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   Chapter 62 The Truth Of That Year

My Runaway Ex-wife: Win Back Your Deep Affection By Qing Gongzi Characters: 8537

Updated: 2020-09-21 00:02

Sally continued, "I've been waiting for your call since I came back. I thought I would continue to forgive you like a puppy who tried to please its owner. But it didn't happen. I aborted the child and decided to never think of you again. Do you know that we had a child before..."

After saying that, Sally hung up the phone. Sally's words kept repeating in Sheridan's mind, "We once had a child... She had a child... "

He knew that whether he did it on purpose or not, he and Sally were over.

Sally was not Bella. Sometimes Sally was soft-hearted, sometimes hard.

They were really over...

Sally's voice and smile kept lingering in Sheridan's mind as he closed his eyes slightly.

After hanging up the phone, Sally saw Terence sitting next to her. She couldn't keep calm anymore, so Terence held her in his arms with concern.

Leaning a

the upstairs by herself.

After a while, the ambulance arrived. Seeing the scene and hearing what Jackson said, there was no doubt.

Luna was sent to the emergency room for rescue.

Because Luna fell seriously, and she had lost her consciousness at the moment, the doctor could only choose to abort her baby quickly. He used the obstetrician to dismember the fetus that had already formed in her body, and then clamped it out one by one...

After 3 hours of first aid, although Luna was still in a coma, she was still alive.

Jackson signed the paper in the name of Luna's father. When he saw the baby fragment, he touched it with his trembling hand. The doctors around were a little sad. After all, it used to be a living life, so they didn't urge Jackson. Jackson took one piece secretly and put it into his sleeve when no one noticed...

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