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   Chapter 8 It's Poisonous To Meet Two Times A Day

Queen Of Thieves: You've Stolen My Heart By Bu Chuang Characters: 5033

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"Did you find this brainless fan?" Seeing that Layton cared about her very much during the day, Brian didn't expect that he would bring her here so soon.

"Hey, what's wrong with you?" It was the second time that Rachel had been called brainless by this ignorant guy.

Layton looked up and down at Rachel Qin and concluded in two words: So hot!

"Well, just ignore him. He is just like this. Aren't you here for fun? I'll take you to the bar. " Layton looked like a wolf looking at a rabbit, wishing to drag her onto the ship.

The girl rolled her eyes and said, "Why do I need you to take me there? I can go in myself." The Bar? She came here often. She could even find the bathroom with her eyes covered.

"Because I booked the whole bar today. If you want to go in, you have to need me, or the people at the door will stop you." Layton had a rich face.

"I booked the whole bar in fact" Said Brian scornfully. As a result, he was here to do him a favor.

"Go away, poor man. You can't even afford the fare." No one could stop Layton from finding a girlfriend, let alone a good friend.

Brian didn't want to be his accomplice. He had no interest in this kind of immature brainless fan. Glancing at the two people, Brian said, "You can walk slowly. I'll go in first."

Damn it!

Rachel rolled her eyes and thought, 'Book the whole bar? It should be fun.

"Okay, let's go inside." Then she followed her long legs towards g bar not far away. The bar was always a good place for practicing.

Layton was still chasing after her, "Hey, little beauty, wait for me. You haven't told me your name yet. "

As soon as they entered the Bar G, Layton was surrounded by the beautiful women who pounced on him. He had no time to chase after Rachel. He just watched her disappear from his sight, and then was submerged by the women in front of him.

On the other hand, Rachel Qin was also busy. What kind of people were Layton and the friends of Brian? They were all rich and powerful. After a while, her bag was almost unable to hold the wallet of those people.

She sneaked into the bathroom and took out all the cash from more than ten wallets. The rest of the credit cards, gold cards, black cards, limited cards, as well as the LV, CHANEL and GUCCI wallets were thrown into the trash can of the bathroom.

She thought about the stack of money. At least it was ten thousand or seven thousand or eight thousand dollars. Rachel took out a Kraft paper bag from her bag and put it back into her bag

. This was also her habit. Every time she took on a task, she would secretly give full of the money she stole to the orphanage or other people in need of help.

No matter others would think Cherry Queen is kind-hearted. It's okay for her to rob the rich and help the poor, but if you think she can watch too many martial arts dramas at home when she is free.

As soon as she came out of the bathroom, the host on the DJ stage was shouting over the microphone, "The people who came here tonight are all good friends of our master, Mr. Brian Bian. Mr. Brian is going to leave us and go to California for fun. Tonight we'll have to make him unable to get up. " Several pillars of light were looking for the focus in the crowd tonight.

Name Bian? Which Bian? Rachel looked at the place where the light was focused. It couldn't be such a coincidence. She even stole a surname in the morning. Isn't the surname very rare?

When everyone else went to attack Brian with a bottle of wine, Layton was able to escape. Seeing Rachel standing aside, he immediately went to accost her with a glass of wine in his hand. "Hey, beauty, why are you here alone?"

"Oh, because you seem to know each other. I'm not familiar with you either." After thinking for a while, Rachel asked, "By the way, is this party for that person? Who is he? "

"Oh, he is the second child of the Bian group." Layton looked at her in disbelief, "Are... Are you interested in him?" And the expression on his hand was lifelike, as if it was true.

"Of course not. I just asked casually. I don't know who the host of the party is." In his mind, Rachel wondered, 'How could really be so coincident? He is the kid of the Bian group. I stole the jewelry of his family in the daytime and came to his son's party in the evening.' She met him when she met him in the cafe. She met him two times a day. How poisonous he was! It was better to leave as soon as possible. Who knew what "coincidence" would happen.

The man next to her didn't want to let her go at all. "My name is Layton Li. What about you, beauty?" Seeing the little beauty in a daze with her eyes wide open, Layton almost turned into a wolf on the spot.

Looking around, Rachel saw Brian, who was surrounded by a sea of people and wine bottles, and answered casually, "Cherry."

"Cherry, Cherry…… You are as cute as a person. Are you 20 years old now? " Layton wanted to put his hand on her waist.

She knocked off the hand wanted to touch her and answered coldly, "I'm 18."

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