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   Chapter 14 Reconciliation Agreement

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In the morning, he went to Assistant Joe's place and asked him to contact a lawyer to prepare a document. Then he drove to the downstairs of the Sally's house. He didn't go up until the sun was high and the crowd was lively. After hesitating for a long time, he finally knocked on the door.

Sally went to open the door. But when she saw him, she pulled a long face and looked at him vigilantly. "What are you doing here? What? Don't you think it's not enough to hurt Bella?"

"I'm here to talk about reconciliation."

After Adam showed his intention, Sally reluctantly stepped aside and let him in.

He was shocked by the scene in front of him. The baby was lying in the cradle. With a rattle in her hand, Bella played with the child, full of tenderness. With a very happy smile, she kept muttering, "baby, look at this."

"Sarence, from now on, we will live together with your father and mother*. Are you happy? Look, this room is full of toys for you. You should grow up as soon as possible!" (* TN: here father and mother mean sworn father and sworn mother)

"Shake! Shake! Shake!"

She looked at the little baby with her head tilted to one side. Her face was glowing with maternal charm. Adam was stunned. It was the first time for Adam to look at the woman in front of him so seriously.

The corners of his mouth lifted slightly, and his handsome and cold face softened in the sunlight. The moment Bella turned around, she froze.

She must have seen it wrong. How could he smile?

"What are you doing here?" She looked vigilant and protected the child behind her, afraid that he would take a step closer.

"Send the settlement agreement!"

Bella asked Sally to take the child back to the bedroom, and then invited him to sit on the sofa. "Mr. Adam, tell me your idea. After all, you proposed the settlement."

The word "Mr. Adam" instantly distanced them from each other.

With a frown, Adam handed over the documents he had prepared in advance. "Have a look. This is the condition I give you, including the twenty percent of the shares you transferred to me at that time. I have also converted it into cash."

"Oh, Mr. Adam, you are still afraid of being accused of fraud!" A sarcastic smile appeared on her face. She picked up the document and began to read it carefully. He sat beside her, but his face was not very good.

Sure enough, she didn't say anything good to him now.

However, he couldn't hate her anymore. The stubborn hatred seemed to have dissipated the moment he entered the room.

He looked at the woman in front of him so blatantly. Bella frowned and turned around to face the window. She didn't like to be stared at like this, especially by Adam!

If it weren't for the custody of the baby, she would never have any intersection with this devil!

She read the document carefully and said indifferently, "Mr. Adam, about the alimony you pay to the child, I hope you can pay it in one time. After all, the less we interact with each other, the better."

"Oh, by the way, the twenty percent of the shares is only worth 5 million dollars in Mr. Adam's heart? I think with Qin Group's current status, you should give me 10 million!"

"Besides, after you sign this contract, he has nothing to do with you anymore."

Although Bella had gone too far, Adam didn't lose his temper this time. Seeing that she was asking for an exorbitant price, he suddenly laughed.

Money was not the most important thing for him.

"Anything else is up to you, but I'm still the father of this child. The blood relationship can't be changed!" Adam stressed in a serious tone. He was a little unhappy when he felt what Bella didn't allow him to be the baby's father!

"Oh, that's right. Then don't disturb us anymore. But, Mr. Adam, don't you feel ashamed? You didn't want him, didn't you?"

His face darkened at Bella's words. They hadn't seen each other for a few days. As expected, she became eloquent. Finally, he agreed to all her requests to settle the lawsuit.

Because forging marriage certificate and child abuse were illegal. If she really took it seriously, he might not be able to get the upper hand.

"Anything else?"

"That's all. I hope you can modify it as soon as possible, Mr. Adam. By the way, please hire a lawyer to notarize this document. A nobody like me is afraid of being cheated."

Bella finished what she wanted to say, stood up and went into the bedroom. She didn't look at Adam from beginning to end.

As soon as Bella entered the room, she collapsed on the floor and loosened her grip. God knew how much courage she had used to face him!

Sitting there, Adam dialed Joe's number and asked him to send the lawyer to Sally's house. This might be the last thing he did for her.

Bella was afraid of the sudden silence in the air. Looking at the sleeping child on the bed, she felt very uncomfortable. She prayed in her heart, 'baby, don't blame mommy in the future!'

Seeing her like this, Sally was also worried about her. "Bella, are you okay?"

"Sally, I'm so tired! It's very tired here!" She poked her heart and said powerlessly. That was the person she had lo

ved with all her heart. At that time, she married him with the most beautiful and simplest heart in the world.

She didn't want wealth, and what she wanted was only a happy life of them two for the rest of her life. However, fate always joked. What she treasured most was a big fraud that had been planned by him for many years!

And he, like a born king, was in control of everything. He was the one who sued her, and it was also him who put forward the reconciliation!

Outside the house, Adam quietly looked at the place where she was living. Although not as rich as the Qin family, it was also plain and warm.

In fact, if he could choose, he also wanted to live such a warm life. However, he had lost his father since he was a child and had a very difficult life, while his child had to repeat his fate.

He frowned.

When Bella came out again, the lawyer had already arrived. He brought the reconciliation agreement and the bank card to Adam.

Under his notarization, the two people signed the contract and took a look at the lawyer. Suddenly, Bella said in a slight voice, "What crime do you think it is to forge the certificate issued by the state organs?"

The lawyer's face darkened, because he had notarized their marriage!

In fact, her intention was obvious. She was warning the person in front of her not to play tricks on her anymore. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Adam said, "Bella, you are getting more and more eloquent now!"

"I'm willing to admit defeat."

She threw the signed document in front of Adam, stood up and looked down at him. "The door is over there. Bye!"

She turned around and looked out of the window.

"Bye!" Looking at her back, Adam couldn't help but utter the word. Then he turned around and left. In fact, she had already been crying.

Under the hard shell, there was still a fragile heart. She said to herself silently, 'Adam, I hope we can never see each other again.'

As soon as Sally walked out of the bedroom, she saw her crying. Holding her in her arms, she sat on the sofa with her and said, "Bella, you still have the whole forest after losing a single tree. Don't cry. Terence and I are still by your side."

"Yes!" She nodded while crying.

Sally looked at the agreement signed by Bella and Adam and counted the number with her eyes wide open. "Bella, you are a rich woman now. You will pay for the meal for me and Mr. Terence in the future!"


"Well, let me tell you. When I have a husband in the future, whoever gives me ten million, I will sell him without any hesitation!" Sally said seriously.

Finally, Bella broke into laughter through tears!

Adam leaned against the back seat wearily as he watched the view of the car going backwards. His face was gloomy. Only the deep sadness could be seen in his deep eyes.

Finally, they came to this point.

As soon as he came back to the company, Adam was engaged in his work. This time, in order to settle this matter, he had spent a lot of manpower and financial resources. He still owed these shareholders an explanation.

"Adam, I have something to tell you," Luna held her father, Jonson's arm and walked in. Her sweet voice made him feel disgusted.

But there was still no expression on his face. He replied coldly, "what's the matter?"

Upon hearing this, she was immediately overjoyed. At the same time, Jonson's loud voice rang out, "Luna wants to work in the company. The Mu Group has just been merged, and the design department always needs new employees. In my opinion..."

"No way!" He denied without hesitation. Looking at the darkened faces of the father and daughter of the Fang clan, he added, "You can work in the Qin Group. The Mu Group is still a mess."

"Okay, thank you, Adam."

Jonson frowned and looked at Adam, who seemed to have changed a lot. Now he became more and more strong and powerful and would be a strong enemy of him in the future!

That was a later story. Anyway, from that day on, Bella had completely disappeared from the world of Adam. They hadn't seen each other in such a big city.

As soon as Adam was absorbed in his work, he became very cold and indifferent that everyone was afraid of him. However, he always felt that something was missing in his heart.

Only in the dead of night could he find his heart. Back then, when Bella was driven out of the Qin family, the only thing left was the photo on their fake marriage certificate.

Looking at her smiling face in the photo, Adam couldn't help smiling, as if he had heard her voice again, "Adam."

Suddenly, tears streamed down his face. It turned out that missing her was a painful thing. He had thought that he would forget her.

However, as time went by, Adam found that everything related to Bella became clearer and clearer. Those days were engraved in his heart by time, but when he was facing others, he became that cold and ruthless Adam again.

When she was reading the news about him, she could easily ignore it. Bella lived with Sally, Terence, taking care of her baby, but she had never mentioned anything about Adam again.

As if she had never met him!

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