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   Chapter 66 The Rebirth Of Shayla

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After hanging up the phone, Ada was worried about Shayla, so she knocked on the bathroom door. "Shayla, come out quickly. Don't catch a cold inside."

Hearing Ada's voice, Shayla didn't want to stay in the bathroom any longer. She was worried, but she had to put on the clothes prepared in the bathroom and go out.

Looking at her nervous face, Ada felt sorry for her. This little girl was afraid that she would drive her out like driving away Jackson.

She pulled her to sit down on the bed and said, "Shayla, it's not your fault. Your father is a really bastard. I have driven him out. Don't worry. No one will hurt you again."

Shayla had thought there would be a storm waiting for her, but she didn't expect that Ada would say something like that. During her childhood, no one cared about her at all in the orphanage. After she was adopted by Jackson, Jackson took advantage of her by his identity. As for Sheridan, he had never looked at her, no matter when she was a child or after she had been with Jackson.

But now, this aunt, who had no blood relationship with her, cared about her so much. For a moment, she sincerely revealed her feelings. Leaning against Ada, she began to cry.

With a pitiful look on her face, Ada patted Shayla and said, "Just cry. Don't be afraid. I am here. Just cry."

After Shayla cried enough, she began to rely on Ada more.

Ada comforted her, but at the same time, she was also worried. This matter had a great impact on her. If Shayla insisted on calling the police, then Jackson would really be over. Although Ada had just driven Jackson out in a short time, no matter how unreasonable he was, he was her biological brother. Not to mention that he had helped the Qin family when the Qin family was in danger. Even when she was a child, Jackson really loved her and protected her.

Seeing that Shayla had cried enough, she asked tentatively, "Shayla, are you going to call the police?"

Shayla didn't think about it at all. Although Jackson forced her this time, she didn't care about it more or less. Besides, she had been with Jackson for so many years, and there were not many people who knew the truth. If the police found out the truth, would Ada still protect her like this? !

What's more, she had to rely on Levy. The upper class circles were all connected. As soon as she called the police, almost everyone would know that she was raped by Jackson. She don't know whether Levy minded it or not, but Levy's parents would strongly object, not to mention the man... Huh!

With these thoughts in her mind, she put on an embarrassed look

had been treated as an enemy's daughter at the beginning. She had been disliked for so many years. Even if she finally found out that she was wrong, after a short period of guilt, she still didn't like her.

Although there were also reasons for Shayla and others to stir up trouble from time to time, Ada also liked to blame it on Bella. If Ada really didn't like Levy, Shayla wouldn't have changed her opinion of this person so much just by a few words.

He didn't know what had happened.

Ada had kept her promise to Shayla. She didn't even tell Adam about it, because if she told Adam, Bella would know it. She had always been worried about this woman, but she didn't expect that these two people had already known it, and knew more than she did.

Shayla didn't worry about it at all. After all, Adam and Bella wasn't fond of spreading others secrets. It could be seen from the fact that what happened between her and Jackson hadn't spread throughout the upper class for so many years. Even if Ada had really told Adam, Adam would never tell the truth to Ada considering her feelings. That was exactly what she wanted.

Shayla was leisurely pulling the gauze on her right foot and drinking the coffee made by Helena. Recently, she had a very comfortable life. Ada took care of her as her own daughter, and the servant also realized this and was respectful to her.

Unlike the time when Jackson was in the Chu family, the servants didn't pay any attention to her when Jackson left. They all knew her true relationship with Jackson and looked down upon her from the bottom of their hearts.

Shayla shook her head and put aside the past. It seemed that she was finally reborn. Maybe she should thank Jackson this time.

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