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   Chapter 10 The CEO Is Not A Player

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"Crack!" A crisp slap fell on the face of Brian.

Then he heard Theodore's curse, "Dare you say it again?"

Brian covered his mouth with his tongue. His father hit him so hard that his face was burning. Seeing Theodore's disappointed face, Brian, who had been laughing and joking all the time, suddenly became angry. "Tell me, it's useless for you to hide my passport. I'm going to drop out of school."

"What did I do wrong to you? You unfilial son, why are you so angry with me?" His face was flushed all the way to the back of his ears, and his nose was wide open because of excitement. A deep wrinkle stretched out from his tightly biting lips to his aggressive chin.

When Brian was about to leave again with his suitcase, Theodore grabbed his shoulder and said, "Bastard, are you really going to leave? Okay! From now on, you can't take any money from me. Aren't you very good? "

Theodore angrily took out the passport of Brian from the drawer and threw it on his face. Veins stood out on his temples. Theodore cursed, "Here's your passport. I'll do whatever you want to do no matter you go to California or Africa. If you want to quit school or emigrate, you can do whatever you want. I'll see how you can do without money."

"Okay, you said it. Don't regret it." Brian picked up his passport from the ground and was about to leave with his suitcase.

Theodore gritted his teeth and cursed, "Don't think that I don't know what you are thinking. Don't even think about borrowing money from your friends! If you dare to ask them for money, I will kill them! "

The blood all over his body seemed to freeze, and his heart seemed to be clamped on the mark by a tiger pincer. "How could it be, Mr. Theodore? You look down upon me too much." Brian stopped his suitcase, let go of it and turned around slowly.

"Although you haven't taught me well, you at least gave me a good face. I can still live a simple life." The evil smile at the corners of his mouth had never stopped. Even in such a situation, Brian was still so confident.

"You... Are you... " Theodore was taken aback by his words.

"You are too imaginative. I won't sell it. But it's almost done. I'm going to be a star. If your company needs to endorse any product in the future, remember to call me. I can charge less for the endorsement. "

"Brian Bian! Are you crazy? " Theodore was exasperated. His face turned pale and red, and he spoke in a low voice.

"How could it be, Mr. Theodore? By the way, I've even thought of the name. How about Asa? If I become famous and someone finds your place, will you admit that you are my father? No matter you admit it or not, don't tell anyone about my background. It's not easy for everyone to live a simple life. " Brian teased his father casually.

Brian didn't know why he remembered to be a star. He was so drunk in the bar last night and when he came back this morning, his phone had run out of power.

He planned to take his passport and randomly p

ack his luggage before leaving. After tidying up everything, he found that the passport and the passport clip in the bedside table were missing. Needless to think, he knew that his father had hidden them secretly.

When he was upset, he saw the business card thrown into the trash can when he was sorting out his clothes.

Lawrence, the agent of Light Future Entertainment Company.

The business card was taken out from the pocket of Layton's suit. Yesterday, his suit was wet by a cup of Ramos. Seeing that Layton was drunk and lying there, unwilling to leave, he peeled off his suit and put it on himself.

Then the business card dropped out.

At that time, he had thought about it in his mind. Later when he had a quarrel with Theodore, he had pushed the boat with the current and said that. He had planned to choke on it, but now he could think of a way out.

Brian was still a student. If his father put pressure on those companies, no company would want him. Besides, he was used to playing with them, so it was impossible for him to go to work in formal clothes.

He knew one thing very well. The friends he played with were all rich people. As long as he asked, they could give him cash and cards, but they would definitely be warned by his father.

The only person who was not afraid was Layton's family. Since the two families had been repaired, the Li family couldn't damage the relationship between the two families for the sake of their daily friendship.

Anyway, it was a dead end to rely on friends.

He couldn't live with his hands. He couldn't rely on his parents at home. He couldn't rely on his brothers when he went out. On the other side, Brian had no choice but to show his face.

Seeing that his son didn't turn around at all and Theodore wanted to beat him again, Brian dodged at once. "I've said that I have to rely on my face to live in the future. If you break it, you won't support me." 'That's enough. This old man is addicted to beating me. '.

"You brat, why did you choose to be a player instead of a CEO? You've been in the bar all day long. It's still a question whether you can be or not. Who will like you?"

"You'll know soon whether I'm charming or not. What's more, Mr. Theodore, don't call player in the future. It's so unpleasant to hear. Isn't your mistress also a player? You has spent a lot of money to buy a diamond necklace. It's not good to let people hear you call her like that. " Looking at the angry look on his face, Brian preferred to fight back calmly.

Theodore was too angry to speak for a long time. "…… You... You bastard! Are you going to rebel? "

"I'm just telling the truth. I'm going to work. See you later."

Twenty years old was a rebellious period. Brian didn't know whether his decision was right or not, but it didn't matter. He didn't care whether he could be famous or not. For him, it was just a game, a game of revenge.

'Of course I will be famous.'

Brian was still so confident.

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