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   Chapter 23 Resignation

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Adam sent Bella to the company. Looking at the woman in front of him who he had been missing for three years, he reached out and touched her head, which made her suddenly stunned. He used to be like this when he came back home.

She also complained that he had always treated her as a child, but now, his sudden action made her touched inexplicably.

He secretly pinched himself and forced himself to look away. Looking at her face, a smile appeared at the corners of Adam's mouth. Then he said in a pleasant voice, "Bella, focus on your work. I'll pick you up after work. Let me see the child, okay?"

"Let's talk about it later. I hope you can find out what happened in the past as soon as possible." Bella rolled her eyes at the man in front of her. When did he laugh? What the hell.

She unfastened her seat belt and got out of the car in a hurry, keeping the distance between the two. When she turned around and was about to leave, she suddenly turned back and said, "Adam, I don't want to argue with you for the time being, because I want to know the truth of the matter."

She didn't know why she emphasized it. Maybe she was afraid that he would have an improper desire for her. As soon as she returned to the office, she suddenly took off the mask of disguise.

She wanted to draw the design drawing, but all she could think about was the scene that she was with Adam last night. She patted on her face.

'Bella, you must be crazy. He was drugged. Were you drugged too?'

She rubbed her hair remorsefully and crumpled the design drawings on the table into a ball, throwing them irritably into the trash can.

"Bella, what's wrong?"

The assistant couldn't help asking when she saw her like this.

Looking at the girl who had been with her for three years, Bella smiled and asked softly, "Emma, if I leave the Jing Group, will you still be willing to follow me?"

"I'm willing to go with you wherever you go. Bella, are you leaving? "

Bella nodded. The girl arranged by Terence in front of her was a talented designer. If she wanted to set up her personal studio now, she had to have someone she trusted around her. She liked this girl very much.

"Then I'll write my resignation letter."

"Okay, this is mine." Bella handed over her resignation letter and Emma left the office.

She had planned it three years ago.

She took out her phone and sent a message to Adam. Then she left the company and went back home. She heard the laughter in the room through the door. It was from Terence and Sally.

"Ah, what..."

Before she finished speaking, the key in her hand fell to the ground. She rubbed her eyes. On the sofa, Terence pressed Sally under her body. The posture looked so intimate! Bella could only hide her embarrassment with a smile. "Well, I... I didn't mean it. You can continue."

Terence stood up immediately, and Sally was also embarrassed.

Seeing Bella left quickly, she hurried to catch up with her and explained in a hurry, "Bella, it's not what you think. We're not in a relationship as you think. We're just fighting for the remote control. Really, don't misunderstand Mr. Terence."


"What?" Sally was confused.

"When did you like him?" Bella rolled her eyes at the woman who was still pretending to be silly. "Sally, tell me the truth. We have been friends for so many years. If you don't like him, you won't care about him so much. You even drink and sleep with him."


Standing at the door, Terence was really speechless about what Bella said. For a moment, Sally couldn't help but cover her red face with her hands. As soon as Sarence saw his mother, he ran over to her. "Mommy, you've been busy for a while, ignoring me and godfather and godmother. I'm telling you, father always comes to our house."

"You little bastard, how dare you betray me?" Sally put her hands on her waist and pretended to be fierce.

Hiding behind Terence, Sarence made a face at her. Seeing the happy scene in front of her, Bella felt warm in her heart. She played with them until she was exhausted

. Then she went to the living room to have a rest. Looking at Terence, she said sincerely, "Sally is a good girl. You can't betray her!"

"Okay, I know."

"What are you talking about? We are just good friends!" Sally retorted.

Bella patted her on the back, motioning her to shut up. Looking at Terence, Bella suddenly remembered her own business and said seriously, "Terence, I'm going to resign from the Jing Group. I want to set up my own studio and slowly develop my own brand. Thank you for your help in the past few years and giving me such a good opportunity to study."

"You don't have to say thanks to me."

Terence looked at the woman in front of him with a smile. From the day she entered the Jing Group, he knew that this day would come sooner or later.

Bella looked at the person in front of her with gratitude. She could only say "thank you". In the past few years, thanks to the help of Sally and Terence to take care of her child, the two of them accompanied her to the hospital in the middle of the night when Sarence was sick, and they would always take him to play. They would accompany the child when she didn't have time to take care of him.

She kept everything in mind.

Looking at the little boy in her arms, Bella said in a soft voice, "Baby, when you grow up, you must be filial to your godmother and godfather. Do you know that they are also the people who love you most in the world like mommy?"

"Okay, I will."

He raised his innocent little face and answered firmly. Looking at Bella, he also showed a simple smile. In fact, Sarence was much more sensible than other children. He had never asked who his father was. From the moment he remembered, only his mommy, sworn mother and sworn father were his families.

When Adam read the message, Bella had already gone home, and she still didn't give him a chance to pick her up. Maybe she still needed some time to digest what had happened last night. After finishing his work, he rushed back to the old house of the Qin family. Seeing his mother sitting alone at the dinner table, his cold face softened.

"Mom, I'm too busy to come back to see you. I'm sorry."

Hearing this, Ada raised her head and looked at her son. She said in a low voice, "Adam, I've been dreaming about your father every night recently. I think if he was alive, he definitely wouldn't want you to be with the daughter of your enemy. It hurts me to see you like this."

"Hmm?" Adam looked at his mother in confusion. Why did she suddenly mention this?

Looking at him, Ada sighed and took out her phone. This morning, she suddenly received an MMS. It was a photo of Adam and Bella coming out of the hotel. "Adam, there are so many good girls. Why do you have to marry her?"

For a moment, his eyes darkened. No one knew about their affair except himself!

What's wrong with this photo?

It didn't seem to be as simple as he thought. Looking at his mother's gray hair, he felt sorry for her. Finally, he gritted his teeth and asked, "Mom, who told you about what happened to dad's company in the past? How did you know about it?"

"It's your uncle Jonson. He told me everything that happened that year."

Ada didn't know the reason why Adam behaved like this. She told him the truth, but he frowned more seriously. It was the Fang clan again. He always felt that everything had something to do with the Fang clan, but it seemed that no clue could be found for a moment.

"What's wrong?" Ada felt that there was something wrong with Adam's expression!

"Nothing. Mom, I'm here for dinner."

He still didn't tell Luna's words to Ada. Instead, he had a meal with Ada. Ada looked at the man in front of her and felt that something was wrong with him today. There seemed to be a faint smile on the corner of his cold mouth. Did he smile because of Bella again? Ada's face darkened.

In the end, she made up her mind that she would never let Adam have any connection with the daughter of her enemy.

Having made up her mind, she picked up some food for Adam and looked normal again.

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