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   Chapter 7 Brainless Fan

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After dinner, in the big living room of the villa, there was a burst of k-pop dancing music. Sitting on the black leather sofa, Brian was eating an apple after dinner.

After dinner, the Theodore in the study was really noisy. He went downstairs and angrily turned off the sound switch. "I just said a few words to you in the daytime. Are you going to overturn the whole house now? Can you hear me Mr. Brian? "

Since Theodore had said that no one was allowed to disturb him when he was in the study, Brian could only call him down in this way. "I have something to tell you."

"If you want to say it, just say it. What does it look like?" Gritting his teeth, Theodore stared at the rebellious teenager on the sofa.

Brian threw the remaining half of the apple into the trash can and said in a relaxed tone, "I'm going to California for a period of time. Don't come to me. I..." He didn't know when he would come back.

"No." Before Brian could finish his words, Theodore rejected it at once. Then he roared angrily, "Can you save me some trouble? None of you can help me with the company's affairs..."

"My brother can help you." This was the real intention of Brian. If he left, Theodore would start to pay attention to his brother again.


"Well, I'm going out. I have an appointment with my friend to see me off in the evening." Holding his coat, Brian went out without looking back.

Theodore in the living room shouted at the Butler, "Hart! Hart! ! Go and find his passport in his room now! In a minute! "

When Hart Wang heard the order, he went up to the room of Brian and happened to meet Myron Bian who was walking downstairs. "Mr. Myron."

Just now, he heard that his brother's passport was going to be confiscated, so Myron asked, "Dad, what are you doing?"

Theodore said with angry, "Do you really want him to drop his study and go to California to fool around? Don't forget what you promised me this morning. "

"Okay, Dad." The light in Myron's eyes dimmed and he immediately returned to normal. "I have something to do. I'm going out."

Theodore ignored him and went upstairs directly.

Cherry had already thrown the money to Noah. The box with her idol's name on it was hung on the wall as a decoration.

"To. Cherry" Johnny also brought one symbol on it. A smiling face symbol.

Noah Qin stuffed a stack of dollars into the safe and turned to his disciple. "Now the police are looking for the thief in the jewelry theft case. Are you still going out?"

"So what? Master, do you think I look like a thief?" As she spoke, she raised her eyebrows. Our Cher

ry, Rachel, had already changed into a small water blue dress, fresh and elegant. Her black shawl hair and cute curly bangs couldn't connect her with the jewelry thief Cherry Queen at all.

"You bad girl." Noah Qin pursed his lips. He had never been able to control this disciple. She was only eighteen years old, and her first mission was so successful. The rumor had it that the old Noah's heir had already spread in the underworld the day she became famous. That was the so-called the students surpass the teacher. "Remember to bring me the Tasty Store's pig's trotters when you come back."

"I know. I'll steal more wallet tonight." Rachel, who had to steal something to practice her skills every day, carried the chain bag and went out happily.

The night life had just begun. In the street of bars, the Bar G was like a living signboard, attracting a variety of young people to play. Whether it was the young man who liked to go to bars to pursue excitement, or the golden collar men who hid in the office building in the daytime and became drunk at night, they would definitely find happiness in Bar G.

However, the bar was not open to the public today, and it had been booked, but the number of people did not decrease. There were many hot girls dancing on the dance floor, and the boys, who was sitting on the sofa, also hugged each other.

The protagonist of this party is our Brian. The news of the stolen jewelry case was on the headlines in the daytime, and Brian was celebrating it in the evening.

But the party had been high, and Brian hadn't shown up yet.

Layton covered his ears with one hand and shouted at the person on the phone, "Hey, what's wrong with you? Are you coming or not?"

"OK. I am at the door. Don't hurry." Sitting in the taxi, Brian looked for his wallet everywhere. A second ago, he was still full of confidence, but the next second, he had no choice but to compromise. "Damn it. I forgot to take my wallet. Come out and pay for me."

The driver was depressed. He turned around and stared at the young man who was well-dressed but couldn't afford any dollars. The driver was afraid that he would run away if he didn't pay attention to him.

"Go to hell!" Layton scolded on the phone and went out without hesitation.

Rachel, who had just jumped out of a taxi, saw the two men in the daytime again. The shorter man put his hand into the passenger seat and was paying, while the other man got out of the taxi with his long legs.

"What? Why are you here? " When Layton Li was about to go in, he found Rachel he met in the daytime. "What a coincidence!"

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