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   Chapter 9 Please Call Me Hero

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"I have something else to do, so I have to go now." Rachel picked up her bag and was about to run away when a hand stopped her.

Layton narrowed his eyes and forced a smile, "Little beauty, oh' sorry. Is Cherry leaving so soon? I can drive you home. "

Was he drunk or had a fever?

"No need." After saying that, Rachel tried to get rid of his hand, but Layton was simply pestering her endlessly.

It was not Layton Li's fault. He had been in a night club since he was fifteen years old. With his handsome appearance and superior family background, every time it was girls who took the initiative to come to him and clung to him. It was not the first time that he had met someone as difficult as Rachel, and he had conquered her easily in the end. Therefore, the colder the opponent was, the more challenging Layton was.

After saying that, Layton tried to get close to her again. Who was Rachel? Would she still be nice to you if she was impatient? She knelt down in front of Layton.

"Ouch! I'm dying! " Layton didn't expect that little pepper could be so choked. He covered his crotch and bent down to howl in pain.

'You deserves it.' Rachel cursed him and then left bar.

That was why she often practiced with these young men. The men and ladies who only knew how to squander their money all day long didn't know how many people still couldn't have dinner, and how many people gave up their dreams because of the reality.

In Rachel's view, stealing the wallet of those people to help those in need was to rob the rich and help the poor.

When there was no big order to be made, looking for "fat" in the bar or crowded places was her "basic required practice" every day. She could not only practice, but also rob money to help the poor. The more difficult it was, the excited she was.

Layton was so painful that he shouted at Brian, "Hey, dead man, come here and send me to the hospital. I'm going to have no offspring because of that girl."

The noise of the DJ resounded through the whole bar, and no one heard the voice of Layton at all.

The man next to Brian noticed Layton. He patted him on the shoulder and said, "Mr. Bian, it seems that Mr. Layton is calling you."

"Oh, just ignore him." Since Brian had drunk too much, he had no mood to talk to Layton.

Although the 'egg' was painful, it was not to the point of losing a child or going to the hospital. Layton was a little exaggerated. He had planned to gain sympathy from his colleagues, but he did not expect that no one would care about him at all.

With a sad face, he walked to Brian and said, "Damn it! Don't let me meet that girl again. She almost kicked me to death." Then he grabbed the Blue Eye Drink from Brian and drank it by himself.

"Didn't you get that brainless fan? You've lost your ability. That woman must have big breasts and no brain. " As Brian spoke, he turned his head and pinched the thin waist of the woman beside him. The w

oman leaned into his arms and handed him a cup of Ramos.

The woman smiled brightly with a red face. Seeing that Brian drank up the blue liquid in the glass in one gulp, Brian pinched her chin and kissed her gently on the face with a smile.

Looking at the charming scenery beside him, Layton drank a bottle of wine and scolded, "You bastard, that's enough. Why did you irritate a person who is suffering from 'egg pain'? Go to California tomorrow morning, you heartbreaker! "

In the past two years, the Mars Orphanage had received almost ten anonymous donations, the total amount of which was more than five hundred thousand dollars. Every time someone secretly stuffed the money into the crack of the door of the old president's room, with only two words "The Donation" written on it.

Rachel climbed over the wall and went into the orphanage. She took out a thick stack of money wrapped in a paper bag from her bag, took out a flicking pen, and wrote the word "The Donation" as usual. Then she flicked his finger and stuffed it into the crack of the door of the dean's room.

It was a little early today. The director of the hospital seemed to have just fallen asleep. As soon as Rachel put the money in, the sound of footsteps came through the door. Then the director of the hospital shouted inside, "Can you leave a name for a kind-hearted person? It's really anonymous every time..."

Before the old director could finish his words, Rachel had already climbed over the wall and left.

The old director opened the door and saw the black figure climb over the wall. He turned on the light and saw a bag of money, a paper bag and the same handwriting on the ground. He took the money and sighed, "I haven't told the donator that the orphanage is about to be destroyed."

After landing her feet on the ground, Rachel muttered, "It's so dangerous. I was almost found." She patted the remaining one hundred dollars in her bag and was about to buy some night snack for Noah Qin.

Rachel was an orphan. When she was eleven years old, her parents died in a car accident. She was taken to this orphanage and lived for half a year. Not long after, she was adopted by her current master. After changing her name, she learned theft from his master.

At first, she worked very hard. Her teacher was very strict. After primary school, she also knew that it was not good to steal. She was also very resistant and did not study hard at all.

Later, the master took her to watch a lot of movies, which were basically the kind of swordsmen, divine thieves, strange men and plum blossoms. He also told her that if she learned to steal, she would be able to help many people.

Later, Rachel didn't reject it. Could it be said that she was very talented? She learned so fast that even Noah was surprised. It was this morning that the first official task in her life was completed smoothly. It was the jewelry theft case of the Bian group.

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