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   Chapter 20 Warmth

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After Sarence took Sally to the amusement park where he had always wanted to go, he saw Terence sitting alone at the table, staring blankly at the roses in his hands.

His back was so lonely and pitiful.

Terence had always been gentle and enthusiastic. Sally had never seen him so dispirited. She knew that he had been rejected by Bella.

Her eyes darkened slightly. She took Sarence's hand and walked over. Looking at the lonely woman in front of her, those comforting words seemed to be useless in an instant, and he didn't even raise his head.

When little Sarence saw him like this, he tugged at his sleeve and comforted him in a sweet voice, "father *, don't be sad. My mommy doesn't want you because she has no taste. Both I and mother * want you to be happy." (* TN: here father means sworn father, mother means sworn mother.)

Even though he was young, he knew a lot. Sally squatted down and looked straight at the man in front of her. "Don't be sad, Terence. We will be with you."

Hearing this, he raised his head and looked at the person in front of him. He was a little moved. After a long silence, he suddenly showed a smile. Looking at the two people who were worried about him in front of him, he comforted them softly, "I'm fine. In fact, I knew the result, but I don't regret it."

"After all, I have fought for myself, and Bella has her own life and ideas." He said in a caring tone.

Sally's nose twitched, but she still smiled. She picked up Sarence and asked cautiously, "where is Bella?"

"She was taken away by Adam."

"What? It's that bastard again. " Sally couldn't stay calm anymore. She took out her phone and called Bella.

No one could stop her from throwing a tantrum. She showed concern and education to Bella, "Bella, are you okay?"

"I'm okay. I'll be back soon. I am taking a taxi."

"That's good. I'm so worried about you. What's wrong with that crazy man, Adam? Did he do anything to you? If you are wronged, just tell us. I'll go to get even with him for you." She was filled with indignation. Sally had seen what had happened to Bella with her own eyes.

"No, I won't let myself suffer any more."

Hearing her promise, Sally breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at the absent-minded Terence beside her, she was still a little worried. She put the car key in her hand into his hand and said, "Terence, Bella said that she would take a taxi home. Let's go back first. I think baby is also tired."


After taking the car key, Terence turned around and got into the car. Sally carried Sarence, who was a little sleepy, in her arms, followed him in a hurry. When they arrived at home, Bella hadn't come back yet. Sally bathed the child and coaxed him to sleep before she left the room.

Looking at the person who was still on the sofa, she was suddenly stunned. It was always very sad to be crossed in love. On a second thought, Sally ran to the fridge and took out a few bottles of wine and put them in front of Terence. "Senior, if you feel uncomfortable, just drink some wine. Every time I feel sad, I will drink it. After drinking wine, I will be in a better mood."


"Come on, let me drink with you!" The two of them sat on the sofa and drank one bottle after another. The more they drank, the more excited they became.

In the end, in order not to disturb the child, the two of them took the wine and ran to the room of Sally to continue. When Bella came back, the house was very quiet. She went to see the baby sleeping soundly, and then she took a shower and went to bed.

The next day.

Early in the morning, Bella got up. The final of the design competition was about to begin, so she had to focus on the final design. The theme was "warmth", which was a very broad subject.

There were so many warm things, warm people and warm memories. The moment she opened the curtain, the sunlight suddenly shone in and Bella was inspired.

She turned around and walked out of the bedroom. When she was about to take out the materials from the storage room, she suddenly heard a man's voice indistinctly coming from Sally's room. Out of curiosity, she tiptoed over and pushed open the door of her bedroom.

For a moment, she was in a mess and stunned.

Looking at the two disheveled people in front of her, she hurriedly covered her face and walked out. Sally followed her out in a hurry. "Well, Bella, it's not what you think. In fact, we just drank too much."

"Bah, just as you saw, nothing really happened between us. Bella, listen to my explanation."

Bella ran away as fast as she could, turned around and ran into the storage room. Rubbing her messy hair in chagrin, Sally wondered why things had ended like this. They just had some wine together.

As soon as she turned around, she met the stunned eyes of Terence. The two of them couldn't stay calm in an instant. After she went out of the room, she immediately turned back and said, "well, senior, don't think too much. We must have

drunk too much. It must be like this."

"Well, yes."

"Don't take it too seriously. I'm going to wash my face and brush my teeth. You, clean yourself up." She stammered with a red face, picked up a new set of clothes and ran into the bathroom.

The person behind him suddenly showed a smile. He didn't know since when her subtle eyes and movements emerged in his mind one by one. Although she was usually careless, she was too good at hiding.

If it weren't for this accident, he might not noticed it.

Bella ran into the bedroom excitedly. At this time, Sarence also sat up in a daze. Looking at her happy face, he asked, "Mommy, what makes you happy?"

"Well, baby, let me tell you. Your Godfather and godmother are sleeping together. Is it worth celebrating?" Bella laughed out loud. It was like a dream!

"Really? But Mommy, what about you?" Looking at the worried look on his face, Bella reached out to rub his little head and said softly, "I have you. It's enough that mommy has you."

"Okay, then I'm happy!"

Bella wholeheartedly committed herself into the design of the work. Although Terence still came back to see her and baby, the atmosphere between him and Sally was always somewhat strange.

Sally always avoided the man in front of her intentionally or unintentionally, while he looked very calm as if nothing had happened. Bella was worried that she would be embarrassed in front of Terence. It seemed that she didn't have to worry about anything.

That day, the confession of Adam's love to her had become an episode in her life. Bella had forgotten about it and devoted herself to her creation.

Design, sample making, and final production. Looking at the dress worn by the model was full of strong love, she smiled. This dress was designed with sunflowers.

The hemline of the dress was decorated with irregular sunflower petals. At the neckline, there were green leaves of the sunflower. This dress looked like a sunflower blooming in the sun!

She clapped her hands with satisfaction. She was determined to win this design competition. When Sally finished her work and came in, she saw the dress on the model and instantly became a fan of her.

"Bella, if you become a design master one day, I will be your only model. Look at my standard figure!"

"Okay, it's a deal!"

"But my purpose is not to be famous. Mu family started from clothing design and jewelry design. My purpose is to take back everything of Mu family!" Her eyes were full of determination. Even if her opponent was Adam, who was so powerful that everyone in the industry would tremble with fear!

"I trust you."

"Stop talking about me. How are you and Mr. Terence? Don't tell me that nothing happened between you two. I don't believe it. " Bella expressed her attitude in a hurry, and Sarence, who was arrogant beside, also added in a weak voice, "I don't believe it either."

Sally was speechless.

For a while, the TV news and many media were scrambling to report the news of the final of the design competition, and Luna was also preparing nervously.

She didn't care about anything. All she wanted was to tread Bella under foot. Looking at her finished product, a satisfied smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

Meanwhile, Adam was also paying attention to the competition, because Bella had also participated in it. In fact, Bella was not bad at all in terms of strength. She was talented and had ideas in design, but she had been willing to be a full-time housewife in the Qin family three years ago.

Only then did he realize that in fact, he didn't know her well enough. As long as he thought of her, he would still feel a faint pain in his heart. At that time, he really failed such a good girl.

Frowning, he suddenly heard a knock at the door. He put down the only photo with Bella and said coldly, "come in!"

"Adam, it's me."

"What are you doing here?" His face was full of impatience. Every time he saw her face, he would think of how badly Richard had been abused and the bastard things he had done.

Luna got the admission ticket of the final from Jonson and handed it to him, "I want to invite you to watch the competition."


He refused without hesitation. Luna handed the ticket to him and said patiently, "Adam, Bella will also participate in this competition. You can go to see it."

He was persuaded, but he was also worried.

Looking at his hesitation, Luna raised her voice and said, "Adam, if I didn't enter the top three in this competition, I would go abroad to study. In this way, I won't pester you anymore."

"What?" He gestured for her to continue.

Luna frowned and said, "Adam, please go to see it for the sake of our friendship for so many years. I beg you to do the last thing for me, okay? I just want you to watch the competition."

Looking at her expression, Adam finally agreed. Luna showed a smile and then left. She wanted him to see how she could trample on the woman he loved most.

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