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   Chapter 13 Are You Afraid That I Will Poison You

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Bella looked at Victor first, and then fixed her eyes on the food he said without any extra action. She just looked at the food with hesitation.

Although he didn't take advantage to deal with her when she was out of mana, she couldn't tell who he was, but he could see her clearly, so she was very cautious.

Besides, he also hoped that she would not lie to him. But obviously, she had lied to him, so she'd better stay away from him as far as possible.

Seeing that she didn't move and looked at him vigilantly, Victor felt a little funny. He slightly raised the corners of his mouth and smiled faintly, "what's wrong? Are you afraid that I will poison you? "

Bella wanted to nod, but obviously, she was not stupid. She immediately shook her head against her will and said, "I'm not hungry."

It was true that she was not hungry, and it was also true that she was afraid that he would poison her.

So she didn't lie to him on this point.

Victor nodded to show his understanding. After all, as she said, the fox spirit that had been locked up for more than 500 years didn't need to eat at all.

"But it's delicious. You can have a try." He still suggested. After all, she had been locked up for so many years, and she didn't know much about what was happening now.

Hearing his words, Bella looked at the food again. From the appearance, it was indeed tempting. She couldn't help swallowing secretly.

Her small action still fell into the eyes of Victor, who had been observing her all the time. He smiled again and whispered in her ear, "eat it. I won't poison you in this way for no reason."

His sudden approach really frightened her. She moved aside naturally.

After thinking for a while, she thought what he said was reasonable. After all, for him, killing her who was now without mana was as easy as killing ants. There was no need for him to poison the food here.

Thinking of this, she began to move towards what she was interested in.

Seeing that everyone was holding a small plate to carry the food, she also went to get one small plate.

Standing next to her, Victor watched her silently. Seeing that she picked up the clip like others and was about to pick up cakes.

But obviously, this simple clip was very easy for modern people to use, but it was not useful at all for her who had been dislocated for more than 500 years from the society.

He looked at it for a while and found it funny. He took the clip from her hand and easily picked up the piece of cake she liked.

By the way, he explained to her who didn't understand how to use the clip, "it's not easy to pick it up. If you use too much strength, the cake will break. But if you use too less strength, you cannot pick it up. Have you seen it clearly? "

Bella kept staring at his actions and forgot for a while that he was a danger to her.

She nodded.

He handed the clip to her and said, "try it."

She took it in a hurry and tried it carefully as he had just taught her. In her concentration, she finally picked up the cake. At this time, she was very excited. "Up! Up! I picked it up."

"…" It was supposed to be a very simple thing, but because of her happy look, Victor was also affected. And the raising angle at the corners of his mouth became more and more obvious.

Standing not far away, Celia was watching the interaction between the two of them. Although she had doubts in her heart, she was a little happy.

It seemed that there was really something wrong between the two of them.

At this time, Bella was eating cakes and looking for other things that could attract her attention. Obviously she was eating the cake on her plate and looking at the other delicious food.

However, Victor didn't go over. He was still eating the food he was interested in.

Seeing that Bella walked back after shopping for a long table of food, Celia hurriedly stepped towards the direction of her.

Bella, who had been looking for the next food while eating, didn't notice the coming Celia.

When she came to her side, Celia patted her on the shoulder deliberately before Bella noticed her, as if she tried to frighten her, and she shouted, "Bella Pei!"

At this moment, Bella was concentrating on eating. She was really shocked by Celia's sudden movement and voice.

Because she paid attention to the food in her hand, she didn't pay attention to her feet at all.

Celia, on the other hand, raised her foot when Bella was frightened and dodged in a hurry, and tripped her when she was moving.

In this way, Bella fell down along with the food. She had lost her mana and could only watch herself fall down to Victor who was in the front. It happened all of a sudden, and she had no time to react at all. She could only remind him, "get out of the way."

At first, Victor didn't pay attention to th

is side, but because of her reminder, he turned his eyes to this side. When he saw clearly the situation, she had already fallen on him.

Victor thought that if he left, she would definitely fall to the ground, so he reached out and caught her.

In this way, she fell into his arms. Fortunately, the inertia was not so strong because the angle was that big, and the scene was frozen when the two of them were hugging.

As she was falling down, the cake in her hand and the small plate flew out. Coincidentally, it just passed on the shoulder of Victor, and the thing stuck to his clothes.

After Bella steadied herself, she immediately apologized, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

Then she quickly stood up and began to wipe the things on his shoulder.

"It doesn't matter." Glancing at the cake residue on his clothes, Victor said casually.

Celia, who had just pretended not to be able to catch Bella, hurried over. She reached out her hand to touch her and checked, "are you okay, Bella?"

Although Bella's life habits couldn't keep up with the current pace, she was still intelligent. She knew who lifted her foot and tripped her just now.

Moreover, from the very beginning, she found that Celia cheated her as she said that Zac would come. That was not true at all.

So, according to what Celia had done on purpose this time, Bella thought that Celia probably wanted to make her have such a contact with Victor on purpose?

But for a moment, she didn't understand why Celia did that?

Celia turned to look at Victor and asked, "Mr. Victor, are you okay?"

"Nothing." Shaking his head, Victor said to Celia, "it's so late. Send her back."

"Okay, we are leaving now." Celia also felt that there was no need to stay here any longer, so she turned to Bella who was stood on one side and asked to her, "are we going back, Bella?"

Bella didn't say anything but nodded.

Then, Celia said goodbye to Victor and left with Bella.

On the way to the car, Celia explained to Bella, "it seems that Zac was delayed by something, so he didn't have time to come over."

Bella kept silent. She just felt that the more Celia explained, the guiltier she was.

Along the way, she didn't make a sound. In order to ease the embarrassing atmosphere, Celia often found topics to talk about, and talked about the childhood that she didn't know at all.

She didn't know what was going on, and she didn't want to talk either, so she didn't respond at all.

Gradually, Celia quieted down and focused on driving.

When the two of them returned home, Zac hadn't come back yet.

Looking at the quiet home, Celia was also happy, as if Zac hadn't come back, which meant that he didn't love Bella at all.

"Bella, Zac hasn't come back. Let me stay here with you." Celia went to turn on the TV in the living room and was about to sit on the sofa.

"No, thanks." Bella refused without hesitation.

"You Aren't you bored alone? " Celia was about to sit on the sofa, but was frozen by her two words.

"It's good to be alone." Although she didn't know what boredom meant, she just felt that it was good to be alone.

Although Zac was not here and she didn't have a chance to show herself, she still liked to stay alone. She seemed to be used to such a life.

Celia left in this way, looking back three times as she took one step, as if she was worried about Bella who was alone at home.

Celia didn't turn off the TV. At this time, there was a sound in the middle of the night. Although she didn't know how to get it for the time being, she had adapted to the fact that the sound and figure could be heard in it when she was in the Rong family.

"Many people asked me how to win a man's heart during the marriage tiredness. Now, I'm going to explain it to you."

Bella's eyes were attracted by this sentence. She only saw the words "how to retain a man's heart". She thought that someone wanted to retain a man's heart, which was similar to getting a man's heart.

"Marriage fatigue means that you two are used to the current state. Day after day, year after year, everyone will be tired. So now you have to give him a fresh feeling and add some fresh blood to your boring marriage. For example, you can change your dressing style or dressing up. Or she could go shopping. The man couldn't resist the temptation of her sexy pajamas. Subsequently you know what I mean. "

Standing there blankly, Bella looked at the people inside keeping speaking.

But She didn't understand.

Suddenly, she felt that there was a huge gap between her and these people.

"There is an old saying that grasping a man's heart is not better than grasping his stomach. If you don't know how to cook, you can try to cook his favorite dishes. He will be impressed by your efforts and start to pay attention to you again."

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