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   Chapter 24 The Past Is Past

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Early in the morning of the second day, Bella received a call from the company, asking her to pack up her things. The resignation letter of her and Emma had been approved, and she knew that Terence had helped her a lot.

Looking at the place where she had worked for more than three years, she was still reluctant to leave. At that time, Sarence was only half a year old, and she had just recovered, so she planned to go out to work. At that time, except for her baby, she had placed all her hopes on this job.

With a design drawing and resume in her hand, she walked to the manager's office. His name was Simon, the brother of Terence. She knocked on the door and said, "Boss, it's me, Bella Mu."

"Come in, please."

"Boss, the company may suffer some losses because of my resignation. This is the resume of my friend. I hope it can slightly compensate the loss I cause to the company."

She opened the design drawing that had been prepared for a few days and handed it to the manager. "Manager, these are all the design drawings of Life Like Summer Flowers. I have finished it. The copyright is fully handed over to the company."

With his hands crossed in front of his chest, Simon looked at the woman in front of him. She was more considerate than he had expected. In a short time, everything had been arranged. "From now on, the Jing Group will provide an opportunity to cooperate with your studio every year. I think you are capable."

After thinking for a while, he made the decision. For one thing, it was because of Terence's request. For another, Bella was basically impeccable in her working.

Emma helped Bella to clean up the office. She believed Bella and comforted her, "don't be sad, Bella. I'm still here with you."

"Thank you, Emma."

After closing the door of her office, she left with her suitcase. As soon as she arrived downstairs, she was stopped by a car. Bella stood still because she knew the car.

The woman in front of her was not much older than she was three years ago. Instead, she looked more charming. The luxurious clothes on her body also made her face ruddy. She called the woman in front of her "mother" for a long time, but in the end, she did not even see her.

"Miss Bella, I think we need to have a talk." Ada said in an arrogant voice. She was stunned. She called her "Bella" in the past, but now she called her "Miss Bella". She didn't care about what she had done at all.

It had been three years. Maybe she had already forgotten it.

Bella smiled and handed the box to Emma, hinting her to wait for her in the car. She turned around and smiled politely at the woman in front of her. "Mrs. Ada, long time no see. Why do you come to my company?"

"Why are you fired? I've been wondering why a company would hire a woman like you. "

The disdainful look on Ada's face was exactly the same as that on Adam's face. Seeing that, Bella's eyes darkened. She didn't expect that Ada would be so cold and arrogant to her.

Because Bella had lost her mother since she was a child, she had treated Ada as her own mother back then.

A sarcastic smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. More or less, she had participated in what happened that year. Looking at the person in front of her, her attitude was a little cold. "If Mrs. Ada wants to laugh at me, you don't have to, because I'm not in the mood to tangle with you too much!"

Bella's sudden change of attitude made Ada frown. She roared in a low voice, "Bella, is this your attitude to the elders? I used to..."

"Ha ha, I thought Mrs. Ada forgot it. It's all over. Why are you here today? Please tell me frankly!" She interrupted her mercilessly.

Ada glanced at the woman in front of her. Sure enough, she was not as submissive as she was three years ago. She snorted and said arrogantly, "please don't badger with Adam anymore. By the way, even if you resign from here, the Qin Group won't want a woman who was fired."

She took out a check and threw it in front of Bella. Then she turned around and was about to leave. When Sally and Terence arrived, they had just seen this scene.

Bella could bear it, but Sally couldn't. She picked up the check on the ground, tore it into pieces, threw it in front of Ada and shouted at her, "Mrs. Ada, Bella doesn't care a

bout this little money at all. Please leave with your money."


"You are an elder. You must have heard of the stories that fish begins to stink at the head. No wonder that Adam, this bastard, is also ungrateful!" Sally glared at the woman in front of her and said, protecting Bella behind her.

Bella tugged at the indignant Sally, straightened her waist and said, "Mrs. Ada, I have never taken Qin Group seriously. All I want is the Mu Group."

Ignoring the expression on the woman's face, she bent down and held Sarence, who was hiding behind Terence. Then she turned around and left.

Looking at boy who looked alike Adam, Ada was stunned for a while. Finally, she left reluctantly. She had a lot of ways to deal with this powerless woman.

This unpleasant episode was quickly forgotten by Bella. She had been busy with the design and arrangement of the follow-up work these days, and she even forgot the most important thing.

What Ada said reminded her.

"Terence, I have something to ask you for help. It's about the truth of the Qin family's accident. It's about my father's reputation. I hope you can help me investigate the truth."

"Bella, you..."

Sally was a little worried. Bella had changed a lot in just three years.

However, she felt sorry for her.

Her eyes were full of expectation, but Terence finally agreed. After coaxing the child for a while, Bella went to work with Emma. The location of her studio had been chosen, and she had to negotiate with the landlord today.

And Luna couldn't wait any longer. She had been waiting for a day at home, but she still couldn't see Adam. The two of them were so intimate.

She couldn't help but feel depressed. Her mother was right. What mattered was not to keep his body, but to keep his heart.

She asked the housekeeper to buy some first-class tonics, changed a dress, and put on a delicate makeup. Then she told the driver to go to the Qin family.

As soon as Ada entered the house, Luna also arrived. With the tonic in her hand, she greeted Ada in a sweet voice, "Auntie, I come to see you again. How are you recently?"

"Oh, Luna, you are here. Come here."

Ada greeted her warmly. Her father had told her that Adam hadn't gone to work these two days, but it seemed that he wasn't at home either.

"Auntie, isn't Adam at home?" Luna asked tentatively.

"Adam said he was on a business trip for a few days and would be back in two days. I seems that you miss him as much as me." Ada looked at the girl in front of her and liked her very much. In terms of family background, she was the most suitable person for Adam.

In the past three years, Ada had been knowing what she did to Adam. If she did not love Adam sincerely, no one else could hold on for so long.

"Luna, you've been with Adam for three years. What's going on? I'm looking forward to seeing you marry into the Qin family!" She teased.

In fact, Luna also wanted to get married as soon as possible, but Adam didn't mention marriage in the past three years. As a girl, it was improper for her to mention it.

Looking at Ada who liked her so much, Luna suddenly came up with an idea. She held her arm obediently and said with a red face, "Auntie, I have something to tell you, it's about me and Adam."

"Go ahead. Don't be so formal with me."

Luna whispered in Ada's ear, "I drank too much with Adam that night, and then we had sex."

Her words surprised Ada. Looking at the girl with a red face in front of her, she patted her hands and said, "Okay, okay. I'm looking forward to your giving birth to a cute baby for me."

"Auntie." She grumbled shyly.

"Adam has been busy with his work every day. Luna, don't take it to heart. Now that you and Adam have been together, I will urge him to propose to you when he comes back. Good girl, our Qin family will never treat you unfairly. "

Ada ordered the kitchen to prepare her favorite dishes and told her to have dinner at home. Luna was smart, reasonable and most importantly, she loved Adam wholeheartedly.

The two of them had their own wishful thinking, but their purposes coincided. With Luna, she would never allow Adam to have any contact with Bella.

What's more, Bella was the daughter of her enemy. No matter what, she wouldn't accept her.

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