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   Chapter 7 Kill A Mortal

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Seeing this, a disdainful smile appeared at the corners of Bella's mouth. Although she did not know whether the marriage of the two people was a trap set up by the Pei family, she knew that the owner of this body was indeed seriously ill at that time.

If she hadn't attached to her, how could this person appear here? She had already stepped into the tomb.

When she was about to leave, she saw that the news about Zac and Bella was broadcast there, so she stopped and continued to listen.

It was said that Bella had chased after Zac for a long time and liked him since childhood, and even the biggest wish in her life was to marry him. Therefore, her father begged Zac to marry her, regardless of any conditions.

Although he didn't accept Bella, he had never made a girlfriend. They guessed that Zac didn't believe in love because of his father, so it was the same for him to marry anyone.

These words were somewhat true or false, but Bella found one key point, that was, Zac's father. Moreover, it could be seen from here that it was always Bella who had been around Zac.

Turning around, Bella was looking for the way to Zac's house. With the similar scenery around, she found that she had forgotten which direction she came from just now.

It seemed that She got lost again.

She stood on the side of the road and looked at some white lines under her feet which led to the opposite side of the road. Bella remembered that she had passed such a road when she went back with Zac and others yesterday, so she walked over.

After a few steps, she heard a harsh sound. Then, someone stuck out of the window and shouted at her, "you're courting death. Don't you see the green light?"

Bella suddenly stopped and looked at the man who was shouting at her in the car. The coldness emitted from her body made the man shudder.

She had planned to teach this fierce man a lesson, but she didn't expect that her mana would fail again at the critical moment.

When she found that she had lost her mana, she looked at the man. A trace of worry gradually appeared on her face. She was just a weak woman now, and she couldn't lower herself to the same level as the man.

Therefore, she quickly stepped back, but she did not expect that because of her sudden retreat, the car that was about to drive over took a turn to avoid her, and it crashed into another passing car.

"You're courting death!" The people of the two cars poked their heads out, and the anger on their faces was self-evident.

The sudden appearance of three men who were hostile to her made Bella panic. In addition, she didn't know much about the society now, so she panicked.

In a hurry, she rushed to the direction she was about to go, while dodging all kinds of cars running over. However, because of her running, the intersection was suddenly in a mess.

She ran into a relatively remote road, so that she could think carefully about which direction Zac's home was at.

She looked around and walked slowly. There was a car following her. This road was narrow. If she wanted to let the car pass, she had to stand aside and give way.

In order to make the car pass easily, she was standing under a tree, making room for the car. When the car passed and she walked out, she found that a branch wrapped around her slightly wide sleeve.

As soon as she took two steps forward, the sleeve on her clothes hissed and a big cut was pulled out by the branch. She had been a little irritable in this strange place, and now even a branch came to bother her. She was really a little angry.

She struggled hard and the branch slipped through her sleeve, leaving a shallow scratch on her arm, and blood immediately seeped out.

The pain from her arm made her more dissatisfied with the branch. She pulled it off the tree and threw it on the ground alone.

Getting rid of the branch, she walked forward again and checked the injury on her arm. Now her mana was out of control and she could not be healed, so she had to leave it like this without doing anything.

Why was the mana out of control from time to time? Was it because she had been locked up for too long?

At this time, Zac and his mother, and Bella's parents escorted the relatives who came to the party. Celia rushed downstairs and came to them, panting, "Bella is not in the room."

Just now, everyone thought that Bella was frightened by the cockroaches and went back to her room to have a rest. Her mother also went to her room on purpose. She thought she was asleep when she saw the protruding position on the bed.

Since there were guests at home, she didn't go in and went downstairs to treat the guests.

For a moment, everyone was looking for Bella in the house of the Rong family. They had looked for her everywhere possible, but they didn't see her.

Gradually, everyone began to feel that Bella might have been kidnapped. So many cockroaches appeared just to attract everyone's attention?

This was the only possibility they could think of. After all, either the appearance of cockroaches or Bella's missing at home was very suspicious. When the two things were combined, it seemed that someone did it on purpose.

After all,

Zac was shot two days ago.

Thinking of this, they felt that it was exactly what they thought. But they didn't know that the whole thing was done by, Bella, the person involved.

The sudden disappearance of Bella caused both the Rong family and the Pei family to look for her for a whole night. Some went out to look for her, while some stayed at home waiting for the kidnappers to call. They used all the forces they could use, and even wanted to call the police.

After waiting for a whole night, there was no call from the kidnapper. Zac gradually felt that he was not kidnapped. It was not until then that he remembered that the last person to contact with Bella was Victor. At that time, he felt that both her and Victor were a little strange.

He asked his mother to call and ask Victor. Victor was the son of his mother's cousin sister. The two cousins were as close as sisters. But Zac had a regular relationship with Victor, and they could only be regarded as acquaintances, but Victor had a good relationship with Zac's younger brother.

Although Zac's mother was confused, she still made the call according to Zac's words.

Hearing Zac's mother said that Bella was missing, in order not to make them worry, Victor told her that his friend had seen Bella near the hospital.

The sun shone on the ground, and noisy sounds came from around. It was no longer as quiet as the night, but as peaceful as usual.

Sitting on a resting chair in the park, Bella had not slept all night. She was not tired at all. She kept looking around, but she could not find the way even after a whole night.

At this time, Zac was waiting for the traffic light on the road. The news on the LED screen in front of him attracted his attention. The content of the news was that many cars collided with each other. Of course, this was not the point. The key point was that there was actually Bella in the monitoring screen, and the accident was caused by her.

Although that was what happened last night, Zac quickly changed the direction to go to the accident spot.

His car wandered around the hospital. If Bella was injured because of the accident last night, the hospital would definitely call him, so she might be nearby.

Victor said that someone had seen her here, but he didn't know if she had left here or not. Zac could only have a try.

Finally, he saw her on a resting chair in a park.

Zac chose a temporary parking lot and stopped the car. Then he got out of the car and walked straight to Bella. She was lowering her head and didn't see him coming over.

It was not until he was closer to her that he saw the difference. Her hair was messy and there was a big cut on her sleeve. He was about to scold her as she made them busy all night without any sleep. Although he didn't feel worried when she was missing, after all, she was missing in the Rong family. It was not reasonable for him to do nothing.

However, when he saw that she was a little down and out, and there was a blood mark on her arm, he finally stopped before saying anything. Standing five meters away from her, he stopped and stood there silently.

Hearing the footsteps, Bella raised her head. She didn't expect that it was Zac who found her. She looked up at him in a daze.

When she saw him, an idea came to her mind by instinct, which was how to kill him.

But how could she kill him? Would the man last night revenge on her after she killed Zac? With her current mana, she was no match for that person.

There were so many thoughts in her mind that she forgot to react in the end.

"Get in the car." After saying these words, Zac turned around and walked towards his car without hesitation.

After being stunned for two seconds, Bella came to her senses and immediately stood up to follow him.

After a few steps, Zac's phone rang. He answered the phone and walked out of the park to the temporary parking lot on the street.

Bella, who was following him, stopped and stared at a crossroad ahead where an accident caught her attention.

This accident was not as lucky as the one she had caused last night. Although they had a series of collisions last night, no one was injured and the damage was very low.

But this time, it was a truck that crashed into an electric vehicle. The man on the electric vehicle was badly injured, and blood splashed all around.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she happened to see Zac who was standing beside the car and answering the phone. He was a mortal and couldn't see that far. Besides, he was busy now, so he didn't pay attention to what was happening over there.

However, when Bella thought of the person who had been hit, she stared at Zac who was standing on the roadside and didn't notice the accident at all.

She couldn't help but connect the bloody man with him. If he was hit by a car at this moment, wasn't it normal?

So she began to observe the surroundings. Coincidentally, a car came on the road in front of the two of them. Although it was not as big as the car that had an accident, she felt that it was easy for the coming car to kill a mortal.

She secretly cast mana and pointed to the car that was heading towards them.

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