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   Chapter 53 Shangri-La

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Mary stepped back, turned around and left. She didn't want to have dinner with him. She wanted to see her brother.

"Don't you want to know where I will take you?" Marts' voice was full of temptation, which made Mary stunned for a second.

"I'm not hungry." Mary stopped, turned around and said to Marts, "So Mr. Marts, you'd better go by yourself."

"Did I say we are going to have dinner?" Marts smiled happily.

"Well, even if we are not going to have dinner, I don't want to guess what you are going to do. That's your business. I'm sorry that I can't accompany you." After saying that, Mary turned around and left again.

Marts didn't get annoyed. He went straight to the car, holding his hands on the steering wheel casually, and quietly looked at the back of Mary, who was walking in front of him. She was tall but thin.

All of a sudden, Mary turned around and looked at him. Her eyes lit up. She asked, "Are you going to the Shangri-La? !”

Shangri-La was an entertainment club. Most of the people in it were weirdos. The reason why saying so was that on this day every year, it was the opening time of Shangri-La, and they were not allowed to enter at ordinary time.

And even if it was open, no one was allowed to enter without invitation, and Marts was one of the people who could enter.

"Look at my memory. It seems that time is coming. I should go now." Marts frowned and pretended to drive away.

All right, all right. Mary rolled her eyes silently in her heart and couldn't help complaining, "I want to go with you."

At the door of the Shangri-La, Mary was still wearing a light blue dress. At this moment, Marts was also wearing a light blue suit, and the bright color made him more tender and beautiful.

"Welcome." At the door, women wearing cheongsam stood in a row, and each of them had an exquisite appearance, but most of them were the same. It was really a strict rule to employ similar people in this place. Maybe everyone came from the same plastic surgery hospital.

Marts took out the invitation. The dark color was terrifying, and there was a small skull pattern in the corner.

Mary smiled. This place was getting more and more interesting. Suddenly, she felt a little disgust

d around made people feel creepy.

Marts suddenly held Mary's hand. The cold touch between his fingers shocked the two of them.

Mary held back what she wanted to say. It was indeed dark now, and it was not the right time to be angry.

Fortunately, they arrived soon. However, the dazzling light inside made people close their eyes involuntarily. When they opened their eyes, a flash of amazement quickly flashed through their eyes.

It was a building in the air, and the layout of the room was suspended. From the bottom of her heart, Mary admired the person behind the Shangri-La. The design and structure were simply too novel.

There were a lot of people here, from all kinds of industries, but the background behind them could not to be underestimated. In this place, both men and women, old and young, were equal.

The warm feeling on her palm suddenly reminded her that she was still held by Marts, and she was thrown away as if she got an electric shock, and her expression became cold.

Marts was used to Mary being like this, so he didn't think it was inappropriate. He just said lightly, "Follow me."

Mary followed him for a long time before she arrived at the foot of the building. She looked up and didn't know what would happen if she fell down.

The waiter pointed at a small board and said, "This is a board that can only accommodate two people. I'm sorry that I won't go with you."

His mission was led them here. It was done, so he could leave now.

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