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   Chapter 25 What Happened That Year

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As soon as Terence agreed with Bella, he went to the police station and secretly collected the information about Vernon's jumping off the building. Because of the huge impact of this case, the information was strangely well-preserved.

The police concluded that Vernon committed suicide! However, the medical records and evidence given by the hospital were not so complete and credible.

Moreover, there was a particularly important witness in this case, which was the driver of Vernon. He said that he saw him jump down from the building with his own eyes, but only the record was missing his signature, and the driver had never appeared.

He asked his father to help him investigate what had happened in the past, and what made Terence surer was that Darren was definitely not the person who had hurt Qin Group. His father's acquaintances all said that he was upright, and although the Mu Group was very strong in the past, every company competed for each other fairly.

Including the mess of Qin Group in the past, it was handled by Darren, but they couldn't explain the specific reason.

Looking at the elders in front of him, Terence suddenly asked, "Sirs, may I ask what the relationship between Darren and Vernon was back then?"

"They are very good friends. Oh, by the way, there is also Jonson. The three families were like the three legs of a tripod, but after so many things happened, only the Qin family is left."


"Young man, if you bought a company, would you give the shares to others? I don't believe there is such a good person like Mr. Darren. It cost him hundreds of millions to make up for the loophole of Qin Group!"

"Yes, but now, Jonson has become the biggest shareholder of the Qin Group. Alas!"

They didn't seem to like Jonson's character. In order to confirm their words, Terence also personally asked the elders of the Jing family, and their opinions were basically the same.

Moreover, the Jing family just started because Darren funded them and provided their own factory to help them establish a foothold in the clothing industry.

It turned out that the Mu clan was the benefactor of the Jing clan.

Terence sorted out all the information he had obtained, including the words of the several elders. Moreover, the old accountant of the Mu Group also provided the transfer record of the Mu Group in order to save Qin Group and a commission letter.

When Bella read these materials, she was really happy. In her eyes, her righteous father was not the kind of person who would hurt others for interests.

It turned out that Darren got the management right of the Qin Group all because Vernon signed this agency agreement when he was sick. He gave the Qin Group to Bella's father by himself.

The meaningful letter of authorization finally proved the innocence of Darren. After sorting out the documents, Bella contacted Adam and said that she wanted to meet him in the villa.

He drove there immediately.

Adam just came back from another city. As soon as Bella entered the house, he gave her a hug and said, "Bella, I miss you so much these days."

"Let me go!"

The cold voice made Adam shiver. He reluctantly let go of Bella, and she threw the heavy evidence to Adam!

"Adam, please take a good look at it. This agreement was signed by your father. My father took the commission from your father to take care of the Qin Group." Bella announced loudly. She could finally prove her father's innocence.

Hearing this, Adam picked up the document, which was very detailed, including the twenty percent of the shares. They were transferred to Darren by Vernon. But when Adam grew up, the Qin Group and the shares should be returned!

Everything seemed to be clear all of a sudden. Looking at the lawyer's notary date, it turned out that his father had already made a plan for the Qin Group when his father was just sick and hospitalized.

But later, something happened to the Qin Group all of a sudden, and his father jumped off the building and died all of a sudden. At that time, Adam was still young. He only remembered that his mother told him that it was Darren who killed his father and took everything from the Qin family.

Later, they had a hard time. He wanted to be strong. He wanted to take revenge at all costs.

For a moment, Adam fell into silence. Looking at the transfer certificate of Darren to save the Qin Group and the agreement in his hand, his heart jolted!

Bella turned on the record given by Terence. Adam listened carefully to every word. Suddenly, he stood up abruptly and said, "go back and listen to the last sentence!"

"But now, Jonson has become the biggest shareholder of the Qin Group!"

These words enlightened Adam. He had been insisting on the truth his mother had told him, but he had ignored the most important thing that the shares of the Qin Group were not in the hands of Darren, but in the hands of an outsider.

"My mother said that it was Jonson who told her the truth, and part of his shares were given by my mother, but only ten percent!"

Adam stated the truth with a frown. Then how did he get so many shares of the Qin Group?

"It's him. It's Jonson. These all have something to do with him."

"I'm going to see him. I want to prove my father's innocence. My father is a righteous man. He is the person I admire most in my life." Bella smoothed her messy hair, turned around and got into the car quickly.

'Dad, did you see that? I must prove your innocence. You must not be the murderer!'

Tears of joy welled up in Bella's eyes. When she was about to get in the car, she was pulled over by Adam. He held her in his arms and said firmly, "I'll take you there. There are some things I have to figure out clearly."


In Fang family

Because Ada disliked Bella, Adam didn't come back these days. So she went to the Fang family on her own, with the things she had prepared in advance in her hands. She was determined to let Luna be her daughter-in-law.

As soon as she entered the room, Jonson came out in a hurry and said, "Sister in law, why did you come here in person without telling me in advance? I can ask someone to pick you up."

He held her hand with a kind look, as if they were a family. But in Ada's eyes, he was indeed a good man.

After drinking tea for a while, the two chatted for a while. When Luna came back from outside and saw Ada, she leaned close to her and said, "Auntie, why are you here? Dad and mom, why didn't you call me back since auntie came."

"Well, you little girl, you treat your Auntie Ada better than your dad and mom. Sure enough, a grown woman will leave us sooner or later." Jonson said with a doting look on his face. He just gave Ada a good chance to say something..

She took a sip of tea and pulled Luna to sit beside her. Then she said, "I'm here for Luna today. She and Adam have known each other since childhood. I think the two children have grown up, and their marriage is about to be held."

"Ada, I think so too." Mrs. Fang said and winked at Luna. She immediately understood what she meant. She held Ada's hand and asked in a spoiled tone, "Auntie, did Adam ask you to come here? I'm so happy."

"Adam is busy, so I came here myself today."

"I know. Adam has always put his work first. I know that." Luna replied sweetly and considerately.

Jonson nodded with satisfaction. As long as his daughter married Adam, Adam would have scruples. Then they would become a family in the Qin Group. It wouldn't be difficult to destroy Adam, just like what he did to his father.

He had been planning everything in his mind. Now it seemed that it was not a bad thing as he saw that Adam was getting stronger and stronger.

Luna stood up in a hurry and prepared some fruits in the kitchen. She specially made a fruit platter today, which she learned on purpose. Sure enough, Ada praised, "Luna, your cooking is as good as that of the chef in Michelin restaurant. You are a smart and good girl."

"Auntie, you always praise me. I will be proud." Luna smiled shyly, which made her more lovable.

After a while, Ada stood up and took the other jade bracelets to Luna's hand. She patted on her hand and said, "It's a pair of bracelets. You are my daughter-in-law."

"Thank you, mom."

She quickly changed the way she call Ada, which made Ada burst into laughter. Looking at the beautiful girl in front of her, she comforted, "Luna, don't take it to heart that Adam is busy recently. He will come back from a business trip a few days later. I'll ask him to visit your parents."

"Okay, I will listen to you."

The more Ada looked at her daughter-in-law, the more she loved her. The Fang couple beside her were also happy for their daughter. She finally got what she wanted.

Jonson looked at his beloved daughter and said, "Your aunt has been tired in the early years. You should be filial to her with Adam in the future, understand? Don't be obstinate and self-willed, okay?"

"I know, Dad." Luna answered in a hurry. She finally waited the Qin family came to propose a marriage.

"I think next month..."

When Ada was about to say something, she heard Adam's cold voice from behind, "You don't have to do anything. I won't marry her."

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