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   Chapter 63 The Second Revenge

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Jackson paid the money. Not caring about Luna's health, he hailed a taxi and went to a private hospital. He took out the fetus's skeleton and made a match.

Originally, he had to wait for a long time, but he really couldn't wait any longer. He added a lot of money, and it only took the private hospital a few hours to get the result.


They were father and son.

Jackson looked at his hands trembling. What did he do? He killed his own child...

His child...

Jackson raised his head and closed his eyes, gnashing his teeth, "Sheridan!"

He picked up the phone angrily, "Sheridan! He is your brother! "

On the other side, Sheridan burst into laughter! "Father, aren't you always the most cautious? Why are you so impulsive? ! I thought such a stupid trick wouldn't deceive you, but I didn't expect you to be so anxious! Ha ha ha, how does it feel to kill your own child? You'd better hope that you have done it well enough. I've called the police for you now! "

Sheridan hung up the phone as soon as he finished his words. Hearing his words, Jackson got flustered before he could get angry! 'No, I still have an investment company. I can't be caught!'

At this time, he suddenly thought of a person, so he quickly asked that person to erase the video, traces, registered identity, and DNA of him and the child from the hospital's database. For this, he almost spent all his money.

There should be no problem at home. If there was any problem, he couldn't go back. What should he do? Yes, he should go to buy food and go back to the hospital first.

When Jackson returned to the hospital, the police had already arrived. Seeing him coming back, they quickly controlled him and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Jackson. You are involved in a case of intentional injury, so you must come with us!"

Jackson pretended to be confused and said, "What case of intentional injury? My daughter-in-law is still lying in the hospital without anyone taking care of her. I can't leave."

The police said, "A nurse will take care of her, or you can call a family member."

Jackson called Ada here under the watch of the police.

When Ada arrived, she saw that Luna was still in a coma and heard that Jackson had been taken away. She was in a panic and quickly called Adam, "Adamo, your uncle has been taken away by the police!"

Adam was confused, "What? Jackson was caught by the police?"

Adam informed Bella in a hurry. The two of them arrived at the hospital together. Seeing that Ada was sitting in the ward and was very anxious, Adam asked, "what happened? ! ’

Ada then repeated what the police said, "The police said that someone anonymously reported that your uncle hurt Luna on purpose!"

For a moment, both Adam and Bella were stunned. What happened? Wasn't Luna pregnant with Jackson's

d, "This time, Jackson really has nothing but the company."

However, Sally vaguely knew one thing. She said slowly, "Do you know Jerry Zhou, right? He's Sheridan's grandfather. Sheridan's mother is the youngest daughter of the Zhou family, but she had been receiving treatment for depression. She seldom went out or talked to others in usual times, but she was very beautiful. The Zhou family had planned to raise her for a lifetime, but unexpectedly, they know that what kind of method Jackson used to make her fall in love with him. Later, the two of them fell in love, and her condition was much better. "

Taking a sip of water, Sally continued, "Later, the Zhou family began to support Jackson and married their youngest daughter to him. But after giving birth to Sheridan, her disease relapsed and repeated over and over again. Later, when Sheridan was ten years old, her disease was even more serious. She even didn't want to see her parents, and she would smash things crazily as soon as she saw an outsider. Then one day, when others didn't notice her, she hung herself, which was discovered by Sheridan. "

Hearing this, Bella sighed. Sheridan's family background was also very pitiful. He had lost his mother at such a young age, and he even saw his mother dying.

Sally lowered her voice, "It seems that the death of the youngest daughter of the Zhou family has something to do with Jackson."

Bella covered her mouth, "How do you know? !”

Sally was in a bad mood, but she still said, "Previously, I broke up with Sheridan because he wanted to take revenge and didn't want me to know. That's all I know. "

Bella frowned and didn't know what to say. There are all kinds of people in the world, and some people are so ugly that you can't imagine. Fortunately, she and her good friend haven't encountered such a thing, and it's also the luck of the two.

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