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   Chapter 65 Ada Got Angry

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Hearing Jackson's words, Shayla kept sneering at him in her heart. It was his luck that Luna could get pregnant with his baby, but it was impossible for him to have another baby. For so many years, she had never get pregnant since she had sex with him when she was eighteen.

She thought for a while and agreed reluctantly. At the worst, if she got pregnant, she would be suspended from school and go abroad to have a baby. At that time, she would take good care of herself. No one knew it. Jackson could adopt it as he did before.

However, later she gradually realized that this old man was born to be infertile. Even Sheridan's mother had succeeded in having a test tube baby for several times.

Shayla had thought about it before. But the old man's sperm was better when he was young. Now his sperm quality was too low, and he couldn't even do a test tube. Even if he forced her to do the test tube, it might not guarantee the baby's health. If the baby was sick, Jackson would give up the baby. At that time, she would suffer a lot.

Considering that Jackson and Shayla didn't have much lunch at noon, Ada specially asked Helena to make afternoon tea for them, intending to ask two people to come downstairs to have some. She wanted to ask another nanny to go, but her grandson was sick today, so she asked for a day's leave. There was only one servant at home, Helena.

Ada thought for a while. The two might not come downstairs to eat if the servant called them. They were in a bad mood, but they could not starve themselves.

So she went to the third floor by herself. Ada lived on the second floor. She was old and didn't want to go upstairs. There were guest rooms on the third floor, so she didn't often go upstairs.

She went to Jackson's room and knocked on the door, but there was no response. She opened the door, but found that no one was there.

Did he go out? But she had been sitting downstairs and didn't see anyone coming down. Maybe he was in the bathroom. So she turned around and went to Shayla's room.

Perhaps it was because Ada had never been to the third floor, or perhaps it was because the father and daughter of the Chu family were too confident that the door of the room was not closed.

As soon as Ada approached, she heard some filthy words.

Although Ada was getting old, she knew what the two were doing inside. She pushed the door open with a livid face and hit on the back of Jackson who was working hard. "Bastard! Although she is not your biological daughter, she is brought up by you! "

Jackson was shocked by Ada's appearan

thought that Levy was a little too ordinary. He was not good-looking and didn't have a large family property, but now it seemed that the two were in good relationship. Moreover, the Chu family had been destroyed, and Shayla might not be able to find a better one than this.

She was trying to buy time for Shayla, so she replied, "Is it Levy? It's Shayla's aunt. Shayla accidentally stepped on the stairs and sprained her ankle just now. I'm afraid she can't go out with you. Two days later, when her foot recovers, I'll book a ticket for you and you can have a good time at that time."

Levy was a little worried. After thanking Ada, he asked, "If Shayla was seriously injured? Which hospital is she in?"

Seeing that Levy was not willing to give up on Shayla even though the Chu family had been defeat, Ada felt he was very sincere and was a good boy. She softened her tone and said, "It's not a big deal. Shayla doesn't like to go to the hospital, so I called the doctor to home. He said that she will recover after resting for two days. If you want to see her, just come. I'll send you the address later."

Levy immediately agreed. Shayla didn't allow him to visit her before, saying that it was inconvenient because she was living in her aunt's house. He thought Qin family was powerful and was afraid that they would think that he was fawning on her, so she only gave her gifts several times, but never came to Qin family.

Now that Ada had asked him to come, he had to make good preparations and pay a visit to her, leaving a good impression on her. After all, every time Shayla talked to him, she would mention her aunt and cousin. He thought that the Qin family must be very important in Shayla's heart.

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