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   Chapter 64 Nightmare

My Runaway Ex-wife: Win Back Your Deep Affection By Qing Gongzi Characters: 6953

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On the day Jackson left the police station, he received a message from Sheridan. "Dear father, I'm very happy to hear that you are out. I hope everything you have done in the past and in the future can be as clean as today! I will keep an eye on you until I send you to prison to avenge my mother."

Jackson held his head and squatted down. This Sheridan was just a nightmare for him. Then he recalled the past, and his heart trembled again.

No one knew. It had been so long, and no one would know.

Except for Jonson... 'No, I have to find him as soon as possible. I can't let Sheridan notice anything wrong.'

Jackson tried to calm himself down. After all, Luna hadn't woken up yet. He had to find a way to shut up Luna as soon as possible.

In order to comfort Jackson, who had been in bad luck recently, Ada specially asked Helena to cook a lot of food.

Jackson and Shayla didn't have any appetite at all. Jackson had been thinking about how to stop Luna. After all, he had no money now, and he couldn't use the company's money. He had to rely on those money to develop his company in the future. Now, it seemed that he had to sell the house at hand first.

At that time, even if Luna goes against him, there will be no evidence to prove that because others have lived in that house.

Shayla was thinking about her future. Now that the Chu family had collapsed and Sheridan had left, Jackson must have no money left. She didn't want a small company, and it was not as rich as her nominal fiance.

At the thought of this, she suddenly had hope again. Maybe she couldn't count on Adam anymore. Even if she insisted on clinging to her aunt, she couldn't rely on her for the rest of her life, could she? !

She didn't refuse her fiance completely. Now she could consider to give him some more chances, in case he would give up her later. Now that the Chu family was destroyed, she couldn't find a richer fiance than him.

Ada didn't know what the two were thinking. She just served the food attentively. In the end, they had a good meal.

After Shayla went ups

a saw Jackson, she hung up the phone in a hurry.

Jackson entered the room and walked towards Shayla step by step. She felt a little scared and kept stepping back.

Until she retreated to the edge of the bed, there was no place to hide.

Shayla struggled for two times but failed. She said in a panic, "Jackson, what are you doing?"

Jackson said in a dangerous tone, "what am I going to do? I haven't seen you for only a few days, but you can't wait to find someone else? !”

When he was doing charity, he saw Shayla in the orphanage. She was very beautiful. At the age of eight or nine, she looked more exquisite and beautiful, like a piece of art.

When Shayla grew up, he had already given up on this idea. But she actually took the initiative to have sex with him for a house. After gradually enjoying the benefits, the two of them became uncontrollable.

As for Shayla's fiance, it was indeed not Levy who found him. It was that man who came to him. He didn't want her to get married, but nominally settled one for her first, and the other party had promised him a lot of benefits, which made him very happy.

Her behavior really irritated him.

She looked frightened, just like Linda, who was trembling.

Jackson sneered, "What? Are you afraid of being driven out of the Qin family? Since Luna can give birth to a baby, you can also give birth to one for me! "

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