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   Chapter 19 I Love You

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"Bella, you must be happy!" Terence tried his best to hide the sadness in his eyes. He smiled and said his wishes. Then he pulled her over and gently kissed her on the forehead!

She smiled.

Such a warm and harmonious scene was seen by Adam, who was silently watching aside. He could do nothing but watch Bella give all her smiles to the man in front of her! Seeing him kissing his woman, his deep eyes immediately burned with anger.

Adam was not in the mood to think about anything else. He rushed into the room, his handsome face exuding a dangerous aura, and the two of them had not yet reacted.

Bella had been pulled up by him, and he didn't give her any chance to resist. He almost dragged her out of the room. Then, Terence, who was standing behind her, ran after them, but he was still too late.

Back then, before she could confess his love to Bella, she had already been with Adam. Now, he was still a little late!

Seeing the car speeding away in front of him, Terence stopped and stared blankly at the direction of the two people's departure. He prayed in his heart, 'Bella, you must be happy.'

In fact, although Bella hadn't mentioned about Adam in the past three years and seemed to have forgotten him, he could still feel that she had never really give him up!

Some things were destined to be difficult to change, such as the heart!

Terence walked back silently and sat at the table in a daze. Looking at the roses scattered on the ground, he smiled bitterly.

Looking at the strange person in front of her, her beautiful face immediately wrinkled. She became vigilant all over and asked coldly, "what are you doing?"

"You ask me what I'm doing? Then what are you doing?

"What are you doing? Are you insane?" She glanced at the man in front of her in disgust, took out her phone and was about to call the police.

Adam, who was driving, grabbed her phone and turned it off. The car shook violently and she calmed down a little. Knowing that there was a huge gap between her and Adam, Bella didn't struggle anymore and sat quietly in the car until they arrived in safety.

Adam opened the door and pushed Bella inside. Then he pressed her against the wall.

His eyes were full of lust. He couldn't wait to lower his head and kiss her moist lips. Startled by his sudden move, Bella fiercely bit his tongue. Adam was caught off guard by the pain and was forced to let go of the person in front of him. He wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth and frowned.

Bella pushed the person in front of her away and kept a distance between the two people. Then she wiped her lips with her sleeve as if her lips were stained with something dirty. She didn't stop until the corner of her mouth was red. She looked at the man that she had hated for three years in front of her with resentment. A sarcastic smile appeared on her face. Her action made Adam's heart hurt.

All of a sudden, Bella raised her head and met his cold eyes. She raised her hand and slapped the man in front of her. She roared in a low voice, "Adam, you're so shameless!"

Instead of dodging, Adam endured it and said in a low voice, "if you hit me, you can feel better. Just do it!"

Upon hearing this, Bella smiled sarcastically as if she had heard a joke!

After tidying up her messy clothes, Bella stood up and looked at the silent man in front of her. The cold voice sounded again. "Mr. Adam, I think I don't need to remind you again. I have had nothing to do with you for a long time. And I think I don't need to remind you not to disturb my life anymore!"

"Bella, I..."

"Don't call my name, Adam. You don't deserve it at all. By the way, if your body is burning with desire, there will be a lot of girls clinging to you. Mr. Adam, you don't have to waste your time on me." Her cold words instantly alienate the relationship between the two people.

Looking at his injured face, Bella suddenly smiled and said sarcastically, "Mr. Adam, have you suddenly found out that you have fallen in love with the daughter of your enemy after three years?"

Seeing that she didn't care about it at all, Adam covered his aching heart. He fixed her shoulder and stared at the face in front of him, wh

ich he had missed for three years. His eyes were full of love, which frightened Bella.

"What are you doing?" She stepped back abruptly!

With his hands clenched, Adam forced Bella to face him. "Listen, I'm in love with you!" He said seriously, looking at Bella affectionately.

If he had known this earlier, he would not have done that.

He had been suppressing his feelings for three years. He thought he could let it go and ignore it. But three years had passed. When he saw Bella again, he realized that all his perseverance had collapsed!

"I regret what happened three years ago. I regret, Bella. The most regretful thing for me is to leave you and our child. Do you know that?" He growled.

He wanted to tell her his feelings for three years clearly. Looking at the man in front of her, Bella suddenly sneered. How could he say that he had fallen in love with her!

Upon hearing this, Bella was stunned for a moment. She had always thought that Adam was using her feelings. She had never expected that he would really love her.

But it was too late.

Her beloved father and the Mu Group couldn't come back. She was the accomplice who killed her father, and she couldn't change it.

She always remembered her father's last look. She would always remember the hurt he brought to her and her child forever, and there was no way to make up for it.

Looking coldly at the serious man in front of her and looking into his deep eyes, Bella smiled and tears fell down. She didn't know why, but she wanted to cry so badly!

After he avenged his family and took everything from Mu family, he said he fell in love with her.

Looking at his expressionless face, Bella suddenly burst into laughter. She pinched herself secretly and forced herself to calm down. She silently warned herself, 'what are you expecting, Bella?'

All of a sudden, there was a touch of irony in her clear eyes. She poked his heart and said ruthlessly, "hahaha, Adam, you are so shameless. You love me, so you killed my father. You love me, and you took away everything from Mu family. You are a devil. How can you say the word love?"

Her red lips opened and closed, but what she said was like a knife piercing into his heart. His eyes, which had lit up, darkened in an instant.

All of a sudden, he loosened his grip on Bella. It was all his fault. He forced them to such a situation!

"I'm sorry."

Adam, who had always been proud, bent over and apologized to her. Yes, everything that had happened in the past could no longer be changed.

This apology was three years late!

"It's impossible for us to be together again, Adam." After saying that, she opened the door and walked out without hesitation when Adam was not noticing.

The moment the door was closed, Adam fell to the ground, looking dispirited. Looking at the reflection of the figure on the ground, he laughed at himself.

"What the hell are you doing, Adam?"

He had been asking himself a question the whole night. He randomly took out a few bottles of wine and drank alone in the dark room. It seemed that only when he was drunk could he feel a little bit in his heart.

She said there was no possibility between them anymore. Suddenly, Qin Yi laughed. He had destroyed all the possibilities by himself. At that time, all he cared about was revenge.

[穆紫馨], on the other hand, had been asking her the same question the whole night. What happened to Qin Yi tonight was so strange.

She didn't go back. She walked quietly on the street full of lights and wine. Looking at the busy street at night, her eyes were moist.

Finally, Qin Yi said he loved her. But they were separated by the death of [穆国强], everything of Mu group and Qin Yi's father.

Even though they had tried their best, they still couldn't overcome these facts and took nothing had happened. She held back her love to Adam and began to blame herself.

She reminded herself again and again that Adam was the enemy of Mu family and the murderer of her father.

She didn't call anyone, but just kept thinking about the truth that had broken her down in the past three years!

'Dad, trust me. I will avenge you and take back the Mu Group!' Bella made up her mind.

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