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   Chapter 13 Settle Out Of Court

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This sentence made Joe, who had always been casual, tremble. When he sent Adam back to the Qin family, Mrs. Qin did not sleep but sat on the sofa with a calm face. Since Bella was kicked out of the Qin family, he would come back when Luna was there, and now he would not even come back home.

She didn't know what she had done wrong.

On the second morning, the news continued to be hot and he no longer cared about the miscellaneous new about him. Luna arrived at Luna's company early. Because of Adam's stomach bleeding caused by the last meal, she specially cooked porridge this time and followed Jonson to the Qin Group building.

This time, no one stopped her.

In her ten-centimeter high heels, staring at the envious eyes of everyone, she elegantly walked into the office of Adam and thoughtfully handed the insulation lunch box in her hand to him. "Adam, this is the porridge I specially learned from my mother. You have a poor stomach. It was all my fault last time."

"Well, I didn't take it seriously."

"Besides, I was too narrow-minded in the past. It was all because I cared too much about you that I did so many ridiculous things. I apologize to you. I know you must be in a bad mood now, so please forgive me."

Looking at the person in front of her, Luna took the opportunity to apologize. Because of what she did to the baby last time, he had little contact with her. He suddenly looked up at the woman who suddenly changed her attitude in front of him, and sighed silently in his heart. She was really good at judging the situation.

But he still replied coldly, "I'm not angry anymore."

After getting the answer she wanted, she quickly opened the lunch box and gave him the porridge. As expected, people were different from each other. Jonson's daughter really inherited the style of the Fang family and did everything with a purpose. Thinking of this, his cold eyes darkened, and a hint of unknown emotion flashed through his eyes, which Luna did not noticed.

Compared with her, Adam suddenly felt that Bella was a good girl.

However, in the end, he chose to stand on the opposite side of her and become her enemy!


On the other side, Bella was gently pushing the cradle and telling stories to the little baby. Suddenly, she sneezed. She quickly stood up for fear of passing the germs to the baby. Looking at her, Sally smiled and joked, "Alas, you sneezed for no reason all of a sudden. Someone must be missing you!"

"Who is it?"

"Of course it's Mr. Terence. He is so handsome and capable." It seemed that Sally was teasing her casually, but her eyes were indeed very serious. Looking at her, Bella was stunned. She knew Sally too well. She knew that Bella was trying to figure out her feelings for Terence.

She raised her hand and patted her head, "you!"

Bella sighed silently, looked at the woman in front of her and said seriously, "Sally, I'm afraid!"


"I'm really scared after falling in love with Adam. Sally, my heart is dead." With a mocking smile on her face, Bella said, "a heartbroken person has no strength to love others." She looked down, her long eyelashes hiding the sadness in her eyes, and a bitter smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

Sally stood up and held her in her arms to comfort her.

In fact, everyone could see that Terence loved Bella, but she no longer had the courage and strength to love others. "Sally, I want to live a happy life with you, my Terence and my baby. It has nothing to do with love, but pure friendship!" She said firmly.

"Of course you will!"

Sally answered firmly too. 'But I'm afraid the way for Terence to pursue your love is longer than you have imagined!' She thought.

Taking back her gaze, she picked up the story book that Bella hadn't finished reading just now and began to tell stories to their little baby. Looking at the sunshine outside the window, Bella stood up and looked at the prosperous world outside. In fact, what she had just said was not only that her heart was dead, but that she might not be able to love anymore.

It was said that nothing gave greater cause for sorrow than despair.

This sentence actually described her. When she muttered the baby's name "Richard", she still felt a faint pain in her heart. This child was redundant to the Qin family. At this time, Terence, who had finished his work, also came to Sally's house. Since Bella was discharged from the hospital and moved here, he had come here from time to time.

The moment Bella saw him, she suddenly got an inspiration. "I got it."

"What?" The two people next to him were both confused!

"I think of the baby's name, which is Sarence Mu. If I combined our name together, the baby will know how much his godfather a

nd godmother love him in the future!" Bella nodded with satisfaction. A smile appeared at the corners of Sally's mouth. This was the closest time that she and Terence's names were mentioned.

At this moment, Bella's phone rang. When she saw the name on the screen, her eyes flickered involuntarily. Finally, she pressed the answer key. Adam's cold voice came from the other end of the phone, "Bella, you're really lucky this time. I've already applied for an out of court settlement with the court!"

"Oh, okay. Then I really have to thank you!"

As long as it came to Adam, Bella's whole body seemed to be covered with thorns, which made people feel sorry for her inexplicably. Adam couldn't help clenching the phone, "if it weren't for the power of public opinion, our relationship wouldn't have ended so easily!"

He emphasized again and again!

"Well, then I have to thank you, Mr. Adam!" Bella hung up the phone and didn't give Adam a chance to speak. Looking at her, Terence's eyes darkened. She really treated him differently!

Suddenly, Bella seemed to think of something.

Looking at Terence in front of him, she suddenly showed a smile and said, "Terence, are you also involved in this news incident? I'm wondering why the surveillance video at the gate of the police station was released!" It was not until she was reminded by Adam that Bella thought of this. Looking at the people who had done so much for her silently, she was moved!

"You are so stupid, Bella. I have known it for a long time!" Sally rolled her eyes at her!

"It's not a big deal. Don't take it too seriously!" Terence said to Bella with a smile. His eyes were full of affection! Sally lowered her eyes. Maybe he didn't know what Bella was thinking. If he knew it, he would also be sad.

"Thank you anyway." Bella pretended that she didn't feel anything and thanked Terence. In fact, she already knew that Terence loved her. However, her heart was still unable to respond to his deep affection.

She couldn't give him any promise or response, so she had to pretend to know nothing. In fact, she wanted to minimize the damage to him.

Compared with the bustle here, the Qin family was much more desolate. There were only two people in this big place, Adam's mother Ada and Adam. It was so quiet that the sound of two people's breath could be heard. The two people were eating silently. Finally, Ada asked first, "Adam, how is the news going? And the company?"

"It's okay. Those shareholders are always like this. I ask Assistant Joe to deal with the news!"

"The baby?" Ada asked tentatively.

"I've asked Assistant Joe to submit the application for settlement out of court. The current situation is not very beneficial to our Qin family. We may not get the custody to raise the baby!" As Adam spoke, his eyes darkened. Somehow, he still felt sad.

Ada heaved a sigh of relief. She was afraid that Adam might take things too hard!

"Miss Luna, what do you think?" Ada picked up some food for him. She was very satisfied with this daughter-in-law in terms of family background, cultivation and talent. When she was in the Qin family, she could smile more! Now, only Adam himself could company her. Ada added, "I still like her very much!"

"Mom, to tell you the truth, I don't like Luna. She was so cruel to the baby last time. I don't think she is as dignified, virtuous and gentle as we think, so..." Adam interrupted his mother. If he couldn't be with Bella, he wouldn't get married with such a vicious woman!

"Okay, I hope you can find a simple girl!"

This sentence had been lingering in Adam's mind all the time. But would there be a girl as simple as Bella?

Looking at the dark night sky outside the window, Adam was eager to know what Bella was doing now. Maybe she was reading stories to the baby and watching him to sleep. He always remembered how gentle and affectionate she was when she was telling stories!

But they both couldn't go back.

That night, Adam had a dream. In the dream, Richard had grown up. The three of them were playing in the amusement park hand in hand. Bella was still smiling gently and beautifully. The child opened his mouth and said in a sweet voice, "Dad, mom, I want to be with you forever!"

"Okay, we are a family. We will be together forever!"

They sent Richard to school, bought vegetables and cooked together, just like an ordinary couple.

All of a sudden, Adam sat up and looked at the cold room. His eyes narrowed. Then he sat there until dawn. In fact, he had already known his true heart. Bella had already taken root and sprouted in his heart, unshakable, but his pride and stubbornness did not allow him to bow at this time.

However, he could deceive everyone except his heart.

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