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   Chapter 45 Being Disturbed

My Fairy Wife: Requite CEO With Love By Xin Miaomiao Characters: 3452

Updated: 2020-09-16 00:02

Standing there for a while, Bella began to yawn. She felt that she had become very sleepy since she was attached to this body.

She didn't know if it was because of the health problem of the owner of the body, or because of her own problem. In a word, she was very sleepy.

While yawning, she walked into the room and leaned against the sofa. As time went by, she gradually fell asleep.

When Zac walked out of the room, she had fallen into a deep sleep.

He stood by the sofa and looked at her in sleep. A moment later, he turned around and went back to his room.

They spent their first night here in Bella's sleep.

Perhaps it was because she slept too early that she woke up very early on the second day. She walked around in the living room and watched the sky slowly turn from black to white. At last the sun rose slowly and gave light to the earth.

When Zac came out, he saw that Bella was lying prone on the armrest of the sofa, staring ahead, not knowing what she was looking at.

She was absent-minded and he

om usual.

"Did I... think too much?" Hearing her response, he immediately felt that he might think too much.

The three of them came to the restaurant downstairs. It was peak time right now, and many people were having breakfast at this time.

However, the whole building had been booked by their company, so the people who appeared here were all acquaintances except the hotel staff.

Seeing them coming, they all made way for him to have breakfast first.

Zac took it for granted and didn't think he needed to thank them at all.

When they sat down, the person in charge of this trip stood up again and clapped her hands, reminding everyone that she had something to say.

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