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   Chapter 18 A Great Fortune In Misfortune

My Fairy Wife: Requite CEO With Love By Xin Miaomiao Characters: 3811

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After looking at herself, Bella thought she should get dressed first after being avoided by Zac.

Besides, she had made too many troubles today. If she continued to pester him, the result would be the opposite. She'd better not talk to him today.

After all, just as Victor said, she had to keep a distance from him.

Hearing Victor's words, Bella suddenly felt that maybe Zac didn't love her because she was too active.

She liked him since childhood, so he didn't have any desire to conquer. It was too easy to get, but he didn't know how to cherish it.

This was a common problem for everyone.

The nanny had cleaned the kitchen for four or five hours. She thought she should be responsible for what had happened, so she didn't complain at all.

Standing at the door of the kitchen, Bella looked at the scene inside. In fact, if she hadn't kept the last chance to use mana, the kitchen would probably have been destroyed.

It was because she had just used mana that the kitchen was finally spared.

"I'm really sorry. It's all my fault." Seeing that the nanny was cleaning the kitchen with sweat dripping down, Bella felt sorry for her.

She was a kind fox, not an iron hearted person. Seeing that the nanny was very old and was busy here because of her carelessness, she felt very sorry.

"That's okay you are fine." Compared with cleaning here for so long, the nanny was very glad that the house was fine, the kitchen was fine, and so was Bella.

This was a great fortune out of misfortune.

Although Bella was not the beloved wife of Zac, she was the daughter of a big group. It was difficult to explain if something happened.

The nanny took a look at the direction upstairs and sighed slightly. Then she walked to the counter, poured a cup of coffee from the glass and handed it to her. "Mr. Zac seems to be angry. Bring this upstairs and apologize to him by the way."

In fact, Bella had meant to refuse her. After all, she felt that under such a situation today, he had shouted her name for three times in a row.

It was indeed not a very good time to get along with him at this time. What if she made him angrier and got things worse?

However, she was too embarrassed to refuse the nanny's kindness. In the end, she took the cup from the nanny, held it and slowly walked upstairs.

When she passed by Zac's study, she saw him sitting inside because the door was not closed. She had planned to go to the room, but she changed the direction, gently pushed open the unlocked door and slowly walked in.

She didn't know what Zac was looking at. He had been concentrating on it all the time. Even if she came here, he didn't notice that she was standing in front of the desk. When she put the cup in her hand on the desk, the sound of gently touching the table finally attracted his attention.

He slowly raised his head and saw her standing there. He casually moved his eyes away and paid attention to the thing in his hand again.

His action always made people feel that his wife was far less important than the thing in his hand.

Bella thought she was probably the abnormal one under normal circumstances.

After all, she didn't love Zac. To say beside him, she just wanted him to experience the feeling of being betrayed.

Besides, she had made a lot of troubles and didn't know how to attract his attention again. So, she had to let it go.

Thinking of this, she didn't care much about his attitude and said, "Xenia asked me to bring it here." She said this on purpose.

She remembered that Zac would call the nanny like this occasionally, so when she didn't know how to call the nanny, she could only call her like this.

After saying that, she turned around and left. She just wanted him to know that she didn't come here to look for him.

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