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   Chapter 11 It's Too Wasteful Not To Be A Star

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Brian had been working as a trainee in the company for three months. After coming out of home, he was no longer the boss's kid. Like other trainees, Brian bowed to the elders who were older than him and greeted them when he saw them. This made Brian very uncomfortable at first.

Of course, he was not used to it. All the time, only others nodded and bowed to him. What he needed to do was to give them a look and a chin.

It was much harder than Brian had expected. The company had appointed Brian as the main actor and vice-singer. They planned to make him debut in half a year, playing some supporting roles in some idol plays, and then releasing a mini album. Of course, the company thought that the supporting roles of Brian would probably make him famous.

It was just a temporary arrangement of the company. There were many people who came to the company to make money on behalf of Johnny first like Brian. There were at least three or four people a year, some of whom were good-looking, some were talented in singing and dancing. However, in the end, there were few people who could hold on. Even if they had made a debut, their reputation was not as high as expected. Even their declines less than present Johnny Mu.

In the training room, Brian was reading affectionate lines in front of the mirror like a fool. Layton called Brian. "Superstar! Today is your birthday party! When will I pick you up? "

"Today?" Brian took a look at his phone and thought. 'It is really.' March 11th.

Every time on his birthday, there would be a party. Brian said it was boring and few people thought it was funny. Because no one would celebrate their birthday like them. When several rich children gathered together, they would do whatever they wanted. There was no bound or restriction.

Brian really had to thank Layton these days. After leaving home, all his economic support was cut off, his car was confiscated, and his credit card was frozen.

In the past few days, when Brian was on the verge of death, he really ate the food he had never eaten in the company canteen and slept in the double bed training dormitory for four people.

Brian Bian didn't want to think about those messy things. He just focused on practicing and wanted to prove his strength as soon as possible. When it was time for dinner, Brian randomly went to the company's restaurant to have some tasteless food. At night, he fell asleep in the snore of a strange roommate.

Layton Li, his little lover, cursed Brian after he knew that. Layton turned a blind eye to Brian's choice of being a star. Then Layton gave Brian two hundred thousand dollars and arranged an apartment near the company.

Two hundred thousand dollars was the net profit from a case Layton had done by hims

elf. The villa was left behind by Layton's friend who had gone to Europe. These family members didn't know about it, so Theodore was naturally can't control it.

Layton, Brian's good lover, pinched the sunken face of Brian and said, "Why are you so thin? Ouch! Is your company always mistreating you?"

Looking at the mother face, Brian could only smile. "Yes, the food in the company is so disgusting. I have never eaten such food. I had a stomach flu several days ago, and now I'm not feeling well."

"I feel so sorry for you. I'll bring you a lunch box every day. " Of course, Layton was also very busy. Layton was busy with his work during the day and at night.

Although Brian's life was not as good as before, with the help of Layton Li, Brian's three month internship was very different from others. Brian lived in the luxury apartment and ate high-level foods. Unlike other trainees, Brian was not as humble and easy-going as others, which naturally caused many people's dissatisfaction.

Everyone had a different aura. Some people had a gentle face and a smile on it, making people want to get close to them. For example, Johnny Mu, some people were like the tip of an iceberg, with a face full of strangers, such as Brian Bian.

With an enviable face like a comic book, the new trainees that the company's senior executives paid most attention to, a mysterious family background, and concealed their true names before they started their career. Just these few points had already made other trainees unhappy.

"Humph, don't be so cocky. Do you really think you can be more popular than Johnny?" "He is over-confident!"

"He was just that he had a background. What kind of strength could he have?"

"He is just good-looking." "He had the same face as Johnny. Who knew whether it was plastic surgery or not."

These were the most common words that Brian heard. He didn't get angry every time he heard them. He was probably immune to them. If it were three months ago, he would have punched each of them.

There was another reason for his silence. Brian had already praised in front of his father. Brian didn't want to miss his opportunity to make a scene. Then he would stay in this shabby company in the name of Asa.

For a trainee who had been told that he would make a debut in half a year, it was normal for Brian to be jealous by someone who had been practicing for 3、4、5 or 6 years but hadn't made a debut. Some of them had practiced dancing since childhood, and even had a good voice. As for Brian, except for playing fist, dice and sister hunting skills, he was really not very good.

But for example, the company, the agent, and Brian himself said. "It's enough for him to have a face that's too wasteful not to be a star."

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