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   Chapter 16 The Person He Liked

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Marts' eyes darkened. Unexpectedly, he pulled her into his arms.

Mary got up too hard, and was suddenly pulled over by him, so she subconsciously resisted him with her hands.


Marts' muffled voice came clearly to her ears, as if he was trying hard to hold back something.

When she raised her head, she met a pair of deep eyes. When she looked carefully, she felt his face seemed to be much paler, and his poker face slightly softened.

"Did you sprain your ankle?" Mary was stunned and asked in confusion.

"Get out of my way!" Marts didn't answer her question directly, but the pain from his right hand was really strong.

Embarrassed, Mary coughed and immediately left the embrace of Marts, her eyes shining.

She didn't mean to get into his arms. It was all his fault!

"Let's go." Marts looked her up and down and finally fixed his eyes on the high heels in her hands.

"Put on your shoes. I am here to pick you up."

"Are you sure you are here to pick me up?" Mary couldn't help but sigh, putting on her shoes and thinking.

She almost killed by his car. Was he here to send her to hell?

Getting rid of this strange thought, she followed him into the car and found another amazing new continent.

"Marts! You drive with one hand? !"

Mary was about not to hold her cold face. She grasped the doorknob with one hand and fastened the seat belt with the other. Her eyes flashed with coldness.

Right! He was here to send her to hell.

Marts raised his eyebrows and replied noncommittally, "What's wrong? My right hand is not very convenient. Didn't you ask me to pick you up? "

Mary was silent for a while. It was him who sent a message to tell her that he would pick her up today yesterday.

But he just said that his right hand was not very convenient. Was it the wound that hadn't healed a few days ago? The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was possible.

"Is your hand still useful?" After a long pause, Mary uttered these words without careful thinking.

The sudden turn of the car proved that this sentence was really stupid. After saying that, Mary almost bit her tongue to commit suicide.

"Miss Mary, you are so funny. It's just a minor injury." Marts sneered, "Or are you happy to see me suffer?"

Mary frowned but calm down later. "No matter what I think, please take good care of yourself."

In fact, Mary wanted to ask him, 'How could you run around in the hospital at that time? Have you applied medicine and changed medicine on time at home recently?'

But she had no right to say that. If she said it out, it would make him feel strange, so she hold back her words.

Hearing this, Marts stopped the car and turned to look at Mary, hinting her to get off.

Mary's eyelids twitched. She was on the verge of breaking down. Did she make the president angry again by accident?

"Marts, we need to talk."

At present, they were business partners. Even if they didn't want to see each other, they would always see each other. It was better to clarify the relationship as soon as possible than to be oppressed by him all the time.

"Don't you call me Mr. Marts?" Marts was inexplicably irritable at night, but he didn't show it on his face, as if he had sensed what she was going to say.

"Get off the car!"

Mary was a little angry. Thinking of his anger without any reason for so many times, she felt very aggrieved. "What do you want, Marts? We are over! Is it interesting to torture each other? "

Marts nodded slightly. A touch of i

njury flashed through his eyes. Torturing each other?

"It doesn't matter if you want to wait in the car." Ignoring Mary, Marts got out of the car quickly and locked the door.

Mary couldn't open the car door for a moment. She rolled down the window and shouted at Marts, "What are you doing?"

Many people around looked at them curiously. Most of them thought that the young couple had a fight and didn't say anything. They just sighed that it was so good to be young.

Marts stopped and walked straight into a pharmacy without any explanation.

Mary was speechless. Maybe he had hurt his right hand again, so she misunderstood him just now.

The door was locked, so Mary couldn't get out of the car. Out of boredom, she looked carefully at the facilities in the car, and inadvertently found a photo inlaid in a corner.

Although it was not good to rummage around, she dispelled some of her guilt out of curiosity because it was him who lock her in the car.

The woman in the photo had a vintage oval face, which looked only a little bigger than the man's palm. Her long black hair fell down like a waterfall on her back.

Her eyes were big and bright, and there was affection in her eyes. She had a firm and straight nose, female gentleness and male heroic spirit, and she looked unreal.

Who was this woman?

Did Marts fall in love with someone? This woman looked so excellent that Mary suppressed the sadness in her heart.

'Mary! What are you thinking? Shouldn't you be happy for him?! How many times have you said it! You are impossible to be together again!'

Hearing footsteps coming from afar, Mary put the photo casually in a hurry, calmed down and pretended to look through the phone as if nothing had happened.

When Marts came back, he happened to see that Mary was concentrating on playing with her mobile phone, so he threw her a big plastic bag.

Mary was in a daze when she got the bag. She looked at him blankly and saw a lot of plastic bags in his hand.

"Marts, are you going to open a supermarket with so many things?"

Looking at the bottles of drinks on her body, Mary was confused.

Marts took out the medicine and gauze unhurriedly, glanced at Mary and said, "Drink it if you want, and put it if you don't."

Just now, when he was buying medicine and bandage in a pharmacy, he suddenly thought of Mary who had been walking all the way. There was a supermarket nearby, so he bought them by the way.

The reason why he bought so much was that he didn't have any change. It could only be said that this place was too lag behind to use the card.

Looking at the man who was concentrating on bandaging, Mary gritted her teeth and said, "how about I help you? It's almost too late. It will be faster with my help than you do with one hand."

Although he had fallen in love with someone else, her thought of caring for him had never changed.

Mary kept telling herself that she should do it even if a stranger got hurt, so it was normal.

Marts stopped what he was doing. The woman in the light looked uneasy and her eyes twinkled. "If you don't want to do this, no one will force you."

Mary didn't feel flustered when she sensed the misunderstanding, but her eyes dimmed a little, and her voice sounded a little dull. "You got hurt two times because of me. I'm sorry."

"Will you say anything else except sorry? For example, tell me... " Marts stared at Mary with his eagle like sharp eyes.

Mary changed her usual flurried look and stared at Marts with her clear eyes.

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