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   Chapter 35 The Necklace

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After coming out of the cafe, Brian drove back to his apartment. He suddenly found that after becoming a star, although he had been very tired and had no spare time, he was really given a few days off. He could only stay at home with nothing to do. If it was in the past, how could he sit still? He played with Layton day and night.

When Brian arrived at his apartment, he told his agent and was about to take a shower. But when he took off his clothes, he found that the white gold necklace that he had been hanging on his neck was missing. He was stunned in front of the mirror.

He thought that the necklace couldn't be lost.

Brian only wore underwear. He looked around the bathroom. His clothes and trousers were rolled up and down by him several times. After confirming that there was no necklace here, he walked out of the bathroom.

and his assistants, you can only go to the funeral home to do makeup for the dead..."

Hearing this, the stylist shook the coffee in his hand and spilled it on his arm. Then he disappeared from this circle. It was said that he had a good time in Milan fashion circle.

Brian heard about it from his agent. Of course, he should thank Layton. According to Theodore's request, Layton didn't reveal the secret. He just said that it was a small matter and asked Brian not to worry about it.

Later, Asa became more and more popular. Fans began to notice the seemingly ordinary necklace that had been hanging around their idol's neck.

Fans were very curious about the necklace. In a public interview, Brian revealed that it was left by his deceased mother and would not be taken off. The fans were moved and exclaimed that Asa was filial.

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