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   Chapter 52 Astonishing

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Mary was the first to dance. Keeping smiling all the time was necessary when dancing Samba. Samba was happy, sentimental and excited. The reason why she chose to dance Samba was to show herself incisively and vividly.

She liked dancing, but she was not very good at this type of social dancing. However, with her long-term dancing skills, she could learn everything quickly. Molly learned Samba by herself, which meant that she was not really dancing Samba.

Mary's hands and feet seemed to move magically, and her charming eyes made all the men around call her goddess.

Marts started to dance with Mary. To everyone's surprise, he repeated what Mary had done. The two of them danced in the same way, but their auras were very different.

If Mary was the queen, then Marts was like a God.

Mary moved faster and faster, and Marts followed her rhythm. He didn't know the background music had changed to a Samba.

Many of them who knew how to dance Samba were staring at Marts and Mary unwilling to leave. In their eyes, this kind of dance was undoubtedly beautiful and mysterious, because it was not only a Samba, but also a mixture of many other dance elements. It looked so beautiful that people were absorbed in their dance.

There were reporters who wanted to take video, but people here were too many that they couldn't take it clearly. They were so anxious that they kept their hair tangled. It was really not appropriate for them to expose themselves since they had managed to sneak in, or they would take this video even if they had to die.

There might be more sensational news later.

The last movement, the bony tilting, was the only part that Mary could remember clearly, because it was difficult to complete, but without it, Samba would lose its unique charm.

Marts held her waist and pulled her into his arms.

After the dance, the audience was amazed, and thunderous applause continued in the hall.


brake sounded. The car flashed quickly, and in a panic, Mary's mobile phone fell to the ground.

On the other side of the phone, Clerk was hung up inexplicably. When he called again, it showed that the phone was turned off. He felt flustered again, but he did not know where Mary was at the moment.

Mary picked up the phone, raised her head and bumped into a handsome face. The distance between the two was only three centimeters.

Mary took a few steps back quickly, but her phone had been turned off. She turned it on again, and the phone on that man's hand rang.

Marts answered the phone in disgust, "Hello?"

"Mr. Marts, is Mary with you?" Clerk thought of Marts, who was likely to be with Mary at the first thought.

"Oh, what's up?" Marts' cold expression seemed to have frozen into ice, and his tone was extremely cold.

Clerk could sense the emotion of the man from the phone. He really found that since Mary came to this company, the way Marts looked at him and talked to him were different.

"She is with you, right? Why did her phone suddenly turn off? Is it out of power? Please let her answer the phone. "

"We are going to have dinner." Marts hung up the phone quickly and looked at Mary, who was struggling with her phone. "What's wrong? Is your phone broken? "

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