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   Chapter 54 Let's Have A Talk

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Marts first walked up to the board. After confirming that everything was right, he reached out his hand to Mary, but she directly walked up on her own.

Maybe because of the different weight of the two, as well as their far distance, and Marts had a tendency to fall.

This was really a helpless thing. Mary guessed that maybe the investor behind it had spent a lot of money on the decoration, so he had no money to equip a lift.

"Come closer and stand in front of me. It's not easy to shake when we both stand in the middle." Marts' face darkened. It was easy for him to fall down. He had been in the business circle for many years and had become calm, without any exaggerated expression on his face.

"..." Mary knew that Marts had been very patient. He would probably come to her if she didn't go over, so she had to move over helplessly.

The two of them had saved a lot of trouble. At this time, Marts' face softened a little.

The man, who was watching the video of the two people on the computer, suddenly burst into laughter. The bodyguards behind him trembled with fear and felt a little bitter in their hearts.

"Interesting! This is the first pair of people to come up like this today."

They used to be smart, but it took them a long time to adjust their positions. They walked back and forth awkwardly, and generally didn't stand firm until they reached the top. Some of them even swayed all the way, without any temperament.

"Marts. Who is the woman beside him? Check it out."

Several bodyguards answered and left the monitoring room.

As the two were so close to each other, the faint fragrance on Mary's body was almost filled with the taste bud of Marts, and his face, which had just calmed down, instantly turned extremely dark.

This was the usual fragrance of this woman. The familiar fragrance was intoxicating, and it made Marts a little restless.

"Stay away from me." Marts said in a hoarse voice, his eyes becoming vague.

"What are you doing?" Mary frowned slightly and looked up at him. Her inadvertent movement rubbed against his body, making him take a step back.

In an

was miserable and quiet outside, then it was really warm and noisy inside. The colorful lights made everyone present look a little lazy.

"Sister! ! !”

A familiar voice came from somewhere. When Mary looked over, she really saw Kent.

"Why are you here?" Mary smiled. This place was not open to young people.

"I crawled in from that place. No one knows I sneaked in at present." Kent ran quickly to Mary and whispered to her.

"Crawl in? Brilliant." Speechless, Mary patted on Kent's arm and said, "Indeed, no one knew that you sneaked in just now, but now it's different. I know."

"Sister, I know you won't do this to me, right? Eh, brother is also here." After Kent finished talking, he was surprised to see Marts, as if he had never seen him.

It seemed that Marts had been patient with Kent for a long time, or why there was a little flame in his eyes when he looked at Kent.

"Do you know it's dangerous for you to run here and there like this? It's too eye-catching." Marts scolded in a hoarse voice.

Kent smiled sweetly. He was wearing a handsome pink suit today and looked very handsome. He had a very handsome face that looked childish.

"Brother, are you praising me for being attractive?"

Mary kept silent and couldn't help but want to say to Kent, "Aren't you courting death by saying this in front of Marts?" As the saying goes, "A person like you won't live much in TV drama!"

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