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   Chapter 50 The Sounds Of Nature

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She didn't know why, but she just couldn't like Nova.

"Mary, you're here. I've been looking for you for a long time." Nova smiled enchantingly. Different from Mary's feeling, she was glamorous. The black Strapless short skirt made her hot figure more enchanting.

Mary wanted to turn around and ignore her, but it was obvious that she was coming for her. Mary had no choice but to say yes. Suddenly, an idea occurred to her and she said in a hurry, "I want to go to the bathroom. Sorry, excuse me."

"I want to go to the bathroom too. Let's go together." The smile on Nova's face was so bright that it made her hair stand on end. Before Mary could say yes, she had already caught up with her.

Mary frowned. She didn't like Nova very much. She didn't hate the girls who make friends easily, but Nova was not that kind of girls. Even so, she couldn't say anything because there were so many people around.

Besides, the toilet was so big that they didn't have to go to the same pit together. There was no dispute.

Marts saw the scene in the distance. A touch of sternness flashed in his eyes, and then he became cold again. He continued to talk with the people around him.

After going out, Mary found that Nova was still standing in her original position, as if she had never gone to the toilet.

In this way, Nova's purpose was worth exploring.

When Nova saw that Mary came out, she proposed to go to the back garden to play. But it was rejected directly by Mary. This person must be insane. She went to the bathroom with her, and she proposed to go to the back garden. The scene changed so fast that Mary couldn't stand it!

Maybe there was really some trick in the back garden.

Just as Nova was pestering Mary to go with her, Marts suddenly appeared.

"Let's go." His deep and pleasant voice made Mary feel a sense of hope. As long as someone took her away from this crazy woman called Nova, she would definitely thank him.

"Okay." Mary walked quickly behind him, as if someone was chasing her.

After taking a few steps with Mary, Marts turn

eyes turned a little red. He suddenly realized that this song might be what Mary wanted to tell him.

At the end of the song, Mary suddenly thought of herself. She didn't want to escape from Marts, but she had to leave him, which was also a kind of freedom.

Suddenly, Mary saw Marts in the crowd. He didn't seem to be in a good mood. Her heart skipped a beat. In fact, those beautiful memories should have been sealed up.

After Mary finished singing, she glanced at Marts by accident. She didn't know how she felt. Now the two met again, and he helped her again and again.

The corners of Marts' mouth twitched, and he turned his face away. He lowered his eyes and thought about something. Then he walked towards Mary on the stage. There was thunderous applause around the stage, and he seemed to be stepping on the stage in rhythm, step by step with the momentum of thunder and lightning.

"Thank you, everyone." Mary made a sincere bow to everyone, not noticing what Marts was doing.

After a short while, Marts came onto the stage and stood beside Mary. He took a look at Mary and smiled at everyone present, "Thank you all for your coming today. Now I declare the formal beginning of the ball."

At the sight of the sudden appearance of Marts, Mary didn't know what to do until she was dragged down by him.

"The ball has just begun?" Mary asked in confusion.

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