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   Chapter 67 Son-in-law Comes

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As soon as Adam and Bella arrived at the old house of Qin family, they saw Shayla's feet wrapped tightly. But obviously, they were not curious about it, and Ada soon explained it to them.

"Adamo, your sister fell down the stairs yesterday and sprained her ankle. Levy is worried about her, so he wants to visit her." Ada held Shayla in her arms, as if they two had a good relationship.

Seeing that Ada didn't even tell Adam, Shayla felt more warm. It seemed that Ada not only said it, but also really protected her as her own daughter.

Bella didn't have any doubts and didn't want to talk to them. Instead, Adam asked, "Mom, have you decided to marry Shayla to Levy?"

Ada understood what he meant. After being pointed out by Adam, she said directly, "It's too early to marry her to Levy. We still need to observe him. After all, although the Chu family is destroyed, my Qin family is still powerful. I have always treated Shayla as my daughter. The Li family is a little poor. I'm afraid that Shayla will suffer in the future is she is married to Levy."

After a pause, Ada continued, "But this girl has been treating Shayla the same these days. He doesn't know our real relationship with Shayla, so he should be sincere to her. Today I'll observe him again. I'll meet with Levy's parents some time. If they are all good, we can settle it down. At that time, you can help Levy's company. Shayla won't suffer so much in the future."

Obviously, Adam had already prepared for this. He just wanted to help Levy's company. It was not difficult to do this. However, he did not see Jackson in this kind of occasion. It was a little strange. "Uncle..."

Ada immediately interrupted him, "Don't worry about your uncle. There are too many things to deal with recently. He has moved to the company and doesn't have time to take care of Shayla . We can see Lecy and inform your uncle later."

There was no problem with this reason, but both of Bella and Adam knew the real relationship between Shayla and Jackson. Hearing Ada's attitude, Bella looked suspiciously at Shayla's feet wrapped in rice pudding a few more times and looked at Adam. The other party also had a look of understanding.

He suddenly realized that Ada might have seen through the affairs between Jackson and Shayla. But Shayla was really a capable woman. Ada even protected her like this when things went on like this. After all, Jackson was probably driven out by Ada. Otherwise, how could his mother allow her brother to sleep in the company just after he was released from prison?

Seeing that the two of them looked

working capital on the account was very little. A few days ago, Jackson asked him to give him almost all money in the name of test him. Although he did not blame him, he was powerless at the moment. "My company is lack of funds now. I'm afraid I will miss this good opportunity."

Adam frowned. Apparently, he also remembered that Jackson had demanded an exorbitant price to Levy according to the information he got, but he soon relaxed his brows and said, "It doesn't matter. The investment is indeed a matter of great profits, but what you get is only money. Why don't you follow me to carefully assess this project first? If you have the ability later, you can contract a piece. I think it is promising for your company to develop in this field in the future. "

Levy was overjoyed. He didn't expect that the Qin family would be willing to teach him personally. The Li family started from scratch, and they lacked a lot of experience. With the help of Adam, the Li family's business would definitely develop quickly in the future. For a moment, he felt that the Qin family was very friendly, much better than Jackson.

He had thought that he would be forced to give up a lot of profits today, but he didn't expect that Jackson was not here. And what Ada meant was to let him to be in charge of it and didn't have to care about Jackson.

They were all happy on the dinner. Seeing that the young man was a potential person, the last worry in Ada's heart disappeared. The rest was waiting for the parents of both sides to meet and set a good date.

Shayla was also overjoyed. She could see that the Qin family was trying to help Levy. Levy was not a fool. With the help of Adam, he would live a better life in the future.

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