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   Chapter 12 He Was Suspected Of Fraud

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Luna was scared by the furious look of Adam, and his attitude towards her also broke her heart. She cried all the way back to her home. As soon as she entered the house, she threw herself into the arms of her father Jonson and cried fiercely. She had always been cherished by all her families, and had never been treated like this before.

He felt sorry for his dear daughter when he saw her crying.

He wiped the tears on Luna's face carefully and said in a soft voice, "what's wrong? Who irritated my baby daughter and made you so sad? Tell me and I'll help you punish him!"

"It's none other than Adam!" She complained.

Speaking of Adam, Jonson was also unhappy. It should be him who took over the Qin Group at the beginning, but Adam married Bella and got twenty percent of the shares in her hands. That man became the biggest shareholder of the Qin Group overnight, and his shares were ten percent more than his.

What annoyed him more was that he was now contradicting him in all aspects in the company.

Jonson's eyes darkened. He pulled Luna and asked, "baby, tell me what happened?"

"I was kind enough to accompany him to the court and appear in court, but he asked me to leave him as soon as he came out. Dad, I also got an astonishing news today. Adam hasn't married that woman. All that is fake. It is a fraud set up by him for revenge!"


"Of course it's true, but he is angry at me, waah..."

Hearing this, a shrewd look flashed through Jonson's eyes. He held his precious daughter in his arms, comforted her, and gave her a bank card by the way. Girls always liked to buy and buy, as long as she had money, she must be in a good mood.

Sure enough, she left a kiss on his face and ran out happily, while his face was full of affection.

When the morning sun shone on the ground again, what happened yesterday was all past. As usual, Adam got up early and drove to the company. Now he focused all his attention on his work. As soon as he entered the company building, he felt a strange look from everyone.

When he arrived at the office, he didn't know what had happened.

Looking at the empty desk, he pulled a long face and shouted, "Joe, where is today's newspaper? Why didn't it be put on my desk on time?" He had been reading newspapers every morning for many years.

"Mr. Adam, you'd better not read it today!"

He gave him a sharp look. Joe found the newspaper in the trash can, and the striking red words marked a striking headline: Qin Group's son, Adam, is suspected of fraud and forging state parliament certificates, and at the same time, he was engaged in lawsuit! The news report was attached with the photo of him at the gate of the police station the other day and the photo of him coming out of the court yesterday.

What the news report said was reasonable, and according to the interview of the passers-by and the statements of the court staff, the matter was made more real. Joe saw that he had changed from coldness to indifference, and he raised his hand and slammed the newspaper on his body. "You have thirty minutes to deal with it."

"Yes, Mr. Adam. I am dealing with it."

He had just made it public yesterday, and today it hit the headlines. This question seemed not to be that simple. "Have you found out who sent this news?"

"Not yet. But Mr. Adam, I think his target is you!"

He glanced at Joe and said unhappily, "aren't you talking nonsense? Even a fool can see that!" Before he could step out of the office, his secretary knocked on the door and came in. She put her phone on Adam's desk. The phone was playing the video of him arguing with Bella and others at the gate of the police station that day.

As soon as the video was released, this explosive news immediately spread everywhere.

In a short time, the scandal about Adam was exposed to the public. Many cooperation programs with other companies had been affected because of his personal problems, which naturally affected the interests of the shareholders. Qin Group immediately held an emergency shareholders' meeting!

Looking at the faces of all the shareholders sitting there, Adam sneered coldly. This was how these people were like. They were like this every time the company encountered something, but as long as they saw interests, they were all very nice to him. An old shareholder said, "Mr. Adam, can you explain to us what h


"Look at our stock price. It has fallen so much all of a sudden!"

"That's right. We have been attaching great importance to interests since we invested in you. What's more, you are involved in a scandal this time, which has affected the operation and development of the Qin Group!"

What they said were all to impeach Adam. Looking at his darkened face and the dangerous atmosphere around him, the heated discussion finally stopped. The meeting room was so quiet that everyone could hear their disordered breathing. Seeing that he had achieved what he wanted, Jonson smiled.

"Dear shareholders, please don't worry. I believe Mr. Adam. All difficulties are temporary. In the past few years, Mr. Adam has led us to make a lot of money, and his ability is also obvious to all. Gains and losses are common things in business world, and you should treat it calmly!" He stood up and declaimed seriously!

He was supposed to be the one who hit him when he was down, but this time, he didn't. He chose to help Adam.

After all, he was not only the largest shareholder of the Qin Group except for Adam, but also an old employee of the Qin Group. When Adam's father was alive, they were good friends. But the shareholders were still very dissatisfied. In the end, they only said that they would consider about it. After the meeting, Adam specially invited Jonson to his own office.

"Uncle Johnson, today you are different from usual. Thank you for speaking for me!"

"I'm just telling the truth. We invested in your company because of your ability. I've been doing business for decades. Although sometimes I argue with you, I did this just for the long-term development of the Qin Group. I trust you very much!"

Jonson's words were so righteous that Adam almost believed him.

However, he knew that he would not be such a kind person. As expected, the next sentence came, "My baby Luna will marry you in the end. Please forgive her for the sake of me. She has always been spoiled by me!"

"Okay, it's what I should do!"

It turned out that he wanted to say this by talking so long with him. Adam answered with a fake smile. The two of them talked for a while before Jonson stood up and left. The smile on Adam's face suddenly darkened. He took out his mobile phone number and dialed Luna.

He invited her to the newly opened restaurant for dinner. Luna didn't know what had happened, but she was very happy.

At the same time, as soon as Sally finished her work, she rushed back to take care of Bella and her Godson. She specially saved the newspaper and video that had been exposed today and ran back happily. "Bella, see what good news I've brought to you!"

Bella was cooking when she heard the noise.

She took over the newspaper and cell phone from Sally's hand. When he read today's headline, she was stunned, but then a smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. "This is called the bad guy has his own way to deal with the bad guy. I haven't made a move, but there are already people who don't like him!"

"That's right. Bella, you have to hold on. The broad masses are your solid backing. They can drown him with a single spit!" Without any hesitation, Sally sat down at the table and began to eat. Bella, who was sitting next to her, also smiled at her.

She had no feelings for Adam anymore.

After dinner, he drove straight to the bar with Luna. The bar was very noisy, but he sat alone in a dark corner, ordered a lot of wine and drank alone. In the past, when Qin Group had encountered any bad thing, Bella was always the first person who cared about him.

Every time she knew the situation, she would go to plead with her father.

But now, looking at the empty side, his heart seemed to be empty as well. He forced a bitter smile, picked up the wine in front of him and drank it. In a daze, he seemed to see the innocent and lovely girl again. She stood beside her and asked with concern, "Adam, are you okay? Everything will be okay. I'm taking you home!"

Suddenly, his heart sank. No one would come to take her home.

In the end, the shop assistant called Joe to come here and take Adam away. He didn't know why Adam became so easily to get drunk now. They were acquaintances in this bar. After expressing his thanks, he carried Joe out. Suddenly, he was held by Adam and heard a very sad voice, "Bella, what should I do with you?"

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