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   Chapter 50 The Starlight In Her Eyes

Queen Of Thieves: You've Stolen My Heart By Bu Chuang Characters: 8004

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In the car, Rachel was bored. Suddenly, she remembered the shooting scene of the drink advertisement in the daytime. So she asked Brian, "By the way, what's the story about the advertisement you shot today?"

In her mind, the image of Brian standing in front of a towering tree kept flashing. His slender and delicate fingerprints touched the rough bark of the tree, making different touch and friction. Rachel had to admit that in fact, she was absorbed in watching. Brian was really talented in acting. He could always show every role properly, not exaggerated or pretentious.

Brian said that it was a boring story. The hero and the heroine grew up together. The boy was very naughty, but the girl's grades were very good. When they grew up, the girl would study abroad according to the arrangement of her family. The boy was reluctant, but he had no choice. The girl still went abroad. But she came back every Valentine's day. She stood under a tree quietly for a while and left in the evening. Even if she came back, she would not contact the hero on her own initiative. She felt that it was a shackle, because after meeting him, she would still go abroad to study, but it would only make them sad.

In fact, every time that boy saw that girl standing under a big tree, but he would quietly stay nearby and not disturb her. Until one Valentine's day, the girl did not come. The boy had been waiting under a big tree. He touched the bark of the tree and recalled little by little. He thought that the girl had found another boy she liked abroad.

When that boy was most disappointed, the girl appeared. She came back with her suitcase. Seeing the boy who was about to leave, she held his hand and said, "Sorry, the plane is delayed. I've finished the procedures of graduation. We won't be separated again."

And then the two hugged each other under a big tree, just like when they were children.

"That is so conventional." This was the comment given by Rachel after she heard it.

"Do you have a childhood sweetheart?" asked Brian suddenly.

How could Rachel have a childhood playmate? Since she lost her parents in an accident, she had been adopted by her master in the orphanage. Since then, she had been living with her master. All her skills, including her homework and stealing, were handed over to her by her master.

In the beginning, Noah had planned to send Rachel to s


"I can help you, but at least you have to show your sincerity. If you don't tell me your story, I can do nothing to help you," said Brian. He could guess that Rachel had a long and complicated story.

"It's too complicated. I can't explain it clearly in a short time." Rachel felt that she was unable to repeat all this in person. Because it was too painful.

"Then I'll wait until you want to say it."

When Brian saw Rachel again three years later, he found that she had changed. Three years ago, Rachel was always smart and inexperienced. She went out of line and never considered the consequences. So her careless behavior aroused the interest of Brian.

In the box of the birthday party, in fact, no one knew that Brian couldn't help kissing Rachel. In the dim room, her watery eyes seemed to glow, instantly bewitching Brian. When Brian saw Rachel, he could even feel his heart beating.

He never lacked women, but there were too few women who could make him feel uneasy. At least not before.

Not only that kiss, but also that night. Brian felt that Rachel could always easily change his principles, including his thought, behavior, and heart.

When they met again three years later, Brian felt that there was no stars in Rachel's eyes. In front of Michael, Rachel was like a dedicated and charming flower snake. It turned out that she had good acting skills. Brian was shocked by Rachel's sudden appearance. He also found that she was not the little girl three years ago, but he was eager to know what had happened. That was why Brian wanted Rachel to stay with him.

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