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   Chapter 15 Chief Designer

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He missed her so much.

Adam thought he could forget Bella, but the longer he missed her, the stronger he missed her.

Looking at the wonderful world outside, he poured himself a glass of red wine. Looking around the cold room, he could not help but cover his aching heart.

His mind was full of the figures of Bella.

He remembered that she prepared two sets of clothes every day. One was for him to wear at night, and the other was for work in the day time. And she would wait for him to go home no matter how late it was.

He remembered that she always smiled and said, "Adam, are you tired? I've warmed the food for you in the kitchen."

"Adam, go to bed early. It's not good for your health to work overtime!"

Little by little, these memories became clear all of a sudden.

Ha-ha! He sneered. The striking calendar on the wall reminded him that three years had passed, and she seemed to have disappeared in the past three years and never appeared in his world again.

He lost his home, and he destroyed hers too!

As long as he thought of Bella, he would stay up all night. In the past three years, he seldom went back to the old house of the Qin family. If Ada hadn't been here, he probably wouldn't have the courage to set foot again.

In fact, he was afraid of seeing anything related to her.

All these were buried in his heart. The second day after he cleaned himself up, Adam regained his usual indifference and arrogance. He said goodbye to his mother and went to the company.

All the people who saw Adam on the way were respectful, because he was no longer the same person three years ago. Now he not only took control of the Qin Group, but also the Mu Group.

His means were sharp and intimidating!

In fact, he had his own selfish motive. He was waiting for Bella to take back to the Mu Group!

But why hadn't Bella come back yet? It had been three years.

Outside the window, it was autumn again. Leaves were always all over the ground. A little boy was holding a beautiful woman and walking on a suburban path.

Today, it happened to be the 3rd anniversary of the death of Darren. It seemed that Bella's memory had been pulled back to three years ago. She had witnessed her father's death without treatment, and tears fell unconsciously.

"Dad, you've been waiting for me for three years. I just came to see you today. I'm worry."

"Dad, do you know that I have a very cute baby called Sarence Mu? He is three years old now. I have lived a good, full and calm life in the past three years."

"Have you put it down? Have you let go of your hatred? Dad, I still can't let it go. You can rest assured that I will get the Mu Group back!"

It was hard for Bella to hide the sadness in her heart. Seeing Darren's tombstone standing alone in the cold wind, she would always remember her father's last look!

And all this was caused by Adam. Thinking of him, the hatred in her eyes became stronger. She had endured it for three years. She talked to her dad for a while, while Sarence looked very obedient.

After saying goodbye to her father, she asked Sally to go to the hair salon for hairdressing. Looking at the invitation card in her hand, she smiled.

Her long curly hair was on her shoulder, and the pink dress made her extraordinarily beautiful. She slightly curled her lips in front of the mirror. She was dazzling enough.

A handsome little boy, holding the same handsome Terence, complained, "Godfather, why are you so useless? You can't win my mommy's heart for three years."


"Look at her. She is so beautiful. You must keep an eye on her tonight. Do you know? " Sarence put his hands on his waist and acted like an adult, which amused him and made him laugh.

He reached out and rubbed his little head. He spoiled him obviously.

After dressing herself up, Sally walked out with her long dress in her hand. She was so beautiful and flamboyant.

As soon as he saw the beautiful woman, he ran over to her and flattered, "godmother, you are so beautiful today."

"Thank you for your praise, little boy."

Looking at the woman beside him for a moment, Terence didn't expect that the careless Sally could be so beautiful like a real woman!

Waiting for Bella to come out, Terence picked up the little boy and sat in front of her. Looking at Sarence, she said with concern, "boy, remember, don't eat in secret later!"

"I won't of course!"

"It's okay. I will keep an eye on him. Bella, don't worry. Just do what you want to do!" Looking at her from the rearview mirror, Terence showed a gentle smile with affection in his eyes.

At the party.

The guests attending the party this time were all young talents. Of course, Adam was also invited, but he was cold and unapproachable, keeping people away from him. Besides a few good friends, there was also Luna companying him.

She raised her head and enjoyed the envious eyes of the crowd. Even though she hadn't married Adam as she wished, she was the only one by his side.

Suddenly, the door of the hall was pushed open.

Under the gaze of the crowd, Bella walked in arrogantly with her ten-centimeter high heels, holding Terence's arms. She had a brigh

t smile on her face.

Behind them were Sarence and Sally. He considerately helped his godmother lift the hemline of her dress. In his heart, her godmother was a goddess, because she was very good at Taekwondo.

The air seemed to be quieter. Handsome men and beautiful women were always easy to attract other's attention, not to mention that there was a childish but also cute and handsome boy beside them.

At that moment, Adam's heart skipped a beat. She appeared in front of him all of a sudden.

Luna's smile suddenly froze on her face. She held Adam's arm and looked at the person in front of her as if she was warning her.

A sharp voice sounded, "Why did the wine party become so low-level? Anyone can come in casually." She even glanced at the four of them intentionally or unintentionally.

Hardly had her voice faded away, the host on the stage said, "Let's welcome to our latest designer of the year, Miss Bella."

This was specially arranged by Terence, and the Jing family was also one of the sponsors of the party tonight. As soon as the host finished speaking, Luna's face darkened to the extreme. She did not expect that such a woman would be the winner of the latest design award of this year's design competition.

For a moment, there were a lot of people coming to greet her, and she had always been wearing a decent smile and behaved gracefully. However, there was always an eye in the crowd staring at her, which made her a little uneasy!

Bella tried her best to ignore the look. She turned around and chatted with the man who accosted her. She used to hate this kind of style the most, but now, in order to fit in this circle, she had really made a lot of changes.

Suddenly, a young man ran over and wanted to drink with Bella. Sarence, who was standing next to her, was very anxious. He pulled his godfather and stepped in. "Mommy, why do you always ignore me and daddy?"

"I'm sorry. Sorry to bother you! " No matter how stupid he was, he knew that Terence was the son of the Jing family. Till now, Bella still remembered that man.

It was not until now that Adam, who was drinking alone in the corner, turned to look at the little boy in front of him. His and her son had grown up.

He couldn't help smiling. It could be seen that she had taught the child well. If someone accosted Bella, he had known how to protect her.

"Adam, let's go to dance."

"Adam, Adam?"

Luna called him several times, but he didn't make any response. She looked in the direction of Adam's eyes and saw Bella with a bright smile. She clenched her hands secretly.

In her high heels, she walked over with a glass of wine in her hand. With a smile on her face, she said, "Long time no see, Bella. I haven't seen you for a long time. You have climbed up the tree and become a Phoenix. You can even attend our party now."

Her voice was full of provocation, disdain, unwillingness, and even jealousy.

Looking at her, Bella suddenly forced a smile and said gracefully, "Miss Luna, I'm attending the Party of the Jing Group. I forgot to tell you that I'm one of the chief designers of the Jing Group!"


"How can you talk to my mommy like that? Why are you so impolite?" As soon as Sarence saw the person in front of her, he ran over cheerfully and raised his voice on purpose!

Everyone's eyes were attracted at once. When she saw the little face that looked like that of Adam, she was absent-minded for a moment.

"Hey, how can you take your families to the party?" She said sarcastically.

"Didn't you say that you wanted to dance?" A cold voice suddenly sounded. Sure enough, Luna followed him and played happily.

Bella frowned. 'Is Adam trying to save me?

'Hehe', she put on a sarcastic smile. He should be afraid that his fiancee would suffer losses. She lowered her eyes to hide her abnormality, and turned his head to continue to take the baby to look for Terence.

She hadn't eaten for a whole day and was really hungry. In fact, she felt guilty to take her son here. She didn't give him a complete family, but Sarence seemed to be very considerate and never asked.

After a lively party, Bella rubbed her face, which was about to freeze with laughter. Sure enough, she was not suitable to attend such a fake party!

Sarence fell asleep in Terence's arms. He put him in the car. When Bella was about to get in the car, she felt a pain in her arm and turned around to look into the deep eyes of a man.

Bella's first reaction was to close the door and separate the baby from him. She roared in a low voice, "let go of me!"

Seeing the indifference and disgust in his eyes, Adam suddenly took a step back, with a flash of sadness in his eyes. He called out the name he had missed for three years in a low voice, "Bella."

"What's wrong?"

"Bella, it's been three years. Why haven't you come yet?" After saying that, Adam turned around and staggered away. It seemed that he was drunk.

Before he could take a few steps, Luna came over. She hurriedly held him, and her eyes were full of hatred when she saw the back of Bella getting in the car and leaving.

'Bella, I will never let you take Adam away from me!' she thought.

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