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   Chapter 43 Where Is The Girl We Have Thought

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After a while, the doctor called several people in. With a tired look on her face, Bella held a baby whose body was covered with blood. When she saw Adam, she burst into tears. "It's not a girl. It's a boy..."

The doctors and nurses were also confused. It was the first time that the woman had cried like this just because she had a boy.

Adam knew that she must be very emotional after giving birth to the baby, and she was too excited about the girl. He immediately held her in his arms and said, "good girl, don't cry. Let's have another baby!"

Standing aside, Sally was speechless.

Ada also felt that these two people were somewhat funny. Although she also hoped to have a girl, she also had a girl at that time, but later...

The days after giving birth to the baby were not so miserable anymore. Because a new baby distracted Ada's attention and Bella had enough milk, Ada stopped forcing her to eat these strange food.

Bella made a training plan for herself. Then two months later, her figure returned to its original shape, only a little plump.

Bella was very satisfied with her figure. After Bella gave birth to the baby, Adam insisted on taking her to get the marriage license, but Bella still felt that she was fat and didn't look beautiful enough.

She decided to go until she lost more weight.

In a twinkling of an eye, Bella's maternity leave was over and she began to work again.

On this day, Ada talked with her about her daily life.

"Bella, Adamo's uncle is coming back from abroad," Ada said cheerfully

Bella was confused. She had heard that Adam had an uncle. She guessed that he might be a distant relative, so she didn't care much about him.

However, Ada continued, "if it weren't for the help of Adamo's uncle, we wouldn't have ended up like this. His father suddenly died, and I was ill in bed because of an abortion. Adamo is still young. Thanks to his uncle, he runs the company."

Hearing this, Bella knew that the legendary uncle was probably a capable man. She had never heard of it from her father.

Ada patted her hand and said, "in the past years, Adamo's uncle adopted a girl named Shayla Chu, two years younger than you. She has a sweet mouth, a good-looking and pleasing appearance. When she was a child, I saw that she was very cute. Yesterday, a video showed that she was a beautiful girl. "

Seeing that Ada was in high spirits, Bella didn't interrupt her. Instead, Bella kept listening to Ada's words.

After a while, Adam came back from the company. Ada was even happier to see Adam. "Adamo, your uncle is coming back soon. Get ready quickly and invite some acquaintances. I'm going to hold a welcome party. Coincidentally, Bella hasn't shown up in front of outsiders ye

he air. She immediately grabbed Bella's hand and said, "sister-in-law, look at my brother. He doesn't care about me anymore after having you."

Bella was also a little embarrassed. She was not familiar with Shayla Chu, so she couldn't stand such a coquettish voice, but her hand had been held by Shayla Chu, so she couldn't withdraw it forcibly.

She could only push her son forward and said, "Richard, call uncle and aunt."

When Shayla Chu saw Richard, she immediately let go of Bella's hand and turned to hold Richard's hand, as if she liked children very much.

After the greetings, Bella felt a little tired, so she took a glass of juice and went to rest.

When Bella was sighing that Shayla Chu was really a difficult person for Bella, the light in front of her was suddenly blocked by a black shadow. Bella thought it was Adam. When she just smiled, she found that it was a strange man.

The strange man in a black suit looked down at her. While Bella was surprised, he suddenly smiled playfully and sat down on the sofa. "Miss Bella, you are much more beautiful than in the photo."

Bella frowned. She didn't want to be entangled with the man, but her wrist was grabbed by him when she was about to stand up. "I thought Miss Bella would suffer a lot every day when you was with the enemy. You would torture each other. Today, it seems that Miss Bella is not such a heartless person. You are so tolerant to the enemy who had killed your father."

Hearing this, Bella got angry. She tried to get rid of his hands, but she was too weak.

When they were in a stalemate, a familiar voice suddenly came from the other end of the line

"You flirted with the host at the host's banquet. You're quite strange."

The strange man really let go of his hand and smiled at the person. "Miss Sally, long time no see."

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