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   Chapter 12 Is He Just A Mortal

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Bella stopped because of Celia's words, which almost made Celia, who was chasing after her, hit her, so Celia quickly stopped.

"What do you think? Go with me. You can come back with Zac... " Seeing her hesitation, Celia continued to persuade her.

"Okay!" This time, Bella's answer was very firm. Without any hesitation, she even directly interrupted Celia.

"…" Celia was supposed to be talking, but she was suddenly interrupted by Bella and she had to stop.

It turned out that Bella had already forgotten her promise.

Thinking of this, Celia couldn't help sneering in her heart. The reason why she gave her this promise was that Bella knew that she was going to die. But now, the dying person miraculously came to life.

Besides, she was Zac's wife now. How could she think of what she had said?

She knew that when Bella was vigorously alive, she would not let go of any chance to be with Zac, even if the two of them had been married now.

Back then, she had supported Bella to marry Zac only because Bella was dying. But now, it seemed to be different. She should work hard for the love she wanted.

Even though Bella was the wife of Zac, it was just Bella who loved Zac sideways between the two of them. So it was still hard to tell who Zac would fall in love with in the end.

Celia came back to her senses and smiled at Bella, showing the affection as a good sister. "Go upstairs and change your clothes."

Bella was just thinking. Anyway, she just wanted to attract the attention of Zac. It was a good start to dress up well, so she didn't stop Celia from dressing her up.

After all, in today's society, Celia knew better than she did.

Because Celia knew clearly that it was impossible for Zac to attend the party that night. It was Victor who initiatively asked her to invite Bella, so she dressed Bella up beautifully on purpose.

If Victor really liked Bella, he would definitely be attracted.

When they went out, Celia looked at the flat shoes on her feet and asked, "how about changing a pair of high-heeled shoes at my home?"

Although Bella didn't know what high heels were, she could tell from Celia's eyes that she was talking about her shoes. And the difference between her shoes and Celia's…

She specially observed it and found it was very high, so she gave up and shook her head.

Celia didn't say anything more. After all, Bella was in poor health and didn't have a pair of high-heeled shoes at home. Although she was getting better, no one knew what was going on, so Celia didn't force her.

Besides, Bella hadn't worn high-heeled shoes from the beginning. If she changed them temporarily, she would definitely not be able to wear them.

Celia thought it would be better to leave a good impression on others than to embarrass Bella in front of Victor.

When they arrived at the destination, there were also so many people. Bella naturally noticed the shoes everyone was wearing at this moment.

All the women present wore the same shoes as Celia's, very high. she wondered if everyone was like this now?

When Celia arrived at this place, she didn't have time to think about anything else. She began to look for Victor. When she saw that he was talking happily with his friends, she smiled and took Bella to his direction.

At this time, Bella, who had been observing the strange shoes on everyone's feet, did not notice that in the front Victor had turned to look at this direction.

When they were getting closer and closer to him, Celia suddenly stopped and anxiously warned her, "Bella, don't walk around here. I'll go to the bathroom."

Bella nodded. After she left, Bella looked around. Not far away from her, someone moved away, and just let another person appear in her sight.

When she saw him, she instinctively used mana to find out his identity, but the result was that he was just a mortal?

It was impossible. How could an ordinary human see that she was a fox?

In the end, there was only one reason that Bella could figure it out, that was, her mana was weakened and she couldn't detect it.

Thinking of this, she quickly walked in the direction she had just come in.

Why did he always haunt her?

When she arrived at the gate, she jumped up and prepared to escape with mana.

However, when she tried hard to jump up, her mana disappeared. She fell down directly in front of him in a sprawling style.

At this moment, what she was thinking was not how ugly she would be if she fell on the ground in a sprawling style, but how could she get rid of his hand without any mana?

Victor walked leisurely to her and squatted down. Then he looked at her who had not yet stood up from the ground, and said, "you just need to tell me what you are going to do by attaching to Bella?"

"Who are you?" Since Bella knew nothing about his identity, how could she tell him her pur


"My name is Victor long, the CEO of LFM Jewelry Group." Perhaps in order to make her tell the purpose of attaching to Bella, Victor began to introduce himself sincerely.

"you are a mortal. how can see me?" Although he introduced himself to her, he didn't tell her what he was.

"Didn't you test me just now? Am I not a mortal according to your conclusion? " Victor knew that she had used the mana to see his real body when he said she was a fox spirit the other day.

Bella couldn't say that it was because of her insufficient mana that she couldn't see. After being silent, she remembered that she hadn't stood up yet. Enduring the pain of the wound caused by the friction on the ground just now, she slowly stood up.

But she kept staring at Victor. Her mana was obviously out of control. It was easy for him to kill her.

Squatting down, Victor looked up at the bruises on her arms and feet as she stood up. he stood up slowly and asked again, "why do you attach to Bella?"

It was easy for him to get rid of her, but he kept asking this question. Suddenly, an idea came to Bella's mind, that was, he just wanted to know the purpose of her doing so.

It seemed that she should think about how to fool him.

Her mind was running fast. Slowly, an explanation came to her mind. She slowly walked to the landscape tree beside and said, "more than 500 years ago, I fell in love with a scholar. But later, they knew that I was not a human being. His mother asked the demon hunter to tear us apart, and I was sealed. A few days ago, Zac was chased and hunted. He was injured and fled to the temple. The seal was accidentally unsealed. I came back with him just to repay him, but I found that he was the scholar, so... "

As she spoke, she looked up at the full moon in the night sky. With deep love in her heart, tears fell from Bella's eyes.

"So when you know that Bella is the wife of Zac, you attached to her." After hearing what she said, Victor came to such a conclusion.

"Yes." Bella nodded. That was exactly what she wanted. She was not stupid. She knew that Victor and Zac knew each other, how could she still tell him the truth? She could only tell him in this half-true and half-false way.

Since he said so, how could she say anything else?

Victor just stared at her as if he wanted to know whether she was telling the truth or not. But obviously, even if he could see her real body, he couldn't tell whether what she said was true or not.

He only saw that she was looking straight ahead, with a trace of sadness in her eyes and two lines of tears on her sad face. Some things could be faked, but emotions were really not easy to be faked.

He looked at her side face and said softly, "I hope you won't lie to me."

Turning her head slowly, Bella stared at him and wiped the tears on her face gently. She was wondering what he would do if he found out that she was lying?

It seemed that Victor was also waiting for her response, but at this time, Celia's voice came from the door, "Bella, why are you here? I have been looking for you for a long time."

The conversation between the two was interrupted like this by the appearance of Celia.

But obviously, Bella liked the interruption very much. She quickly responded to her, "I am coming."

After saying that, she turned to look at the motionless Victor beside her, as if asking for his opinion, as if asking if she could leave or not now.

He didn't say anything either. He just nodded slightly, indicating that she could leave.

It had never happened to her before that Bella rushed to Celia in such a hurry. All she wanted to do now was to dodge from Victor. She could only think about the future things in future.

When she followed Celia back to the venue, she began to look around, but did not find Zac.

She said, "I want to go home."

Celia replied, "the party hasn't started yet. Let's eat something first."

Therefore, she waited for a while and found that Victor had come in. He would observe her from time to time, which made her very uncomfortable. Although she was very interested in the delicious food now, she had no mood to touch these things.

She wanted to walk away, but it was Celia who took her here just now. She didn't remember how many turns she had taken, nor could she find the way home.

Therefore, she could only stand in the corner and look around. She watched the scene around, and looked at Celia who was chatting happily with the crowd.

After chatting with one of his friends, Victor saw that she was alone there. She looked very lonely, because she was not familiar with the current society, and a trace of helplessness could be seen on her face.

So he stepped forward and came to her side. Looking at her who was staring at him, he asked softly, "don't you want to eat something? You haven't eaten these yet. "

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