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   Chapter 14 Encounter

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Most of the people who came to celebrate the birthday for Brian were Brian's old friends. They were all the children of rich businessmen and entrepreneurs, not others. They were used to having fun. Once the door was closed, they could play anything. In the bar, in the KTV, it was not bad at all.

The car stopped at the gate of the royal court KTV. As expected, the Mercedes Benz which was not low-key at all stopped aside. Without waiting for the test drive, Brian entered the KTV. Today, the three biggest president's bags of the imperial court were all booked out. What a coincidence! The owners of the three room were all closely related.

While running, Rachel turned her head to look at Noah, who was still chasing after her. "You're finding death, little girl." 'She just stole several million from him. It didn't matter!' Rachel thought. 'Why did he do this in public?'

Rachel ran away quickly and bumped into a human-wall in front of the spinning door of the KTV.

Rachel rubbed her forehead quickly and said, "Ouch! Who is it?" Scolded Rachel, completely ignoring that she didn't look at the road.

It was indeed Layton who had sharp eyes. He saw at a glance that Rachel was still so pure and upright in a white dress and a coat. "Hey, Cherry, why are you here?"

No one knew who said last time that he would let Rachel died when he saw the girl who almost killed him. 'What was wrong with Layton's anxious expression now?'

Taking a look at the man standing beside the "human-wall", Rachel thought about it for a long time and remembered that she met the gay in G bar a few months ago, and the man she knocked down was...

Rachel raised her head and looked at the man in front of her, who didn't move at all. He was wearing a large purplish red sunglasses, with bangs on his forehead and other features exposed. Rachel recognized him at a glance. Sure enough, it was him, the second child of the Bian clan.

The things were really chasing her all the time.

"Hey, can you stop

being so close?" Brian glared at Rachel in disgust.

"Why are you two gay friends again?" Rachel glanced at the two men with disdain, crossed her arms over her chest and looked at them up and down, completely forgetting that there was still one people chasing her. 'How could his chest be so hard?'

Layton hurriedly explained, "Cherry, don't get me wrong. I'm absolutely normal."

'Who cares if you are normal or not?' Every time Rachel saw these two people, she would think of the diamond necklace a few months ago, which was changed into dollars and used by her to donate the treasure of the orphanage. This was a good deed for this baby childe.

"Where are you going?" The scream from behind awakened Rachel.

"Well, what's your name? Didn't you want to know me last time? Can you do me a favor? This old man is going to rape me and dump him for me! Please! " Taking a look at her master who just got out of the elevator, Rachel made up an excuse for Layton without hesitation.

"Really?" Layton immediately looked over and saw a middle-aged man in casual clothes coming over, cursing. But he didn't look like a pervert at all!

Looking at the nervous girl in front of him, Brian was surprised. 'How could he have such a deep impression on this brainless fan?' For the first time, she carried a suitcase at the door of the coffee shop and asked for Johnny's signature. The second time was at the door of G bar. This time, she ran into his hug.

After looking at the woman up and down, Brian suddenly saw something and shouted, "Layton, go to hell! Why didn't you say Theodore was here? " Said Brian, who suddenly hid behind Layton.

"What? Who is lustful old man? "

After a closer look, they found that there was a misunderstanding. The two men walked towards the three of them. In front of them was the old lecher that Rachel said, and behind the old man was the father of Brian, Theodore, who was talking with the female secretary.

"I... I don't know." Layton said innocently.

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