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   Chapter 35 In The Same Room

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The hands that were grabbing his arms also slowly loosened, but at the moment they loosened, they suddenly grabbed again. As if she remembered something, her face was full of hope. "If you are not happy, I will think of another way."

“……” The people in the car were all speechless.

It seemed that the unhappiness of Zac could not be solved in an ordinary way.

However, they were also a little curious about what she was going to do next.

Both Zac and Hearst were curious about it.

After all, Zac had never smiled or been happy since his family changed and he took charge of the company.

Even though the Glory Group had made remarkable achievements, he had never felt happy.

Therefore, it would be difficult or easy to make Zac happy.

Give him more love. He lacked love since he was a child.

Since he saw his parents' miserable marriage with his own eyes, he could no longer feel love.

In Hearst's opinion, if Bella had the ability to open up the heart of Zac, he might be happy.

Since Bella recovered from her illness, she had changed a lot. Her temperament and attitude towards Zac had also changed. It was unknown whether she learnt some tricks or suddenly figured out something.

She might feel that she could not attract his attention in the past, so now, she changed a way.

If that was the case, it could only be said that she had become smarter. This time, the way to attract his attention seemed to be more useful than before.

After this short conversation, they did not speak any more. None of the four people in the car made a sound, and the car was filled with silence.

After driving for more than two hours, they arrived at the destination - the Valinger Lake Entertainment Resort.

The resort was the largest entertainment center in B city. It was separated from the neighboring city by the Valinger Lake, which was owned by the two cities.

The Valinger L

ght it was highly possible. After all, Zac and Victor knew each other.

During the lunchtime, she was thinking about such a problem. She was worried that if she cloud continue to seduce Zac and then kill him.

In fact, she also knew that it was impossible for Zac to fall in love with her wholeheartedly in a few days. However, when she saw Victor, she naturally wondered whether he was here to supervise her.

He could tell who she was, but she couldn't tell what kind of person he was. Obviously, she was at a disadvantage. If they fought, she would definitely lose.

Or... She should be a woman who loved Zac, so that he wouldn't be suspicious if she continued to live as Bella.

This was the only way she could think of now.

When they almost finished eating, the person in charge of this trip stood up and came to the middle of the restaurant. She clapped her hands, indicating that she had something to announce.

When everyone looked at her, she began to speak, "Today, after more than two hours' ride, the next hour is free time, and you can arrange it by yourselves. However, from tomorrow on, we have arranged the games and programs, and you should actively participate in them."

As she explained this, she began to look around at her colleagues.

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