. "Please breathe a sigh of relief. I'm afraid you'll laugh to death."

Brian took a sip of water as he calmed himself down.

Rachel really felt that Brian was still a child who hadn't grown up. His usual arrogance and indifference was completely showing his superb acting skills. Seeing that Brian was smiling so happily now, Rachel suddenly felt that the charm of this young man was here.

"Brian." Rachel was dazzled by his smile. Suddenly, an idea came to her mind.

Brian smiled as he swallowed the water. His eyes were as crescent as the moon. He looked at Rachel and asked, "What?"

"Hello, Mr. Brian. My name is Rachel Qin. Nice to meet you," Rachel said to Brian with a smile.

Brian was stunned by her words. He swallowed the water in his mouth and almost choked to death.

"What... What did you say?" He had never expected that Rachel would say something like that.

"Haven't you always wanted to know something about me? Congratulations! You are the first one to know my real name all these years. You are right. If we live together, at least we have to be honest about something. I know you're Asa, and you're also Brian. So you should know my name is Rachel," said Rachel after thinking for a while.

Brian admitted that now Rachel was really charming. Her

lenish some food. Since Rachel lived at home, Brian felt that she should have a lot of things to buy.

Rachel had always been a night owl. She said during the day on purpose that she was tired and wanted to leave work. If he really let her sleep, she would definitely suffer from insomnia. So now it was a good chance for her to go to the supermarket to buy something.

Therefore, when Brian and Rachel appeared in the supermarket with shopping bags, the scene was really warm.

The superstar and the steal assistant were really a different match.

"Brian, don't you think it's stupid to go out with a pair of black sunglasses at night?" Rachel was always straightforward. She would never praise Brian against her conscience just because she was taken in. Now Brian looked really stupid, so Rachel couldn't help but want to find a pair of sunglasses to cover her face.

"I'm doing this for your good. Be careful that the front page tomorrow will be full of Asa and a mysterious woman shopping in the supermarket late at night, and their behavior seems to be living together intimately," said Brian in a low voice, handing the shopping cart to Rachel.

"You are right. We are living together now." Rachel didn't care at all. She kept dissing Brian.

The two of them always bought something worth thousands of dollars. When they were about to pay the bill, Brian threw his card to Rachel and told her that it was too late to pay the bill. He was afraid of being recognized and waited for her outside.

When Rachel came out of the supermarket with seven or eight bags in her hands, she deeply doubted whether Brian did it on purpose.

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