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   Chapter 19 His Wound

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Mary calmed down and looked at him with burning eyes. He walked in a very elegant posture, giving people a pleasant feeling, which was a unique noble temperament.

"Sit down." Marts raised his eyebrows. Why this woman standing here motionlessly?

Mary's eyelids twitched. She picked up the hemline of her dress and sat down on the sofa, looking down with some embarrassment.

The saleswoman's eyes were full of love, as if she had seen pink bubbles on Marts and Mary.

The imagination was always beautiful, but the reality was like this.

"Why are you standing there? Put it on." After throwing the shoes in front of Mary, he turned around and went back to his seat.

With a smile on her face, Mary picked up the shoes on the ground and put them on calmly. She couldn't help complaining in her heart that Marts was not a gentleman at all.

From Marts' view, it was obvious that her beautiful side face and almost transparent red lips were extremely tempting.

He looked away and closed his eyes. The scene that he sent her home flashed through his mind again. He could still remember the sweet smell of her lips.

His right hand trembled. He looked at his right hand and found that there was blood oozing from it. A drop of red rose dropped on the sofa. Thinking that it might be discovered by Mary, he covered it awkwardly.

When he took the shoes just now, he moved his hand too fast that the wound was torn. In order not to let Mary notice, he decided to let herself put them on.

"Mr. Marts, can we leave now?" Mary's peach blossom eyes showed that she was a little tired, and her long black hair scattered behind her ears wantonly, covering the spring light on her back.

"You want to leave? Like this? " Marts raised his hand and looked at his watch. He narrowed his eyes dangerously and his face was gloomy and terrible. "Time is almost up."

There was a hint of confusion in Mary's cold eyes. However, as soon as Marts finished his words, about seven or eight people rushed in.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Marts. We're late." The man in the lead looked like a stylist, followed by a group of makeup artists...

Mary's eyes flashed and thought, 'Marts is really good at saving time.'

Marts stood up and looked at his watch again. His tone was a little softened. "It's just 12 o'clock. You are very punctual. Nothing wrong."

"But next time, what I want is at least ten minutes earlier."

The stylist nodded with a serious look on his face, indicating that he understood what he meant.

In fact, they had arrived very soon, mainly because they didn't know their customer was Mr. Marts at the beginning. They didn't know it until half way. In the end, they even got in the same sports car as their friends in the entertainment circle.

"Okay, just deal with her." Marts rubbed his temples with one hand, indicating them to do something quickly.

It meant that she didn't need to wear heavy makeup.

Since they had done this job for such a long time, it was necessary for them to observe others' words and expressions. Then they looked at Mary up and down, making no secret of the amazement in their eyes.

It must be a good makeup style. Without makeup, she could also be very beautiful. They didn't want to do anything to it.

Because they didn't have much time left, and the makeup artists knew that. Otherwise, he wouldn't have called them here in such a hurry.

"Miss, please cooperate with our work."

"Okay." The smile on Mary's face was so charming that people couldn't help but want to get close to her.

In fact, the stylist was under a l

ot of pressure. Mary's face was already beautiful enough, and makeup was no big difference for her. However, the different shape was the most important thing to add points.

"Put on a light make-up for her." It was highly professional for a team to work together.

Of course, due to the time, efficiency was especially important. Mary was made up in a short while.

To everyone's surprise, Mary didn't seem to be different when she came out, but she gave people a new feeling.

Marts' inquiring eyes fell on Mary. Then he thought of something and forced a smile. "Interesting."

The stylist said that it was really easy to do a hairstyle, especially for this kind of girl who didn't need too much make-up at all.

The scene returned to the previous one.

As soon as the stylist touched Mary's soft hair, Mary said, "No, thanks. That's good."

The stylist, game over.

"Just help me tidy up my hair."

She had been very busy recently and hadn't had time to tidy up her hair. She would take advantage of this time.

"Put on some sunscreen. Thank you." Mary turned around and looked at the make-up artist again. The latter's hand shook and the foundation make-up fell to the ground.

If she didn't want do her hair or makeup, why did she ask them to come here? Spending money for nothing?

They had no choice but to make up for her with the best skills, nursing and strong sunscreen.

However, no matter how expensive the nursing fee and the sunscreen were, it would not worth so much money at all, so they didn't plan to ask for money from Marts later.

It was really a pity for them to come out this time, but for the sake of such a goddess, they thought it was not a bad thing to help a beauty.

Came back. Mary's cold eyes blinked, and her long eyelashes were extremely dark without being modified.

Marts sighed helplessly. Her skin was very good, and makeup would hurt her skin. He remembered that he liked her most when she had no makeup.

Maybe when a boy said that he liked a girl with no makeup, the premise is that the girl should be beautiful even without makeup.

Mary was about to speak, but was surprised to find that the dressers had left. "Where are they?"

"They are gone." Seeing the expression on Mary's face, Marts felt like she was an idiot. He stood up with his left hand and said, "Let's go. It's too late."

Mary slightly raised her eyebrows and said, "Just leave like this? It seems that we haven't paid yet. Didn't you ask me to pay? Why are you willing to pay? "

"It's none of your business. As for the auction..." When Marts said this, he had already walked to the door. "Please pay more attention to the auction."

Mary took two steps forward, paused, and continued to walk towards Marts.

When she walked out of the door, she saw Marts. He didn't go far, but waited there. He was talking in fluent American English with the phone in his left hand.

After hanging up the phone, Marts went straight to the car. The black Maybach was especially conspicuous in the car. He opened the door and got in gracefully.

In her high heels, Mary quickly caught up with him. When she opened the door, she saw many people looking at her in a strange way.

Maybe they regarded her as a woman who hooked up with a rich family.

She smiled casually. When she sat down, she found that Marts was driving with one hand.

"Mr. Marts, did you hurt your wound again?"

Mary looked at him reproachfully and wondered why he was still so careless.

Marts took off his coat in front of Mary, revealing his bloodstained right hand.

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