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   Chapter 6 Idol

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"Hey? Are you Johnny Mu? " Carrying a five million dollar suitcase, Rachel walked out of the coffee shop and happened to see Johnny who had disguised himself. The brim of his hat was very low, and half of his face was covered by the large sunglasses. Under his soft bangs, his curved eyebrows were partly hidden and partly visible.

Who said that thieves had no idol? When Rachel was very young, she had been holding a job and watching the movie of Johnny on TV. It was not because of how old he was. He had been a star for fourteen years, and now he was only twenty-two years old.

Before Brian and Layton left, the five of them stood at the door of the coffee shop. It looked a little crowded.

"Ah, it's me." As soon as Johnny saw that it was his fan, he immediately showed a warm smile that could melt the ice and snow. "You are so awesome. Can you recognize me even if I cover myself like this?"

"Of course, I'm a loyal fan." In order to be polite, Rachel Qin took off her sunglasses. When she looked at her idol, her big black eyes seemed to glow. "Can you sign for me?"

"Oh, okay. Where should I sign it?" Johnny Mu took the pen from his agent's suit bag. There was a pair of round eyes on his absolutely childish face, which was more indescribable than other boys.

"Well, I don't have any paper with me. How about signing here?" Rachel picked up the suitcase, which was worth five million dollars. The silver grey suitcase was just the right size.

Looking at the special girl, Johnny smiled and said, "Okay." He signed his name quickly and expertly. "What's your name?"

"Cherry." Rachel held the suitcase with both hands and tried to put it flat to reduce the difficulty of the idol's signature.

It was written by Johnny, "To Cherry."

Rachel, who was still immersed in the fans and idol world, didn't notice that a pair of eagle eyes was looking at her up and down erotically.

She had long black hair with a shawl. She was well-dressed and had a good figure. She had big eyes, a smiling face, a high nose and good facial features. Layton became interested in this "little fan" at once and wanted to pull her to bed at night.

"What are you looking at?" asked Layton. "Why are you still here?"

"This girl is my type!" Then Layton wanted to go upstairs and ask for the number.

With a helpless look at the lecher beside him, Brian grabbed his arm and said, "What's so good about brainless powder? Aren't we going to the bar to prepare it? Hurry up."

The two words "brainless powder" happened to reach Rachel's ears. She cursed at his receding figure, "You pervert!"

The signed box contained five million dollars in exchange for the stolen jewelry of Theodore last night.

What would Brian think if he knew it?

Looking at the signature o

n the suitcase, Rachel was about to go home and pour out five million dollars. Then she would hold the suitcase to sleep.

What would Johnny think if he knew?

He was Johnny, a child star. At the age of eight, he played the son of the movie star, Lucia, in the movie "The Dust". And he successfully acted the rebellious teenager in the play. With this film, he won the best new actress award. Johnny became more and more popular, and his image in public was positive. In the past fourteen years, he had been trying to change different styles of his works.

Johnny, who was supposed to be powerful, broke his accumulated positive image overnight because of the scandal half a month ago.

A media took a picture of him being with Lucia who played the role of his mother in the first movie "The Dust", which was acted when he was eight years old. In the photo, the two, Johnny and Lucia, were both drunk. Then they got on the car together and behaved intimately, as if they were in a passionate love.

And Lucia Wen was 11 years older than him, and she also played his mother on the screen, which was once unacceptable to the public. Later, it was revealed that the reason why Johnny had been doing well in his career was that someone had helped him. That person was Lucia Wen. The two of them had a close relationship. For a long time, Lucia even went to the hospital for Johnny.

But a week ago, a press conference was held, saying that it was because they were drunk at a dinner party. Other rumors about dating were all fake. After the cooperation of "The Dust", the two of them rarely met, and they didn't have a close relationship as it was said. The two of them were very happy to see each other at the party, and many of the friends present were a little drunk.

Although the explanation was reasonable and the PR was done well, Johnny's image in the public had declined greatly.

These gossips had no effect on Rachel at all. She had read "The Dust" at least twenty times. The impact of the evil theory of human nature and the kind theory of human nature was absolutely classic, both in the script and in the way of shooting.

Compared with girls' fans who worshiped him blindly, Rachel knew that as a public figure, the image in front of the screen was always a little "false". It was not bad, but everyone had shortcomings. As an idol of a star, he couldn't bring negative things onto the stage and let others follow his example. Therefore, only the closest people knew what kind of person they were in private.

When Rachel left with the suitcase, she secretly cheered for Johnny, "I don't believe in those rumors. Come on, you can shoot better works."

Johnny Mu was stunned for a while. He forced a smile and was pulled into the nanny van by his agent.

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