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   Chapter 6 You Are Not Bella

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She had thought to turn out a snake to bite Zac to death, but she had never thought that in the end, there would be densely packed cockroaches.

One cockroach was not scared. But it was horrible that a group of cockroaches climbed out at once and covered the whole cobblestone road and around.

"Ah!" Bella didn't think a viper could scare her so much.

There were many cockroaches around her feet. If she moved a little, she would trample a few of them to death. There was no place for her to come out at all.

Frightened by the little creatures, she rushed forward and stepped on a lot of them. Perhaps it was because she was too scared and she walked in a hurry. Moreover, she was an animal and didn't want to hurt the cockroaches.

Therefore, when she was careless and lost her balance, she suddenly leaned forward and fell into the body of Zac, who was standing still and observing.

Even though so many cockroaches made Bella's face pale, Zac didn't have any reaction. When the cockroaches came to his feet, he moved a little. Looking at all this, he was too surprised and confused.

When everyone heard the sound and ran out to check the situation, Bella just fell into the arms of Zac. Because she was caught by him, the position of the two now was somewhat Ambiguous.

"Oh my God! Why are there so many cockroaches?" Everyone was immediately attracted by the scene that the two of them hugged each other. They didn't notice the ground, only Bella's mother saw the things surrounding the two of them on the ground.

For a moment, everyone seemed to have forgotten what they were going to do here today. They began to kill cockroaches there.

Some of them stepped on them with their feet, some put them in a cloth bag, and some hurriedly bought back a mosquito repellent and sprayed it there.

All in all, the good dinner was ruined by these cockroaches from nowhere.

"Bella, you go in first." Bella's mother said as she helped her with the crawling cockroaches and came to her side. Since Bella was a child, she had been afraid of cockroaches the most.

Bella, who had escaped from Zac's arms, immediately stood on tiptoe and ran towards the residence from time to time.

When she approached the stairs of the main house, a man who didn't fight against cockroaches caught her attention.

she didn't know him. The main reason why he attracted her attention was that he had been staring at her, as if he wanted to see something from her.

Bella seemed to see from his eyes that he knew she caused the chaos.

Everyone was busy dealing with cockroaches, but only three people stood straight. Except for Zac and Bella who had been present from the beginning, the other one was the man who had been staring at Bella.

He was about the same age as Zac. He was handsome. What attracted her more were his eyes. She didn't know whether it was because that she was frightened by the cockroaches just now, there was something wrong with her eyes that she saw his eyes were dark cyan.

Because he looked at her without scruple, she then did the same to him.

She took a deep breath and felt that she had thought too much and was suspicious. She walked slowly towards the house.

Instead of doing anything else, Victor Long stood still, as if he was waiting for her to come close.

When she went upstairs and was about to go in, he took a step in the middle and blocked her way.

He deliberately drew closer to Bella and whispered in her ear, "you are not Bella. who are you? Why are you here? "

How could this person know at a glance that she was not Bella? Even people who were familiar with Bella couldn't tell at a glance that she was not.

Although there was doubt on Zac's face, he didn't say that she was not Bella. Even her mother, who knew Bella best, didn't dare to say such words as she thought it was because of her sudden recovery, although she found that Bella now was different from before.

She believed that he knew she was not Bella because he was familiar with Bella. Maybe it was because the difference between her and Bella was too big that he had doubts.

She couldn't panic!

"Then who is it?" Bella thought that she had no choice but to deny it.

"Then tell me, who am I?" As usual, there was no expression on Victor Long's face.

"…" His words were too difficult for her. It was too urgent for her to attach to Bella at that time. Moreover, until now, she hadn't figured out the relationship with some people around Bella, let alone this person she had never seen before. Who on earth was he? What was his name?

"You have nothing to say, right? A thousand year old nine tail snow fox?"

Feeling suffocated, Bella started to run into the house in a panic. With so many people in the yard, she couldn't just disappear, so she had to disappear from their sight.

Although she didn't cast a mana to see who he was, she couldn't fight against any demons and ghosts with her current mana which could be controlled occasionally, so she had to hide first.

Celia, who was watching them, took a look at Zac who had been watching Bel

la all the time, after Bella fled the scene in a hurry.

She remembered that he had noticed Bella as soon as he appeared. She suddenly understood why Bella chose to wear this dress tonight.

Zac had been used to women. Obviously, this trick of Bella successfully attracted his attention.

Looking at Bella who ran into the room in a hurry, Celia couldn't help thinking of what Bella had said to her. She said, "Celia, I know you like Zac, but I won't delay him for long. I also hope that after I leave, you can spend the rest of your life with him..."

A sneer involuntarily appeared on Celia's face. So, did Bella, who was getting better, become so scheming? She knew that Zac didn't love the two of them, so she took action in advance?

She began to doubt whether the incurable disease of Bella was true or not.

At the moment Victor Long followed her in, Bella turned into a white light and left.

When Zac and Celia came in together, it was obvious that Bella had disappeared and she was nowhere to be seen. Bella had been a little strange since she recovered. Although Victor Long knew her, he didn't talk to her in private.

Therefore, Zac had been observing the two of them. Although he couldn't hear what they were talking about, he could see some of their actions. After Victor Long said something, Bella obviously ran inside in a hurry as if she was running away.

For a moment, he didn't know what she was escaping from. The only explanation was that she was frightened by the cockroaches. After all, the dense cockroaches were really horrible.

"Where is Bella?" Celia looked around and didn't see Bella. Then she turned to look at Victor Long, who had been staring at a window.

"I don't know." When Victor Long turned around, he happened to see Zac who was staring at him in confusion. "Maybe she was frightened and went upstairs."

There were naturally reasons why he didn't say it. Firstly, others might not believe him. Secondly, he wanted to see what the fox spirit was up to as she attached to Bella.

Although Zac didn't completely believe it, he couldn't figure out what was wrong. He just walked out with doubts and continued to look at the cockroaches scattered everywhere.

The appearance of these cockroaches was too weird. The green belt of their home was managed every day. How could there be so many cockroaches all of a sudden? It was impossible.

But for a moment, he couldn't figure out what was wrong.

After leaving the house of Rong family, Bella stopped at the hospital where they got into the car yesterday. She might have remembered this place except that house.

Standing in the center, she looked around at the flashing neon lights and the roads where people came and went. There was no curiosity about the new world on her face and the joy of regaining a new life. Her expression was full of rejection.

She didn't like this place. Everything here and all the people were strange to her. She thought that after she took revenge and killed Zac, she would find a deep forest and live a quiet and remote life alone.

In the past five hundred years, she had been used to being alone. She didn't want to deal with anyone, and she didn't need anyone else.

She was sealed in the temple. At first, the temple was very prosperous. Every day, many people came to burn incense to pray. Because she was imprisoned in a censer, each incense burned by people seemed to be like a nail pierced into her body, burning her bit by bit.

At that time, she could still hear the voices of some people. Later, as time went by, the temple gradually became desolate. Until now, almost no one would appear there. She was not tortured anymore but she could not hear the voices of the outside world either.

In the end, she forgot how to talk nicely.

In the past five hundred years, she really didn't need any companionship.

Although she was not interested in this place, she should understand the current situation of the world since she attached to Bella. Although her identity was seen through by a person whose identity she could not find out, she had never thought of leaving Bella's body.

For her, if she wanted to escape from the thunderstroke doom set by the demon hunting master, she could only hide in this lifeless body.

In order to integrate into this body, she began to observe the surroundings.

A hundred meters away, a woman took a white square box beside her ear and took a walk with the man, saying, "Mom, I'll be back soon."

On the other side, a man said to the black square box, "honey, remember to miss me."

At a shopping square five hundred meters away, the big screen was playing, "the wife of Zac Rong, the CEO of the Glory Group, Bella Pei, who was in a coma on the wedding day and was sent to the hospital, recovered miraculously recently. The comments on Zac Rong are that he is rich and handsome. It is said that he was willing to marry Bella, and one of the reasons is that Bella Pei is seriously ill. But now she suddenly recovers. People think that the Pei family has set a trap for the Rong family... "

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