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   Chapter 17 Surprise

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Following Brian, Rachel walked towards the presidential bag in the KTV. The next door was another one Rachel had booked for the kids. What a coincidence.

As soon as Rachel entered the room, she was splashed with colorful spray by the crazy friends of Brian. They shouted in unison, "Surprise!"

With a darkened face, Brian folded his arms across his chest and looked at four or five bad friends who were laughing at him.

"We must take a photo of what our big star is like now." Then the man grabbed the single lens reflex camera from Layton's hand and snapped several photos.

Layton's radar automatically found Rachel Qin, who was also suffering behind Brian. "Hey, cherry, you're here too! Come on in! "

Then Rachel was dragged into the box. It was supposed to be the birthday party of Brian, but somehow she became the focus. As soon as Rachel sat down on the sofa, the only word in her mind were regret.

There were seven marble tables in front of the sofa, each of which at least a box of juice wine and five or six bottles of wine and wine. The whole room was estimated to be drunk to death.

Rachel swallowed hard. Layton put one of his hands on the shoulder of Brian and said, "Brother, you are really considerate for me. How did you bring her here? You are so kind to me."

Layton really didn't expect that Brian would suddenly bring Rachel here. Today was his birthday, and Brian never invited strangers to his birthday. When Brian needed a woman for a party, Layton would also find some relatively familiar rich ladies to have fun.

Brian had already shaken off the colorful ribbons all over his body. He took off his coat and put it on his hand.

The others were also surprised to see such a woman who they had only met for a few times com

e to the party. They were also confused when they saw the people brought by Brian and Layton being so active. It seemed that Rachel was not from this circle.

"Nonsense!" Brian shook off his hand on his shoulder, walked over and sat next to Rachel. Brian took off his sunglass, threw it on the marble table, picked up a glass of wine and poured it into a glass.

Only when the smell of alcohol seeped into his throat did Brian feel relieved from a long suppressed irritable feeling.

Rachel consciously moved to the other side to keep a safe distance.

Layton whispered something in the ears of his brothers, and the playboys nodded their heads.

Sitting next to Rachel, she was in a dilemma. Brian was on the left, and Layton was on the right. Rachel felt like being sandwiched. The other men and women in the room looked at her up and down as if they were looking at a trapped beast.

Layton raised his head and said, "First of all, Congratulations! Our childe, Brian, has finally run to 20! Happy twenty years old! Then don't forget that we're buddies. Remember to introduce any young model in this circle to us. "

'What the hell was going on? Young models? Was he going to be a star?

Are you kidding me? Brian are a rich man!' Rachel turned her head to look at Brian. The man was leaning against the sofa, holding a glass of wine in a hurry. After taking off his sunglasses, his face revealed his dashing eyebrows, his slender and sharp black eyes, his thin and slightly pursed lips, and his entire outline was clear.

Rachel took a sip of the wine in the cup, dumbfounded. That guy really had a face that would be a pity if Brian didn't become a star. His tall and slender figure was like an eagle in the dark night, cold, lonely and aggressive.

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