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   Chapter 14 I Came To Pick You Up

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The assistant looked like she was about to cry. She just saw a picture of her goddess by accident, which was shot by a high-definition camera.

"Last time, Luna asked me to clean your previous room, and then I saw this photo. Mary, I just admired you very much, so I took it with a camera."

Mary raised her eyebrows and thought it over. She had always seen this innocent girl, and she was innocent about it.

She shook her head slightly and said to her. "It's okay. You can go and do your work."

Her assistant, Luna, appeared in the distance and her voice came from afar.

"Mary, it's time for us to go back. There will be a party tomorrow."

Mary looked back at Luna and made a gesture to show that she understood. Then she said goodbye to the assistant and quickly walked towards the stairs.

With a look of disappointment on her face, Luna asked, "Why did you go against with Mr. Marts again before?"

Without any expression on her face, Mary answered casually, "As a model, it's my honor to have him, a president, supervise me in person."

Her assistant, Luna, didn't see the scene that she almost had a fight with Marts just now. Otherwise, she would definitely give her a good lesson.

"He is the president of the Ye Group, and you are just an employee of him. Please control yourself as much as you can." Luna began to nag.

Mary slightly frowned and said in a slightly dissatisfied tone. "It would be best if I can quit this job."

Luna, her assistant, looked at Mary as if she was looking at a monster.

"Miss Mary, please tell me you are joking."

This job was what many people wanted, especially the recently shot advertisement, each of which was very expensive.

Mary closed her eyes and said helplessly, "I'm a little sleepy. I'll go back first."

Model was her favorite profession. She had thought that everything could be done according to her own will, but she did not excepted to be controlled in the end.

She had to meet the investor and the photographer tomorrow noon. It was not a personal matter, and she always paid attention to the business.

Seeing this, Luna had nothing to say. She always felt that the president had a special feeling for Mary, but she was just an assistant and couldn't care so much. However, it made them poor assistants suffer.

Many people saw the scene that the president rushed to save the beauty yesterday. If it was accidentally spread out, it would be bad for their reputation. Perhaps many people were secretly saying that Mary was a charming temptress.

It took her a lot of effort to explain it clearly. If the president really liked Mary and admitted her, it would be fine. The two of them were not valid, which always made people feel jealous.

After all, Marts was the president of the Ye Group, and the famous model could only be regarded as an employee as long as she signed the contract.

Today, Mary's performance shocked everyone present, including Nova. Her nails penetrated into the flesh which was almost bleeding.

She had thought that she would be forced to give up the commercial shooting because of an accident, but she didn't expect that it was Marts who got hurt in the end.

When she thought of Marts, the anger in her eyes grew even stronger. That woman was not good at all, even if she was good-looking, she was just an ordinary model. How could she deserve his love!

As soon as Mary walked out of the gate of the studio, Clerk called her. He sounded very anxious. "Mary, did you have an accident at the scene yesterday? ?"

Mary raised her eyebrows and said calmly, "It was not me. It was Marts."

"Marts? He should be fine, but you

should be careful. " Clerk clenched his phone. The corridor was bustling with people. Marts didn't look good when Clerk saw Marts passing by.

"Mary, in fact, you can choose not to take this advertisement. If you can't, we can break the contract and pay him at most. It's really dangerous to stay with him."

Mary looked at the stage in the distance and said stubbornly, "No, we have nothing to do with each other. I have to face him."

When she said this, her heart inexplicably stung. The smile at the corners of her mouth seemed to be forced. It was impossible for her and Marts to be together.

In this world, everyone had a lot of helplessness.

But since it had happened, she was not a sentimental person. She could avoid it if she could, but if she couldn't, she had to face it.

Clerk nodded slightly and said in silence, "If you can't bear it, go home. I'm with you."

Mary was moved by his words. They had been brother and sister for so many years, which made her feel very warm. It was so good to have such a brother.

"Okay, brother. As the general manager, you must be busy. If you have nothing else, I will hang up. I'm going back."

"Okay. Be careful on the way."

After getting in the car, Mary closed her eyes. She felt tired both physically and mentally. She thought she could forget him completely after three years, but she did not expect that time could not take the slightest bit away.

When she got home, she easily found the photo. At that time, her love for him was so pure, and her eyes were full of him.

The memory of the castle was gradually buried in her heart. A large number of black roses were hidden in the depths of her heart, making her look delicate and charming. The extreme black temptation seemed to reveal the desolation in her heart.

She looked at the old photo beside the bed and saw him smiled brightly in the photo. She couldn't help but purse her eyebrows because of the pain in her heart.

"Ding, Ding, Ding, master, there is a message."

"Ding, Ding, Ding..."

She picked up her phone and saw an unaddressed message. She opened it and guessed that it must be from Marts.

Feeling a little stuffy in the room, she stood up and opened the curtain. The sparse sunlight shone in, and Mary felt sleepy in the mist.

"I'll pick you up at ten o'clock tomorrow morning."

Marts was sitting in the hospital and waiting for the reply from Mary, but she didn't respond at all!

His right hand was bandaged, and his left hand holding the phone was tightly pinched, with a gloomy face.

The doctor next to him kept his head down and his hands, which were bandaging the wound, kept shaking. The main reason was that he didn't know what he was afraid of. He just felt a kind of invisible depression.

'Woman, if you appear just to attract my attention, then you win.'

Mary was sleeping soundly in the big bed, with the corners of her mouth slightly raised, as if she had a beautiful dream.

It was getting dark. Regardless of the wound that hadn't been bandaged, Marts stood up and rushed out. The doctor behind him shouted and didn't dare to make another sound.

"Mary." Marts ordered as soon as he got in the car.

The driver quickly understood what he meant and drove towards Mary's house.

On their way, Marts cleaned his wound silently. Recently, there were a lot of things to deal with, and the wound hadn't been properly treated. If he didn't treat it carefully, it might be infected with bacteria.

He remembered that in the past, she would bandage his small wound with heartache. The color of his black eyes deepened, and his deep eyes were hard to see exactly.

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